Hope Race Series Round 4, Lee Quarry – Race Report

Short sleeves and sunscreen were the order of the day for racers and spectators alike, as the fourth and final round of the Hope Race Series got under way on Sunday. Race report and pics by Jenn Hopkins.

June 2nd, 09 4,329 Categories: News

Loads And Loads Of New Stuff From Niner- Santacruz -Evil Revolt-Socks……

If you like bike stuff (which we do) It’s been like pigs rolling in s**t the last couple of weeks here at the office and we thought we should share.

June 2nd, 09 9,921 Categories: News

National Marathon Championship – Margam Park

Joolze Dymond reports from the UK National Marathon Champs – and the Singletrack Big Welsh Weekender down in Margam Park, South Wales this weekend.

June 2nd, 09 2,726 Categories: News

Strathpuffer Lite, June 27th

The ‘Puffer Lite’, a summer version of the gruelling Strathpuffer all night winter endurance race, is set to take place on Saturday 27th June.

June 2nd, 09 1,836 Categories: News

And you thought you were fast?

Have a look at Greg Minaar’s helmet cam footage of this weekend’s Fort William World Cup DH run. Complete with very casual sounding commentary…

June 1st, 09 4,111 Categories: News

Watch Out in Wharncliffe This Weekend

Watch out for lots of horse riders if you’re going to be near Wharncliffe Woods this weekend. Or aim to steer clear and visit next weekend instead. If we’re nice to the horse riders, they’ll be nice to us…

June 1st, 09 1,187 Categories: News

Singletrack Big Welsh Weekender getting full!

There are over 850 riders and racers booked in for this weekend’s Big Welsh Weekender in Margam Park, South Wales. Looks like good weather too… Come along and watch for free – or enter the XC if you’re feeling keen… The Marathon is booked up now.

May 29th, 09 1,182 Categories: News

Kona Bristol Bikefest is filling up…

One of our favourite events of the year, the Kona Bristol Bikefest is only ten days away and it’s filling up fast. Deadline for some entries is this weekend, so don’t delay…

May 29th, 09 2,877 Categories: News

The new Transition Bikes Covert model

Only slight apologies for the press release cut ‘n’ paste, but we thought you’d like to see the new ‘genre redefining’ Covert bike from Transition Bikes…

May 28th, 09 9,260 Categories: Kit

North Shore Riding – on a unicycle…

Chipps’ favourite video of the week – Mike Parenteau riding Nelson BC on two wheels – and then on just the one…

May 27th, 09 3,704 Categories: News

West Highland Way in a Day

Riding the West Highland Way is nothing new, but doing it in under 24 hours for charity is going to take some doing…

May 27th, 09 3,981 Categories: News

Top Bike Brands Line Up To Offer Bike Testing At Fort William World Cup

New ‘Bike Test’ gives fans the chance to test latest models at Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, presented by Shimano.

May 27th, 09 3,774 Categories: News

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