EuroBike Day One Part Three

by Ben Haworth 12

In this epsiode: how to make a SRAM XX cassette, Santa Cruz Tall Boy, Kona’s next generation Magic Link and lots more…

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  1. LOVING ‘how to make a SRAM XX cassette’- amazing! & kona electric bike! GET IN! 🙂

  2. Could you ask the Winstanley bike ‘managers’ to comeback early? Stood there yesterday and watched a poor lad wait to be served over a problem with his bike he’d bought from them.

  3. That cassette is a thing of beauty. Seems a shame to stick it on a bike 🙂

  4. Nice electric UTE and Magic Link from Kona.
    I have to say I’d love to try that top end Cadabra (or is the top end one the Abra Cadabra?).

  5. Christ, I would expect my XX cassette to last XX years to payback the energy & material wasted making it. Almost obscene for a bloody pushbike.

  6. all the torque going through a thin bit of metal? wont that cassette cut thrugh the splines on alu freehubs?

  7. as bigrich says – too much pressure at one point.
    XX is doomed to kill freehub bodies

  8. Well, let’s wait and see shall we rather than “armchair critic” it to death before it’s even had a chance? 🙂

  9. wonder how much damage you could do to a hope pro 2 alu cassette body with all the load going though one sprocket.

  10. Well you could always choose something with a steel free hub body but that would be heavier perhaps negating the weight savings from the cassette….

  11. That Kona bloke is well proud of his bike! Fair play to him.

    Loving watching these videos – great to hear people talking about their bikes and explaining the technology.

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