Charge Bikes 2010

by Matt Letch 8

Duster XO

Building on the success of the 2009 Shimano equipped Duster XT and the release of the special edition XO components it was thought only proper to give SRAM a crack of the whip when it came to Charge’s flagship bike for 2010. The Duster XO uses the new Tango edition components with a polished Truvativ OCT crank and Fox F100 fork. Charge continue the orange theme with their own orange anodised hubs. The frame weight has also been reduced with the use of double butted rear stays and the colour coding runs through to the custom Charge decal set. £2099.99


Duster Hi

Using the same frame at the Duster XO the Hi again features SRAM spec including Rock Shox. Taking the 90’s anodising theme up again means we find red anodised hubs that complement the bike’s graphics, the forks, and other details such as the brakes. This model sees a combination of X9, Rock Shox Reba SL and Elixir 5 brakes. £1299.99


Duster Mid

The Duster Mid draws on the look of the Charge Plug fixed gear bike with a navy, brown and silver colour scheme. This bike is at the more affordable end of the range using X7 components and a Rock Shox Tora SL solo air fork, stopping is taken care of by Tektro’s Auriga Pro brake which has been especially custom finished for Charge in Silver. £899.99


Duster 8 – Galvanised

Introduced last year as a UK specific mud plugger, the Duster 8 once again features a Shimano Alfine hub gear continuing the theme of simplicity and low maintenance. This bike is one of a number of bikes in the range to feature a galvanised frame finish. This finish, due to the nature of the coating, means that each individual frame has a unique look when examined closely and should be one of the most durable on the market. £1249.99

Blender Mid and Blender Hi

Trails, 4x or just a play bike, the Blender models are the heavy duty bikes of the range, finished in two spec levels, the hi and the mid, they offer a great level of kit whatever your budget. Again SRAM is the supplier of choice on both of these bikes with the exception of the Dirt Jumper forks on the mid. Charge’s galvanised finish again appears on both of these models in silver on the hi and gold on the mid. £1099.99 Hi, £799.99 Mid.


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  1. “Blender-Trails, 4x or just a play bike”-hmmm-I had a Blender Ti and used it for trails and on the freeride at Glentress and was told when it broke that it was NOT a trail bike and EXCLUSIVELY for 4X and dirt jumping so no warranty (nothing) and that Charge couldn’t be responsible for how it was promoted by mags and testers (despite Cunny riding it on what looks like a trail centre trail in the promo vid).
    I loved that bike-Spooky Wood has never been the same since:(

  2. So let me get this right. You bought a titanium Charge 4X and dirt jump frame, which broke after use on the trails and some(?) freeriding at GT.

    So Charge are saying that cos wandered onto a course known as freeride you invalidated the warranty?

  3. There must be a serious Shimano shortage for sram to be specced in this much depth. Yes, sram corp give great discounts for speccing the whole kit of sram/ avid/rockshox/ truvativ – but in reality, most people would prefer and be better off with Shimano.

  4. Yawn, is anyone excited by these “new” bikes?

  5. I am for one. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it comes to mind. The galvanized finish looks far better in the flesh, think old skool nickel P7 but much shinier 🙂

    Frames have shed some weight and have re adjusted geometry.

  6. Nice marketing, average frames.

  7. Terrible CS, I think I’ll stay away.

  8. was looking around as i fancied a change from my cove handjob and know a couple of lads using Dusters but not convinced enough to change yet.
    look nice though

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