We look back on 2017, forward to 2018, and reveal the Mega Sack winner.

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Yes, we know we should have taken our tree down before today, but we thought we’d prolong the joy a little longer as we had to do our big reveal of who has won the Mega Sack. Let’s have a quick recap of everything that is in this amazing giveaway:

EDC Tool

One Up EDC tool
Never be caught out without the essentials again.

Never find yourself trailside without a tool again. With this EDC tool you can have this multiool stashed inside your headtube at all times. Plus there’s space there to carry a CO2 cartridge or emergency tenner. Not only will the lucky winner get the tool to fit in your bike, but you’ll also get the Top Cap and Tap Kit needed to fit them into your head tube. And of course, since you’ll own the Tap Kit, you’ll be able to help your friends out too – they’ll only need to buy the Top Cap and EDC Tool.


Sold Secure Gold Standard security for your bike

As well as being extremely bright, this lock meets SoldSecure’s Gold standard, so you can leave your bike outside the cafe and come back to find it still there. Hurrah! Designed to be portable, it comes with velcro straps so you can attach it to your bike in a number of different ways, with no bracket mounts needed.

Continental Mountain King Tyres

Continental Mountain Kings
Rubber doesn’t get newer than this.

These are brand new tyres – the first new tread from Continental in about 5 years. Not even we have a set of these to try out yet. Oooooh, new rubber! We have a pair of 29in tyres in the Mega Sack, since the lucky winner of these chose the 27.5in pair. Both are 2.3in wide. Their ‘Black Chili’ compound is only made in Germany and is both grippy and hard wearing. Designed to roll well and shed mud, with aggressive side knobs for cornering, these should be a versatile tyre to suit many riders – and of course you’ll be one of the first to get to experience them.

TrailMaps Map Of Choice

  • Price: £15 unframed, £40 framed
  • From: TrailMaps
Choose your favourite ride spot to hang on your wall.

When they looked around to find contemporary stylish artwork of places they’d ridden, husband and wife team Aaron and Helen couldn’t find anything which quite hit the spot. With over 50 prints already available on TrailMaps.co.uk and more added everyday there is ample choice and it’s not just UK focussed, with world cup DH maps, EWS stages and much more. They have been designed in a contemporary style and printed on fine gloss art paper.  They can be delivered framed or rolled in acid-free paper for you to frame yourself, and also available are a range of t-shirts, beanies and limited edition prints. If you’re looking for something more road orientated, there’s a sister site with lots of iconic climbs from across the world.

The winner will receive an unframed map of their chosen location from the selection on the website.

Fickaskåp Waterproof Phone And Valuables Wallet

Everything safe and dry, and together.

A waterproof wallet for carrying your phone and valuables in one easy-to-carry, handy wallet, without scratching. Think of it as a waterproof phone case, with extra storage. We have the Large wallet which will fit phones up to 167mm x 90mm , while the Regular size ones will fit phones up to 147mm x 80mm.

Invisiframe Decals

  • Price: Fork set – £14.99, Shock set – £10.99, Wheel set – £29.99 (so a total of £55.97)
  • From: Invisiframe
No more mix and match – get coordinated.

invisiFRAME was the original provider of full frame protection kits, and you’re no doubt familiar with the frame protection kits. From a background in the automotive industry Lee brought that knowledge to bear on the bike industry, giving you a means to protect your bike from ride and transport damage to keep it looking pristine. Made using automotive grade film in either matte or gloss, each kit is tailored to not just the manufacturer or the model but also the individual frame size, so no shortcuts here.
There is now a range of decals and graphics to update an old ride or colour match a new toy, and this is what we have here to give you. You will get a custom set to suit your bike – so you can go all matchy matchy and bring new life to your favourite old bike, or eliminate any annoying colour clashes on a new one.

Karcher OC3 Portable Washer

No more excuses for not washing your bike after EVERY muddy ride.

A portable, rechargeable washer for cleaning your bike – handy either on camping weekends away perhaps, race day, or just to keep it in your car for the trip back home after the trail centre. It holds 4 litres of water, has enough power for 20 minutes of squirting, and has 5bar of pressure – which is enough to clean your bike but not so powerful as to do any damage to your decals or bearings.

Burgtec Ride Wide Carbon Enduro Bars

Carbon bars – and a mudguard too.

Carbon isn’t just for XC weight-weenies, it’s for Enduro riders too. These 800mm wide bars use a 35mm clamp and have 20º rise, 9º backsweep and 5º upsweep. The claimed weight is 247g – and if you win them you’ll be able to check that claim for yourself!

Lezyne Digital Pressure Overdrive with ABS1 Pro Chuck

Super useful.

No need to pump it up until you can feel it with this (that’s an Elvis Costello reference for those to young to realise) digital overdrive pump – just check the digital gauge to know precisely what pressure your tyres are at. Perfect for seating tubeless tyres, you can charge up the chamber before releasing it to pop those tyres into place, or you can use it like a standard track pump. Makes running tubeless a doddle!

DMR Vault Midi & Deathgrip Flangeless

Timeless classics?

This prize is two new versions of classic old favourites from DMR. With the same pattern and profile as the classic Vaults, but in a smaller pedal – ideal for smaller feet, or for those who prefer just a bit less platform – these Midi Vaults are 10% smaller than the classic, well known Vault. Also up for grabs is a set of DMR (thin) Flangeless Deathgrips  – again, all the benefits of the well known classic Deathgrip, but without the flange.

Praxis Cadet M30 Crank & Bottom Bracket

Offset your Christmas weight with this?

With forged aluminium arms, this crank will work with both Shimano or SRAM 10 or 11 speed chains. Winners will receive a 170mm crank set, and as our daily winner bagged the 30T options, the Mega Sack winner will be getting the 32T chain ring to go with it. Not only that, but the folks at Upgrade will be providing you with a Praxis M30 BB to go with it, worth £35. What a prize!

