Burgtec releases The Bartender Pro Greg Minnaar signature grip

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Greg Minnaar’s reputation for being a ‘fussy’ rider hasn’t stopped the Burgtec crew designing and releasing his signature Bartender Pro grip.

Grips, one of the most affordable parts on your bike, but one often overlooked yet if wrong can completely screw up your ride. In an ideal world, we’d all have custom grips made to our exact specifications, but who are we kidding we don’t know anything about grip design.

Thankfully, Burgtec has teamed up with Greg Minnaar to design and produce The Bartender Pro grips. It’s not a job taken on likely, but they’ve done it and if it’s good for Greg “Stickler” Minnaar then surely they must be nigh on perfect.

Greg Minnaar Bartender Pro Grips 4
A rainbow almost good enough to taste.

The Bartender Pro Grip will be available in 8 Colours; Black, Race Red, Deep Blue, Purple Rain, Gum, Electric
Yellow, Iron Bro Orange and Nasa Grey, feature a comfortable 25A rubber compound and a single lock on collar for riders who like to ride off the ends of the bars. Bartender Pro grips will be available in good bike shops for £19.99 a pair.

Burgtec Greg Minnaar Signature Bartender Pro grip press release follows;

“Make a Grip with the fussiest rider on the Planet, you must be mad!”

Greg’s reputation for knowing exactly what he wants definitely precedes him.

When Greg approached us with the idea of making a grip together, we did think that making a grip
from the ground up with probably the fussiest rider on the planet was absolute madness! At the
same time we knew that if Greg was going to put his name to something it would have to be perfect.
We were up for the challenge!

What Greg wanted was simple. An uncomplicated grip with certain key features that allowed him to
focus on the ultimate end goal of going fast. The features were not so simple. Supple, tacky, comfy,
soft, vibration damping and long lasting.

The first thing to establish was the main diameter across the grip, after testing lots of different
thicknesses we settled on 31.5mm. From this we came up with a very basic prototype. This proved
the diameter was correct and we were confident we could use the rubber compound to achieve the
long lasting element.

Now with all of this done we had to work on a pattern to give the soft feel but yet enough rubber to
give the best vibration damping possible. Greg was straight onto this and knew exactly what he

It was like he had gone over this part thousands of times in his head already. We produced a 3D
printed mould and promptly made another prototype. This was an instant hit with Greg – changes
from this were minimal. He knows better than anyone that Pro riders can get really focused on what
only they want. Greg urged us to get some feedback from other racers and riders. Both sets of
feedback were identical so we knew we were heading in the right direction and promptly made
another sample. This prototype ticked all the boxes and from this point we made no further changes
to the actual production grip.


  • The Bartender Pro is available in 8 Colours; Black, Race Red, Deep Blue, Purple Rain, Gum, Electric
    Yellow, Iron Bro Orange and Nasa Grey.
  • 31.5mm grip diameter.
  • 25A rubber compound.
  • Single Lock On with tapered core.
  • RRP is 19.99 and it’s available through all good bike shops now.”

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