burgtech penthouse mk5 pedal review

Review: Burgtec Penthouse Mk5 Pedal “Is it possible to make a better pedal?”

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Burgtec Penthouse MK5 pedal reviewed. Burgtec takes flat pedal design to the limit.

It was around this time last year that Burgtec thoroughly impressed me with the composite version of the Penthouse flat pedal. That nylon/fibreglass pedal proved to be such a good product that not only did I give them a glowing review, but I also awarded them my editors choice for 2019.

Burgtec made such a good job of the composite Penthouse pedal that I, and many other people, struggled to justify buying the equally good but more expensive alloy-bodied Mk4 which prompted the Burgtec boys to come up with an all-new flat.

Burgtec Penthouse MK5 – Design

Building on what they had learned from the hugely successful MK4, Burgtec developed the Penthouse MK5, a slightly larger, slightly more refined and overall better pedal than it’s predecessor.

burgtec penthouse mk5 pedal review
Pedal the rainbow.

Those of you who can cast your mind back over the past 16 years might be able to remember the first 3 generations of Penthouse pedal. Each one was a slight improvement on the last with a nip and tuck here and a refinement there. But by the time they came to the MK4 it was time for a completely new design.

It looks like Burgtec is back in the rhythm as the MK5 isn’t a totally new pedal but a refinement over the last.

burgtec penthouse mk5 pedal review

Even from a distance, the Penthouse MK5 is clearly a Burgtec pedal, but place it next to the outgoing model and you’ll realise the differences immediately.

For starters the new MK5 has a larger platform than the MK4 and as we all know a larger platform is easier to find while you’re trying not to tripod down a rutted hillside.

The new larger body still offers 8 pins for traction on either side, for a total of 16, but the body now has groves machined between the leading and trailing 3 pins. It might not look like much but in combination with a pair of modern MTB shoes with sticky rubber soles the mix of the burly pins and machined body improves grip even in the most wintery of UK conditions.

At 100mm x 102.2mm the MK5 are slightly wider than the MK4 but at the same time, the profile of the pedal has remained at just 16mm or 16.05mm according to out our measurements.

burgtech penthouse mk5 pedal review
8 pins on either side.

We also see an increase in the dish on the MK5 from just 1mm to 1.75mm, again according to our callipers, and in turn, the dished area has been increased too.

What’s really clever though is that while the Penthouse MK5 has increased in size it has actually also decreased the chance it could encounter a rock strike. Burgtec has managed this by bringing the body of the MK5 close to the chainset effectively reducing the width of your bike from pedal to pedal.

burgtech penthouse mk5 pedal review
16mm body.

Each of the 16 pins is removable and replaceable. The heads of each pin are safely hidden inside the body meaning you shouldn’t have problems removing them after a few months of hard use. Each pin protrudes from the alloy body of the MK5 by 4mm.

Burgtec is working with Igus, a high-end supplier of bushings, who has supplied the MK5 with the Igus W-300 series bushing. This is a super high-end product made from a material that promotes durability so that you can ride more and maintain less. Using this high-end bushing material, Burgtec has been able to reduce the size of the busing which in turn reduces friction and has allowed the body of the Penthouse MK5 to be designed for a larger dished area.

burgtech penthouse mk5 pedal review
Large dished area.

Igus W-300 bushings are used at either end of the axle, with a ball bearing adding more support and smooth operation to the axle end furthest from the chainset. Of course, all of this is hidden behind top-quality seals and it’s all rebuildable too.

Cosmetically the Burgtec Penthouse MK5 is a more elegant and modern looking pedal. It features a few more logos, the usual Burgtec branding in the ‘step’ of the body, but also on top of the pedal too. The only other marking on the pedal is the MK5 model number. Even with these additions, it’s a classy and subtle looking design.

Burgtec Penthouse MK5 – Ride

Looking down at the Penthouse MK5 it’s interesting that there is very little axle showing between the body of the pedal to the crankarm, you don’t feel that difference though. In fact, the only time you notice this reduction is the first time you successfully thread your way through a set of narrow rocks that may have caught you out in the past.

You can’t see them but they are there.

While easier to navigate tight obstacles and technical trail traps, the Penthouse MK5 still provides incredible traction, with the combination of a larger platform and improved pins ensuring your shoes are hooked on and don’t let go until you want them to.

It’s a difficult feeling to describe but I don’t feel that the MK5 is biting into the sole of my shoe, but rather giving it a very firm handshake. You can feel the added traction all round, not just in localised areas of your sole. The entire shoe feels locked in and is steadfast through fast rocky terrain, or up and over jumps.

When those inevitable moments do arrive and I had to dab a foot here or there, I didn’t feel any hang-up or snag. The MK5 let’s go when you want it too, and will get back to work holding you in place once you stamp back on the pins again.

Burgtec Penthouse MK5 – Overall

Last year Burgtec gave us a high-quality and excellent performing reason not to buy the MK4, for 2020 they’ve delivered a flagship alloy pedal that’s genuinely incredible.

This is a high-quality pedal with ample mud clearance and exceptional grip. We’ve not run them long enough to comment on durability but from our experience using other Burgtec products we have no concerns in this department either.

Because Burgtec designs their products to last, you can buy the MK5 today and not worry about it being outdated in a couple of months time. In actual fact, we wonder just what the Burgtec boys can do to make it better? Actually, is it even possible to make a better pedal than the Burgtec Penthouse MK5?

Burgtec Penthouse MK5 Specifications

  • Price: £109.99
  • Weight: 379g
  • Colours: Black, Brown, Silver, Pink, Purple, Orange, Gold, Blue, Red
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 102.2mm
  • Pins: 16 in total
  • From: Burgtec

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