Burgtec components and sexy staff bikes – The Bike Place Show 2019

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Burgtec has the usual selection of quality bike bling on show at The Bike Place Show 2019, plus a couple of stunning custom Santa Cruz beauties.

It’s always good to catch up with the guys from Burgtec to see what new parts they have for us to bolt on to our bikes, unfortunately, most of what we were told about is super top-secret and we ain’t spilling the beans.

What they did have on show though that we can speak about is their vast range of parts in a variety of striking colours, a couple of new axles and a pair of really stunning custom Santa Cruz builds.

Burgtec components silver
Silver for that classic look.

Burgtec Axles

Burgtec components axles
For the ultimate Burgtec build.

Burgtec’s new range of axles is designed to replace that plain, boring axle that came with your bike and give it a little extra pizzaz. The lightweight upgrade will come in the usual range of colours to match the rest of your Burgtec kit and may even save you a few grams over your stock axle.

Burgtec components axles
It’s all about the details.

We’ll have to update this post at a later date with pricing and availability as we don’t have it to hand, but to make up for that lack of information we do have photos of Dan Critchlow’s own personal Santa Cruz V10 and Santa Cruz Megatower.

Burgtec custom Santa Cruz 29er V10

Dan Critchlow burgtec santa cruz 10 29er
Custom built and not yet ridden!

This is the latest bike to join the Burgtec stable, and it’s so new that it hasn’t even seen dirt yet! Actually, we’re not even sure we can show these pictures because we don’t even think Dan has let grass touch it yet!

Dan has built up this XL, 29er V10 for an upcoming trip to France and has decked it out with some really juicy pieces of kit.

Dan Critchlow burgtec santa cruz 10 29er
What’s not to like about a custom 29er V10?

Carbon ENVE wheels join the carbon frame, and carbon Burgtec riser bar to shave off a few grams, but overall the build looks to be focussed more on reliability than all-out lightweight. Shimano handles the stop and go duties with a Saint drivetrain and powerful 4 pot brakes, while it’s over to Chris King to keep those carbon rims spinning freely. Interestingly, Dan has gone for a red hub up front and a silver one on the rear, we’re not sure why but it looks pretty good to our eyes.

Dan Critchlow burgtec santa cruz 10 29er
Custom decals.

A Fox 40 Factory fork with slippy Kashima coating soaks up the bumps up front, while a coil shock has been chosen for the backend. That’s an interesting move as the Syndicate have moved more toward running an air shock of late.

Dan Critchlow burgtec santa cruz 10 29er
Dan is a tall guy so rides an XL 29er.

Obviously, Dan being “Mr. Burgtec” means that there’s a generous helping of Burgtec components on this V10 including silver Penthouse Mk4 pedals, Burgtec direct mount stem, seatpost, and Cloud saddle.

Burgtec custom Santa Cruz Megatower

Dan Critchlow burgtec santa cruz megatower
Invisiframe gives this Megatower it’s green tint.

This isn’t actually the first time we’ve seen this custom Santa Cruz Megatower, but it is the first time we’ve seen it without Scottish mud and loam covering it. This XL frame is actually the carbon Blackout model, but the Invisframe wrap has given it a bit of a green tint, adding to its overall unique appearance.

Dan Critchlow burgtec santa cruz megatower
We told you he’s tall.

Shimano is once again on brake and drivetrain duties, but Dan’s 12-speed set up only runs an 11-speed block. As he wasn’t about to speak to we can’t give you the official reason for this, but he did mention last time we rode together that it was just something he did. We’ll be sure to ask him exactly why next time and fill you all in.

Dan Critchlow burgtec santa cruz megatower
That’s pretty much a dream build.

The Megatower gets a pretty similar build to the V10 above, with ENVE rims, Maxxis tyres, Fox suspension and a Burgtec finishing kit covering bars, pedals, grips, and stem.

Dan Critchlow burgtec santa cruz megatower
A bit of Burgtec blue for the dads.

You can see all of the Burgtec kit over on their website here, and if you’re wondering about those composite Burgtec pedals you can read our review on them here. There will be more news from The Bike Place Show 2019 coming very soon.

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