New Bikes From Intense – Slopestlye and Tracer 29er

by Ben Haworth 9

The 2010 Intense Slopsestyle.
The 2010 Intense Slopsestyle.

New Intense Slopestyle (available late December 2009).

Intense say…

It is a mini 951, perfect for park riding.
6 inches of travel, 73 mm bottom bracket sheel. 135 rear dropouts, 1.5 headtube.
Super fun on any gravity fed trail.
No front derailler compatability, limited seat post insertion. This bike is NOT for trail riding. That is the Uzzi.

The 2010 Intense Tracer 29er.
The 2010 Intense Tracer 29er.

New Tracer 29er

Intense say…

Dedicated trailbike with 29 inch wheels. The photo is of a prototype, the final version will look much more like a Tracer and use the same monocoque toptube. Everyone who as ridden this model says it’s the most fun bike they have ever tried. We are very excited about re-energizing our 29er category.

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  1. I’m in love with the new Slopestyle.
    Could just be lust though…

  2. Mmmmmmmmmm, yeeeehaw!! Must . . . wean . . . myself . . . off . . . orange . . .

  3. that new one looks better suited to what you seem to use yours for sim, you should have got a socom!

  4. Slowrider, possibly should have in the end but I started with ambitions of pedalling it up hill, but soon gave that idea up and made it a bit more, well, a lot more, DH specific.
    Interested to know numbers and angles of the new one.

  5. It looks like the SS is running something like the K9 angle reducer headset, the stem seems to be mounted quite far back on the headtube. Might just be my dodgy eyesight though.

  6. Im shocked and appalled by the spelling error to be honest to even begin to read the article. Saying that you’all are probably appalled in equal measure by my gramma’!

  7. I’m getting that old stirring in the groin that says I need another bike.

  8. cool colours…! finally a proper tango orange and lime green

    hope intense sort out the angles of the tracer 29er – the old 73/73 angles were just wrong, super twitchy on the downs

  9. They probably intended 70/73, but welded the headtube on crooked…..

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