Eurobike: New Pace forks, new Ibis, DT wheels, Exposure lights, Camelbak, Charge Bikes, Lezyne…

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This report might be a little brief as we’re still trying to pound the show halls for new stuff… There’ll be more updates on Monday when we’re back in the office. But let’s start off with the new magnesium DT Swiss Pace forks… Coming in as an addition to the carbon forks, there’ll be a couple of models that feature a whole new cartridge damping system too. The Cross Mountain will have 32mm stanchions and come in 100, 120 and 140mm travels with 15mm and QR options. The Enduro Cross Mountain will come in 130 and 150mm. The best bit about them is the new lowers (apart from looking great and being stiff) is that they’ll be 25% cheaper than the carbon forks, which’ll still continue, but be aimed more at the XC race world.


Eurobike 2009 Three-130

Eurobike 2009 Three-128

Eurobike 2009 Three-127
Carbon on the left, new DT Swiss magnesium fork on the right

DT is also launching a new ‘Tricon’ wheel system. The hub is made of two flanges and a separate shell. The flanges use straight pull spokes and can be tensioned very tightly – the spokes didn’t move at all on the ones we saw. The centre section can therefore be made lighter, or a different colour, or even from something like carbon, though DT wouldn’t confirm that. The rim features a keyed hole that the spoke bed fits into, leaving the rim wall tubeless-ready.


Eurobike 2009 Three-126
The key at the rim

Eurobike 2009 Three-125
Super, super stiffly tensioned spokes.

Eurobike 2009 Three-122
Here's just one manufacturer, in 1/100th of one of the 15 halls. It's a big, big show.

Eurobike 2009 Three-119
FSA enjoy leading new technology, so heres a new three-arm, double MTB chainset.

Eurobike 2009 Three-114
We've had our appointment at the Charge Arms and there was much to see.

Eurobike 2009 Three-111
The biggest news is that Charge is now making clothing. Here's top boy Chris Akrigg modeling a jacket and new normal-looking, performance shorts

Eurobike 2009 Three-109
Boys, your bribes have arrived. This is the Charge Press Kit...

Eurobike 2009 Three-107
One-off 'Charge Arms' Vans shoes.

Eurobike 2009 Three-103
Super slim new locking grips that are even thinner than an ODI Ruffian. We look forward to testing these

Eurobike 2009 Three-102
This is a proper technical jacket - using 'aquaphobic wool', water just runs off it, yet you can still wear it to and in the pub without looking all Lycra

Eurobike 2009 Three-99
Technical tees in many custom colours

Eurobike 2009 Three-98
Performance casual?

Eurobike 2009 Three-96
Surface is the brand name, but they're all designed by Nick Larsen and his top clothing chap.

Eurobike 2009 Three-93
There will be a great looking pair of commuting/riding round town trousers coming out. Cut like a nice pair of slim jeans, they look very matt-black, yet stretch loads for cycling comfort, machine wash and dry quickly and water does just run off them.

Eurobike 2009 Three-92
If that shape looks pleasing to the older rider, that's because it's the classic Turbo saddle shape, now being made for Charge and coming in all the colours of a Hoxton rainbow

Eurobike 2009 Three-91
Fixie bars - or perhaps really narrow downhill ones...

Eurobike 2009 Three-89
Charge has a cassette fixie hub. No more wrestling with the chain whip. Just bolt on the sprocket.

Eurobike 2009 Three-88
Your colour coordination worries solved.

Eurobike 2009 Three-87


And then on to the Independent Fabrication booth where they were showing Joe Ingram’s new 18lb titanium hardtail, a custom carbon bike with Indy Fab ‘crown’ lugs and a very swish cyclocross bike.



Eurobike 2009 Three-86
Edge Composites' new 'cross fork, carbon tubular wheels and Dugast tubs - that's an expensive front end.

