Renthal Revo-F Flat Pedal Review

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The Renthal Revo-F is the Bredbury brand’s first ever pedal. The fact that it has come out with a flat pedal is simultaneously surprising and unsurprising.

  • Brand: Renthal
  • Product: Revo-F Flat Pedal
  • Price: £154.95
  • From: Renthal
  • Tested by: Ross for 6 weeks


  • Ticks a whole lot of boxes
  • Good grip and feel
  • Shrugs off hits very well


  • Not the lightest
  • Expensive
  • We can’t vouch for any durability claims just yet

As a product, it makes complete sense for Renthal to make a flat pedal; it’s a modest-size made-from-metal component that’s also a point of contact. Why wouldn’t it make one? The surprising thing is mainly that it has taken this long to come out with one.

Compared to a few years ago, the premium flat pedal market is not exactly short on choice. Pretty much every flat pedal rider will have their favourite flattie by now. Nukeproof Horizon, DMR Vault, Deity T-Mac, HT PA03A, Hope F22 and so on. It’s going to take something special for these riders to switch to a newbie design.

One special thing that Renthal does have is a good reputation and strong brand following. People like Renthal stuff. There will be a lot of people who are delighted that Renthal have made a flat pedal at last and will be ordering a pair as we speak. What exactly will they be getting?

First and foremost they’ll be getting a flat pedal designed with two things predominantly in mind: performance and longevity. What they won’t be getting is super low weight. Or price. The twin figures of 488g and £155 will turn a few people away instantly. Whilst it’s not rare to see similar price tags on other high-end flatties, those rival pedals often come in under the 400g mark. The Revo-F flats are going to have either perform above and beyond on the trail, and/or offer a level of durability that’s a cut above the rest.

Our initial testing does indicate an impressive level of on-trail performance (more about this below) but we cannot vouch for the long term durability of the Renthal Revo-F flat pedals. We’ll report back much later in the year with an updated review.

By way of explaining/excusing the 488g weight, Renthal state a few things:

  • “We added material to develop a genuine, deep concave body … Fully concave platform in two axis. Not just using pin height to achieve this, the body is fully concave in both axis.”
  • “Having a fully usable pedal platform was achieved by increasing the axle length of the Revo-F, to offset the pedal from the crank.”
  • “Rock strike durability of the bearings was improved with our full-length axle, which is essential for flat pedals.”
  • “To improve rock strike performance, keeping the front face of the pedal smooth [ie. not machined out], to slide over rocks, rather than grabbing at them is an important feature, not to be forgotten.”
  • “Long-term durability of the internals is essential and the inclusion of an extra-long Igus bush and three cartridge bearings, coupled with a fully sealed design has achieved this.”

All of which sound eminently sensible nay admirable. Personally I’m more swayed by design intentions of improved durability and on-trail performance than by a new pedal that just claims to be light.

These pedals are not so much a case of Bontrager’s famous “strong, light, cheap: pick two” maxim. They’re more a case of “Strong, light, cheap: pick (the first) one.”

And if you’re a long term flat pedal user who’s become all too sadly adept at replacing bushings and axles on their current favourite flattie, chances are you’re quite prepared to accept the weight (and wallet) penalty of a set of Renthal Revo-Fs should they prove to be significantly longer lasting than existing alternatives.

As and when the Revo-F pedals eventually do need an overhaul, Renthal have a patent-pending unique axle system and servicing design that requires commonly owned tools (6mm Allen, 8mm Allen, standard 8mm socket and a mallet).

Early verdict

Over to Ross…

“Getting straight to the point, the new Renthal Revo-F flats work really well. Previous to trying them out I had been using the Hope F22 flats and a set of Deity TMAC flats. The Renthal Revo-F flat are equal to, if not better, than either of those. I’ve mainly been wearing Shimano GF800 shoes while testing and the pedals offer an amazing amount of grip with a truly (cliche alert!) locked-in feel. The pedal platform size is well chose; the pedal doesn’t feel too big or too small. It offers plenty of support for rough trails and remains comfortable for extended periods of pedalling. There have been no slipped pedals, or instances of my feet bouncing off, no matter how rough things have got. They’re actually so grippy that I ended up backing off the pins on the outside edge as I wanted to be able to shuffle my feet about a bit a little easier. I do confess to experiencing a couple of pedal strikes during the six weeks or so of the test period but the chamfered leading edges have done a good job of shrugging things off and keeping me on-the-bike and riding on regardless. While six weeks isn’t long enough to comment on overall long-term reliability, so far things are still spinning freely. Zero notchiness or stiffness. No telltale rust stains seeping out of the seals. Great first flatties from Renthal.”

