Issue 52 Trailer: Sim’s One Ton Weekend

by Ben Haworth 9

pumpitFor the up and coming issue 52 (as part of our “One Ton Weekend” series) Sim decided to spend £100.00 on building a pump track.

£60.00 later (spent on feeding and watering the troops), some Biblical weather and incredible support from the local community – look what we got…

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  1. Anyone managed to complete a lap yet?

  2. That last corner needs to be lowered a good foot to make that happen but we’ve witnessed one complete, pedal free lap so far 🙂

  3. Is it maybe just a little too small/tight? I appreciatte that the point was to “do it” (oo er) in a weekend and it had to be done manually. Not knocking, more a query. Looks as though more suited to BMX size of bike.

    But what do I know.

    Nothing, that’s what!

    Overall well done, Lee Quarry?

  4. If it’s the same layout as me and Knacker painted up with Sim and Ben then it’s MTB size. They honestly don’t have to be very big big. Besides, pics are always deceptive.

    I haven’t managed to get up and see it (and couldn’t make the dig) but some of it looks prime “puddle-catching” construction. We talked about the crucial nature of drainge when we met.

    However, I wasn’t there so don’t know what went on during the build. That bit of the site was a bit challenging with the existing topography (steep cross slope) and the material was rock hard when I was braying at it with a swan neck.

    I imagine the builders went for an achievable goal. Shouldn’t be too hard to take out some of the downslope “walls” to stop it holding water help it shed off sideways.

    Full praise to the folks who got off their arses and had a go 😎

  5. Looks mint! Well done, it looked bloody hard work. Needs a couple of jumps though, they will let you maintain your speed (if you do them right) but thats just my preference!
    Id guess most of the £60 went on beer?

  6. Good dancing By Tom Db ;]

  7. i’m somewhat relieved to not be on the video, but yeah first i’ve seen of the second day’s work… looks good, we did okay i reckon!

  8. We cut some rudimentary drainage into it but it will need some more attention as parts of it are bound to fill up. But we wanted to get the thing running first. More time is planned at some point. BBQ and beer needs to be sorted yet 🙂

    Oh and the £60 went on 15 rounds of sandwiches, water, juice, coke, chocolate from Sainsburys in Keighley. Even threw in some sushi! 🙂

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