Fresh Goods Friday 203

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What’s that it’s almost ride time? Let’s get a look see at this week’s Fresh Goods then head into the hills…

GT Zaskar

Old favourite
Old favourite

The Zaskar gets a full Shimano Deore drivetrain and Rockshox XC30 forks in it’s new 650b repositioning as a do it all hardtail. The trademark Triple Triangle frame is hydroformed alloy.

Front end
Front end

Price: £849.00

From: GT Bicycles

Fox 36 Float 160 FIT RC2

Mmmm bouncy
Mmmm bouncy

The new incarnation of Fox’s 36 Float embraces all the trail, freeride, all mountain and, of course, enduro big hitting riding you want to throw it down. Our Dan’s got this pair lined up for his new Bronson and another podium at the next of the PMBA Enduro Series.

Price: £909.00

From: Mojo Suspension

Burgtec Offset Bushings

Offset that bush
Offset that bush

Meanwhile James is ready to tweak his geometry by 1 – 1.5º with these little sweet titanium offset bushings. Fit in, off set, slack off – there’s a whole bunch of Pro’s out there doing it.

Price: £39.99

From: Burgtec

Fabric Scoop Saddles

It's a scoop
It’s a scoop

One saddle, many profiles, to help get a better fit and performance. 143mm wide and with a three part construction.

Price: From £39.99


Shimano SLX M675 Brakes


Shimano’s mid range stoppers perfect for one fingered stoppies down the park or in’t woods.

Price: £74.99 per end

SMRT66 Rotor


180mm rotors for a bit of big mountain stopping.

Price: £19.99 ea

Shimano XT Drivetrain


A 2×10 drivetrain that’ll work for adventuring, pass storming or XC death marches too. All you have to do is provide the motor.

Price: Chainset – £159.99/Cassette – £44.99/F.Mech – £26.99/Shifter – £79.99

XT Disk Brakes

XT Stopper
XT Stopper

For a bit more bling in the slowing down department Jenn’s opted for these XT brakes.

Price: £89.99

SLX 10 speedChain

More Slx

10 speed chain.

Price: £19.99

Gamut Cillos 50mm Stem


Seriously sculpted stem for keeping your bars just where you need them. And a lifetime guarantee to boot.

Price: £74.99

Gamut Race Rings

Race them rings

Thick/Thin rings for your one by drivetrain. Now made in the USA and cheaper too.

Price: £34.99

Gamut Trail SXC

Trail retention

A bit of trail protection to keep that chain on your one by.

Price: £39.99

Gamut Trail S

double retention

Need more protection? The Trail S packs in downhill chain retention performance but at a lighter weight.

Price: £74.99

Thule Cougar 2 Child Trailer

All terrain jogger

A child trailer with suspension for a cushioned ride. Easily adapted for many different duties. Go on, get them out there, they’ll love it.

Price: £849.99 (jogging kit £84.99/strolling kit £74.99)

All From: Madison

D99 Beer Hanger

Funky Chicken (erm, Foghorn Leghorn’s let himself go)

A universal emergency gear hanger that’ll double as a bottle opener for that post epic beer.

Price: £18.99


That’s it for this week. We’re off out on our bikes, like….

Comments (11)

    love that Thule multi function stroller but chuf me how much!

    Seems that many retailers think that the gamut cillos is such a pretty stem they’re pricing it at above the RRP, unless there’s an error in the above? e.g. 90 notes at leisure lakes…

    Madison’s site says £74.99.

    Recent price drop on Gamut now they’ve moved a lot of manufacturing back to the USA

    Does that Gamut Trail S run on a roller again or does it have the new elastic band that the chain rollers run on?

    Tea bags and teniously linked (non technical) tshirts are one thing, but a pram… luckily it turned out to be a trailer (missed the title).

    That trailer is pretty awesome but £850 plus £160 extras! Ouch!!
    I think I’ll stick with my Bellelli Bike Taxi (£150 new from Halfords, though I got mine second-hand for £80 off a fellow STWer). No suspension, but for that price difference they can sit on a cushion.

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