EuroBike Day One

by Ben Haworth 22

Day one from Matt and Chipps’ EuroBike adventure. Stuff from Orange, Gore, Endura, Fox, Chris King, Poc, Giro and Bell. Plus odd 16in wheel DH bikes.

More to follow tomorrow on video. Keep checking for more words, pictures and video.

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  1. mmm.. black chilli rubber queen 2.2s… ;-D

  2. did someone say ceramic king bb’s, wow!

  3. Where can I get that 16″ wheeled ‘DH’ bike from. It looks mint!
    I think ST should do a feature on Euro oddities and do a group test.

  4. big sexy eyes being made by the fox girl at the end there 😉

  5. sorry chaps, but shocking camera work. I for one would probably prefer normal photos… (though I can believe it’s easier to post the report sooner this way)

  6. There’ll be pics and words too. Vidz iz good fo’ quickies tho innit 🙂

  7. Zooming out a bit would help get a better idea of the manufacturers stands!

  8. I would imagine that’s as zoomed out as it gets. Camcorders have not-very-wideangle lenses. And there’s only so far you step backwards before bumping into to something!

  9. I like the video format, sometimes piccys can be a bit…erm, static. it’s nice to see the people behind the brands talking. More please.

  10. Green poc lidS! GET IN!!!

  11. excellent coverage – more please 😀

  12. Cynical Matt, I get the impression he’s seen it all before ;o)

  13. sorry guys, can’t watch this. motion camera! ahhh!

  14. We use Flipvideo Cams for this stuff. They are really simple point and shoot cameras that make it dead quick to put these video reports together as quickly as the world demands. They are a bit sensitive to camera shake though. But don;t worry.. the usual picture and lots of detail reports are still coming…

  15. Hi All- New video is uploading as we speak. For those that are enjoying it thanks for those that aren’t Sorry for the quality – I can’t stand further back as otherwise all you can hear is the roar of Eurobike and not the person, were using a tiny flip video camera which seems to put people off less due to it’s size, is easy to carry and easy to use. Next year I think bigger camera and microphone is needed. Chipps is next to me now knocking together is first day report with pictures and more indepth coverage.


  16. So, why do CK feel the need to produce a ceramic BB?

    Does the current stainless one not work, or is the ceramic one lighter!?

  17. “mmm.. black chilli rubber queen 2.2s… ;-D” Surely my wait is nearly over then, On order from my LBS since Feb!

  18. Fully ceramic stuff runs with much much much less friction. Less drag.

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