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It’s that special time of the week when our minds wander from the priorities of work and into the coming weekend’s adventures. Let’s face it, from here in to the end of the day work becomes a bit more half-assed from all of us and this introduction is really no exception. Here’s some stuff wot we got. Meh!

SR Suntour Axon 20in suspension fork

From: Moore Large,

This diddy, carbon (carbon!) suspension fork from SR Suntour isn’t currently in production as such, but it’s using this carbon fork to gauge interest in whether it should make a magnesium, more affordable model. Ironically, it’s easier for the company to make a carbon fork (by trimming existing 27in carbon legs and bonding on the dropouts to make a shorter fork) than to make a magnesium version, which would take a whole new casting. So… what do you reckon? Are your kids worth it?

TRP Brakes


TRP Quadium – four-piston DH/enduro brake. SRP £199.99 each end

There’s a two-piece 6-bolt rotor in there too that comes in 203 & 180 sizes.

Levers with reach adjust and fully hinged clamps for ‘nottakinggripsofftogetthemoff’ maintenance.

Praxxis 11-40 Wide Range 10speed cassette

Price: £99

The wide angled shot of a cassette

Now for the close-up shot.

Then back to a wide angle shot but from an ever so slightly different angle than the first shot, just to play with the perspective a little and make you think this is not just a pointless extra shot of something that we all are all very familiar with.

SRAM Pro Bleed Kit

From: SRAM

No more struggling to bleed brakes. This Pro level bleed kit from SRAM contains everything you’ll need to bleed any brake it’s made in the past. With Dr Jekyll style syringes and a torque-wrench-able 8mm spanner bit, there’s a lot of high quality kit here, including olives and o-rings and all sorts.

Orange Mountain Bikes socks

From: Orange
Mid-calf citrus fresh socks!
They are £10 a pair for size large. If you choose small they are still £10, which seems like a bit of a tax on tiny people.

Burgtec Penthouse Flats

Getting a prize for the best named flat pedals since the Kona Wah Wah, these flats from Burgtec are angular in appearance, big of platform and low in profile. ‘Machined with love!’ These steel axle versions cost £99.99

Pins for flat pedal pinning it!.

Bellroy Elements Wallet

Price: $119.95

Made from all-weather leather, the Elements Phone Pocket Plus fits a large phone, passport, cards, notes, coins, key and SIM card, they tell us. We’ve had the smaller versions in before and they are really very nice. Jenn’s got this one and will be reporting on it fully in a month or so.

Please feel free to cut and paste this handily place phrase, ‘HOW MUCH!’ into the comment of your choice.

Hope Hoops – Pro2 Evo

From: Hope
Price: £420/pair
They come with a 20mm ‘hole’ through them but with adaptors available to plug it down to 15mm and even QR-sized pinholes if you like. A one hub fits all… kind of. 

And this is a first for us.. And now more boobies than Bill Oddies Facebook page!

Well, testing is underway for our upcoming sports bra grouptest scheduled for mid July and this has been a good week for bustenholders. Boob’s model’s own.

Some bra related clicky links…


Comments (15)

    I have a Bellroy elements wallet and although a lot of money the quality is fantastic.
    I use it in all weathers tucked away in back pockets and bags and just looks better with age and abuse.

    Actually quite relieved that STW got an actual, real, woman to model the bra’s!

    (tbh, i’d expected those attention whores, Mark or Chips to want to do that one……… 😉

    Second the Bellroy comment. Spent a fortune on wallets over the ears trying to find one I like. Now have a Bellroy and only way I’ll spend money on a wallet again is if it a) dies, b) gets lost or c) gets stolen. Brilliant they are.

    that’s a lovely pair

    of pedals.

    any details on the cassette weight in the blurb?

    Anyone tried the cassette what’s the shifting quality like, and how are the jumps as it looks like they have kept the mid range and made the top end the big jump 34-40 on the last two sprockets.

    There’s a little girl in this house who’d gladly test those forks!

    Another satisfied Bellroy customer.
    iPhone 6, cards, cash and key go in no worries.

    Looks good, works well. But you do need to select your phone bumper based on available space in the wallet.

    Anyone know how large a phone the smaller Bellroy wallet will take? My Nexus 4 is 69mm x 134mm x 9mm

    …goes to look at bill oddies Facebook page

    Am I missing something? Why would you want to put your ‘phone IN your wallet?
    Bellroy make normal wallets it seems, that thing up there ^ is a manbag without a strap…

    Leadfold – an iPhone 6+ fits in easily. Not that I own one, I hasten to add.

    Beanum – I’d quite like to put my phone in my wallet, actually. Manbags are just too big 😉

    Mmmm, purple Hope, mmmmmm

    +1 for an ‘affordable’ 20″ fork that actually works.

    Having set up some second hand 26″ SR Suntour forks at the weekend for my son’s 10th birthday present bike (and still trying to come to grips with how to get the stupidly designed QR out of a Hope Pro II without it opening up inside the hub!), I’m not at all convinced by the notion of 20″ suspension forks for kids.

    Even for a somewhat chunky nearly 10yr old, I’m running very, very low air pressure in the forks. For the weight of kid likely to be riding a 20″ bike, I can’t help thinking that the line between “might as well be a rigid fork” and “blows through all the travel if they sneeze whilst riding” would be so fine that it would be nigh on impossible to set the things up properly.

    The alternative might be to have coil sprung forks, but unless they were a 2 minute swap out and came with a range of springs to recognise that kids change weight rapidly at that age, I think it would be a non-starter.

    The other question is whether kids of that age actually need suspension in the first place? My middle lad definitely did benefit from having suspension when we took his new bike round the red route at Haldon Forest at the weekend, but his younger brother was perfectly happy haring round the two blue routes on a 20″ rigid Islabike with absolutely no sign that a lack of suspension was even remotely a handicap.

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