Lezyne Deca Drive 1500i Loaded With Power Pack

Ssh, don’t mention the dark nights.

Guide your sleigh tonight, or just your bike, with this 1500 lumen light. You can run it on its own, or double your run time by adding in the power pack. With the power pack, you can get three hours at 1500 lumens, or seven hours at 600 lumens. No excuses for huddling up indoors with this in your life!

TRP Slate G Spec brakes

Stop like a pro!

Another killer prize from the folks at Upgrade Bikes, their elves are super generous, as you’ll be winning this pair of TRP Slate G Spec Brakes. Wil reviewed these recently and they proved to be solid performers. And so they should be – they’ve been designed to meet Aaron Gwin’s exacting requirements. The Slate G-Spec brake is made from cast aluminium that has been given a sleek painted silver finish. It also features the new dimpled and drilled lever blade designed by Aaron Gwin. Riders will also find hybrid pistons (ceramic/steel) for improved heat dissipation, and tool free indexed reach adjust, and top loading caliper.

Break Fluid Gift Set

Raccoon not included.

This gift set comes with a dripper, papers, an enamel mug for trailside brews, and 250g of Break Fluid own Coffee Blend ground coffee. A perfect gift for any coffee lover, or even a coffee novice, as the coffee is blended specially to make it easy to brew. If you want to spread your coffee love throughout the year, Break Fluid also operates a coffee subscription service, meaning you can get fresh coffee delivered to your door just as often as you need it. No more shlepping to the shop in your PJs on a weekend morning! Yay!

ODI F1 Vapor Grips

  • Price: £17.99
  • From: Ison
Floaty light!

Designed for lightweight performance with enhanced vibration dampening and better control, the F-1 Series Grips are made from ‘A.I.R.E. compound’ which infuses air into the grip ‘like the frothy foam of a good morning latte’. Light and comfortable, with grip via the ultra-tacky micro-textured surface pattern which apparently provides excellent grip in all conditions.

HT T1 Pedals

  • Price: £109.99
  • From: Ison
Enduro ready.

Designed with pro enduro rider Jerome Clementz, these are light and slim pedals with good mud shedding capabilities. Easy to clip into with multiple cleat entry directions, they’re ideal for the enduro-dabs and wild descending that enduro racers like Jerome encounter. Available in a variety of colours, we have a black set here for you.


  • Price: Semi Ergo grips £19.99, 8-in-1 Mini Tool £17.99, Gripper Bottle £9.99, Stratosphere Race Pump £54.99, Scoop Elite saddle £44.99, Chain Splitter Tool £19.99, Lumabeam 300 Front light £49.99, Lumacell light set £36.99: TOTAL £254.92
  • From: CSG
ALL the accessories you could need!

Every accessory you need to keep you riding is in today’s giveaway. This is one mega prize! You’ll get:

  • A Stratosphere Race Pump to get your tyres pumped (fits any valve type)
  • Semi Ergo Grips – durable and ergonomically shaped
  • 8-in-1 Mini Tool – for trailside fixes
  • Chain Splitter Tool – for bigger trailside fixes you would rather not have (but inevitably will)
  • Gripper Bottle – for trailside sips
  • Scoop Elite Saddle – for posterior comfort
  • Lumacell light set – so people can see you on your way home form the trails after just one trail too many
  • Lumabeam 300 front light – a handy 2-in-1 commuter light with rear light alternative option built in.

Unior Home Pro Tool Kit Set

Fettling just got easier.

A tool box of quality tools for almost every mechanical fix you’ll want to attempt yourself, this has 18 different tools in it (we reviewed this recently and it truly does have 18 different tools, there’s no separate counting of tyre lever tricks here). Great for use on trips away or at home in the garage, it’s a tidy kit that will keep you out of your local bike shop for all but the most challenging or specialist of tasks, and with so many tools provided you’ll not end up with that annoying added extra purchase that doesn’t fit into the kit.

Kinetic Smart Power Road Machine Training Pack

Indoor training made fun!

The final prize of our giveaway! And this is truly ending on a high note, because this is everything you could need to get some proper training done. You could win this full set from Kinetic including the Trainer, a trainer mat, a riser ring and a Heart Rate Strap as well as a Premium 6 month Subscription of the Kinetic Fit app. For anyone who has previously tried a ye olde style turbo trainer, this will be quite the different experience. Using Kinetic’s ‘Traxles’, Thru Axle Adaptors will make almost any bike fit this trainer – and the drop down menu of leading brands and models makes choosing the right size a doddle.

The flywheel is quiet, and the resistance is controlled through an app to simulate everything from rolling hills to alpine climbs – and team it up with the Kinetic Fit power training app that will be included in your prize and you’ll struggle to be bored as you pedal your way to fitness. Strap on the Heart Rate strap for even more accurate training and monitoring of your progress – as well as the Kinetic Fit app, the strap is compatible with a range of other fitness apps.

The riser ring lets you set the bike at whatever angle you require – perhaps an angle to simulate climbing – and the floor mat catches all that sweat you’ll be shedding, plus reduces any vibrations to keep your pain sessions quiet.

Training on this you’ll definitely get fit, and even better, your best mountain bike need not get ground down with grit in the winter months. In fact, will you ever want to ride outside again?

WOW! Who has won?

One lucky reader has won all of that! To find out who, check out this video, where we discuss our 2017 Highlights, 2018 Predictions, and reveal the winner!

Can’t see the video? Go here

Was it you? Did you win? If you know the user we’ve revealed, maybe give them a wave and congratulate them…y’know, just in case they’ve got anything spare…

Congratulations to all our winners, and all the best for 2018.

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