Oh go on then, have a gratuitous Akrigg launch edit…

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Review Info

Brand: Renthal
Product: Revo-F Flat Pedal
From: Renthal
Price: £154.95
Tested: by Ross for 6 weeks

Orange Switch 6er. Stif Squatcher. Schwalbe Magic Mary Purple Addix front. Maxxis DHR II 3C MaxxTerra rear. Coil fan. Ebikes are not evil. I have been a writer for nigh on 20 years, a photographer for 25 years and a mountain biker for 30 years. I have written countless magazine and website features and route guides for the UK mountain bike press, most notably for the esteemed and highly regarded Singletrackworld. Although I am a Lancastrian, I freely admit that West Yorkshire is my favourite place to ride. Rarely a week goes by without me riding and exploring the South Pennines.

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  • Renthal Revo-F Flat Pedal Review
  • rootes1
    Full Member

    any proper comment on dimensions? comparison in size to other known pedals, Hope and Deity are mentioned but are these bigger / small than those? suitability for those with big feet? Saying not too big/small is not really that much help.

    What size feet does Ross have?


    They look to be a decent offset from the crank which is good  for clearance.


    I think for pedals be great to have a comparator like this one for bars:


    Full Member

    100L x 104W according to the listing on Merlin.

    Large Wolf tooth Waveform are a bit bigger at 112 x 106, assume that’s L x W. However Wolf Tooth have gone for a very narrow Q factor and Renthal have gone the opposite way.

    My knees are creaking, pain is on the insides which I understand might be linked to too wide a stance, was thinking of investing in some Wolf Tooths but my inclination is a wide stance is better for control and I really don’t like smacking my ankles on the cranks! Had Chromag Daggas on a bike that was nicked, which I loved (size 47 feet) but I’d rather reduce the knee pain if I can

    Full Member

    Tricky to do a useful size comparison because platform size is one thing but it’s arguably the pin-to-pin area that is more telling. We’ll see if we can round up some popular flatties and take some pics/measurements etc.

    Full Member

    Tricky to do a useful size comparison because platform size is one thing but it’s arguably the pin-to-pin area that is more telling.

    also offset from crank also important for those with big feet – there are plenty of larger size pedals ruined by have no offset from the crank.

    Full Member

    Large Wolf tooth Waveform are a bit bigger at 112 x 106, assume that’s L x W. However Wolf Tooth have gone for a very narrow Q factor and Renthal have gone the opposite way.

    yer – very close run to the cranks (bit pointless I think) – I did a quick overlay (using their photos) when they came out to add some axles and dims


    Full Member

    also offset from crank also important

    Agreed… no point having a big platform and lots of pins when a lot of that is inboard of your feet.

    Full Member

    if you could get drawings from manufacturers when be simple to do an online comparator

    Full Member

    I assume at that price these are UK made?

    Full Member

    Think I’m just better off trying to find another pair of hen’s teeth Daggas and consciously putting my feet close in. Good job I run cheapo cranks!

    Bikeradar review says the Renthals aren’t ideal for big feet

    Free Member

    I assume at that price these are UK made?

    If they’re not pushing it in the marketing, then I’d assume not.

    Full Member

    Well I got some large Waveforms, discount code from Saddleback made them more palatable if not sensible. The usable platform isn’t 112 long, that’s with the offset to the other side. The actual platform size is 102L by 104W, annoys me when manufacturers do that. My Unites are 104L by 100W, wider Q factor though so really naff all in it. The Wolf Tooths are works of art but I dunno that the extra concavity and narrow Q factor (which may not even be a good thing) is worth the outlay, might send them back.

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