Eurobike 2009 Three-85
Finally, a carbon stem that looks reasonably 'normal'

Eurobike 2009 Three-84
'Normal' looking carbon post too

Eurobike 2009 Three-79
Complete with a lot of German trickery, this is 18lbs

Eurobike 2009 Three-78
Indy Fab now offer custom carbon lugged frames. Edge make up the lugs to the angles that Independent need and lo, you have a custom frame that's then built back at Independent. Road only though. Boo!

Eurobike 2009 Three-76
Neat crown lugs though...

Eurobike 2009 Three-75
This is what fuels us...

Eurobike 2009 Three-71
Camelbak have lots of bold new colours and the women's range is no exception

Eurobike 2009 Three-69
Yes, it's a wearable Camelbak with a bladder build into a jersey. One for the time-trialists and triathletes out there.

Eurobike 2009 Three-68
It's so lovely and yet so not for the UK winter...

Eurobike 2009 Three-67
The Mule Lightweight features super thin, tent-like fabric for noticeable lighter weight. Adventure race anyone?

Eurobike 2009 Three-66
Limited edition colour Hawg Deluxe

Eurobike 2009 Three-64
Exposure Lights showed us this new Toro light that features on of the new single 'super' LEDs. It's very, very bright.

Eurobike 2009 Three-62
That same P7 LED now comes in the Diabolo helmet light (right) which is also silly bright. There's a new, sub-£100 commuter light on the left which can be helmet or bar mounted.

Eurobike 2009 Three-60
Chunky, but still a manageable size to have on your head.

Eurobike 2009 Three-55
White Industries super-fixie pedals. One sided, with a HUGE flipper for instant 'flip and in' on your fixie.

Eurobike 2009 Three-53
This has to be the smartest looking 'bottom of the range' bike we've seen so far... Super neat Whyte E-120

Eurobike 2009 Three-52
Thomson's DH dual crown stem

Eurobike 2009 Three-49
The Ibis Hakkaluugi cyclocross frame is now shipping. It comes in 'Flegmish Green' too.

Eurobike 2009 Three-47
Looks a bit burly for an Ibis Mojo doesn't it? That's because it's the new Mojo HD prototype that Lopes has been riding. That's a custom MRP device that uses the main pivot bolt to secure it to the frame.

Eurobike 2009 Three-46
160mm travel, tapered 67degree head tube, 12mm Maxle rear and 6.25lbs for a frame.

Eurobike 2009 Three-45
With genuine Brian Lopes dust on it.

Eurobike 2009 Three-44
Lezyne's big, bold messenger bag.

Eurobike 2009 Three-43
The ideal three-day bike trip bag? Lots of room, insulated bladder compartment, lots of pockets and a zipped, vented mesh pocket on the bottom for your wet kit to dry in.

Eurobike 2009 Three-42
The inside of the Great Divide bag. Neat.

Eurobike 2009 Three-41
Lezyne's new Portashop toolkit. An ideal road trip, racing or keep in the car kit.

Eurobike 2009 Three-40

Eurobike 2009 Three-39

Eurobike 2009 Three-37

Eurobike 2009 Three-36
Poc has gone coloured

Eurobike 2009 Three-35
A bike for the Etonians?

Eurobike 2009 Three-32
We know traditionalists who'll cry when they see this


Eurobike 2009 Three-27
Very, very colourful... Troy Lee

Eurobike 2009 Three-26

Eurobike 2009 Three-24








Eurobike 2009 Three-14
More colour...

Eurobike 2009 Three-13

Eurobike 2009 Three-12
New uppy-downy post with trigger built into the grip and an I-beam head

Eurobike 2009 Three-10

Eurobike 2009 Three-9
The OTHER Santa Cruz Tallboy

Eurobike 2009 Three-2
Crank Bros Joplin 4 - with - four inches of travel and way better sealing and double the brass keys to keep it running true.

Eurobike 2009 Three-1
Blurry spy shot for Benji - Rubber Queen now in 2.2in and Black Chili!

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