Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check

Bike Check: Andi’s Production Privée Shan No5

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Our very own social media man, and self-confessed Keith Lemon impersonator, Andi, was one of the first 50 people to buy the Production Privee Shan No5. See how he chose to build it in his bike check.

You would never have guessed it but Andi is a bit of a Production Privee fan. Before splurging out on the flashy “Adventure Banana” (a nickname that Crayons is keen to promote for the Shan No5) he already had one of the original 26in wheeled Shan hardtails along with a DVO equipped Shan 27. Some would say he’s slightly obsessed…

Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
Andi’s pride and joy
Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
Number 44 of 50 yellow Shan No5 frames made.

So, when Production Privee announced that it planned to release an all steel full suspension bike, Andi was on it in a flash and made sure he signed up for one of the first 50 frames.

Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
Detailed paint work inspired by the classy Singer 911

The first batch of Shan No5 frames came in a dark yellow finish with bright yellow detailing. It’s actually a much darker yellow than we’d expected and is highlighted with brighter yellow detailing around the headtube/toptube. This colour combination is based off the Singer 911, a modern homage to the classic Porsche 911.

Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
It might be a traditional steel frame, but it has the geo of a next gen racer.

Each Shan No5 shipped out of the Production Privee offices complete with PP’s own headset, rear axle and a Fox EVOL rear shock tuned to get the most from the 138mm of single pivot rear suspension.

Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
CNC alloy suspension yoke isolates flex from the rear shock.

A CNC alloy yoke is driven by the rear triangle to actuate the rear shock. The use of the yoke meant that Production Privee could retain a full-length seat tube and also means that any lateral flex from the rear isn’t transferred to the Kashima coating of the Fox shock.

Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
Tyre clearance galore!

While the Shan No5 isn’t compatible with 29in wheels, the team behind the frame did design the rear triangle with enough room for plus sized tyres. Rear mud clearance is huge with standard 27.5in wheels in situ, but even plus tyres shouldn’t have clearance issues (Andi intends to test this in the near future).

Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
Neat metal clips hold hoses/cables in place with Allen bolts.

Keeping things simple, the Shan No5 has external hose and cable routing except where the stealth dropper hose enters the seat tube. Rather than using zip ties or plastic clips for securing the hoses/cables, the down tube features rather neat metal clips.

Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
Production Privee opts for a special 4130 MCS steel blend for its’ frames.

Production Priveee uses its own blend of 4130 for all of its frames, the Shan No5 uses the same Japanese MCS tubing as previous Shan hardtails and is finished in a corrosion resistant E-coating which is applied internally and externally.

Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
Andi probably won’t use these bottle bosses, but the option is there.

There isn’t quite enough room in the main frame for a water bottle, but if you did want to fit one to the frame there is room under the downtube.

Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
Skulking in the shadows.

As the full steel frame is quite a weighty structure, Andi decided to build the bike up as a solid and reliable ride rather than get caught up in the weight game. As it stands the complete weight with pedals is around 35lb.

Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
Reliable Shimano XT throughout.
Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
Shimano XT anchors are needed, this is no featherweight afterall.

First of all, a complete Shimano XT 1×11 groupset was chosen. There is nothing wrong with good old XT, the shifting is crisp, weight is good and XT brakes boast plenty of power for all UK conditions.

Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
Solid and reliable Spank Oozy wheels.
Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
Andi is still running a Maxxis Shorty even though it’s “summer”.

180mm discs front and rear bolt to a pair of SPANK Oozy wheels with boost hubs shod with a Maxxis High Roller II tyre on the rear and Maxxis Shorty up front to deal with the UK summer slop.

Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
170mm travel DVO Diamonds help slacken the front end.

While the rear suspension comes from Fox, Andi chose to go for a DVO Diamond Boost fork to keep the front wheel pointing in the right direction. The Diamond comes set up at 170mm out of the box and while Andi did have every intention to reduce the travel to around 150mm (the Shan No5 is designed for between 140-160mm forks) he’s gotten quite used to the slack front end and additional travel.

Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
Production Privee also supply the bar, stem and headset.

Keeping the Shan No5 heading in the (general) direction intended to travel in is the job of a Production Privee 50mm stem and a set of 800mm wide, 1in rise PP handle bars. Originally, Andi had the stem set as low as possible, but he has since lifted the stem and intends to add a higher rise bar.

Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
Deathgrips, if they’re good enough for Fairclough….
Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
UK pedals for UK conditions.

Contact points come in the form of DMR Death grips, an SDG saddle mounted to a 150mm drop Rockshox Reverb, with Burgtec providing a set of purple pedals. We’ve since informed Andi that he’s rolling with the UKIP colours.

Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check
Yes, please!

The finishing touch is the “Slap Me Hard” chainstay protector, another freebie from Production Prviee.

As mentioned above, Andi is looking at switching to a higher rise bar, but other possible changes could be a longer dropper post, perhaps the recently announced 185mm BikeYoke Revive, and he also fancies giving a DVO rear shock a spin too.

JPS Production Privee

If yellow doesn’t take your fancy then Production Privee also also has a new black and gold version of the Shan No5 on sale based on the colours of the old Lotus JPS F1 team.

If you enjoy the world of steel full suspension bikes then you might enjoy our list of Top 10 Steel Full Suspension bikes here, and if you want to hear more from Andi and his Production Privee Shan No5 be sure to follow Singletrack Magazine on Facebook so you don’t miss future updates.

Andi is a gadget guru and mountain biker who has lived and ridden bikes in China and Spain before settling down in the Peak District to become Singletrack's social media expert. He is definitely more big travel fun than XC sufferer but his bike collection does include some rare hardtails - He's a collector and curator as well as a rider. Theory and practice in perfect balance with his inner chi, or something. As well as living life based on what he last read in a fortune cookie Andi likes nothing better than riding big travel bikes.

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