Eurobike: Bell, Giro and Kona

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Let’s start today’s coverage with a picture of the cool Specialized VW microbus…  It’s not all bikes here – well, actually it is…

Kona, always a fun corner of Eurobike and, this year the providers of rather cold Burger King Whoppers had some news for us about their Magic-link bikes. They’ve redesigned them so that they’re lighter, stiffer and, more importantly, easier for journalists to explain… The new version of the Coilair is now a 5in bike while pedaling, but slopes into a 7.7in bikes for descents. The brand new AbraCadabra (and lower spec Cadabra) bikes are proper 4in trail bikes, but when faced with a descent will extend to 6.4in of travel. Not bad for a bike that can get down to 28lbs. All this is now in much neater packages than last year’s CoilAir, which – while it worked OK – was always a ‘big’ bike to ride and a little lardy. We look forward to trying the new bikes when they arrive in December.

Kona has other highlights, including new anodised finishes to save weight on race bikes like the scandium Hei Hei (and new, longer travel Hei Hei 100). There’s other machines like the Major One which is, as you might guess, a singlespeed version of the Major Jake ‘cross bike. Of interest to the juniors (or their parents, at least) is the new Cowan 24 – a junior dirt jumping bike, and the continued Stinky 24. 

Stinky 2-4 for the kids (with well-heeled parents...)
Cowan 2-4 - a 24in jump/thrash bike for kids
A carbon hardtail from Kona? Why yes!
The Lacondeguy signature frame - super sloping with neatly dropped seat binder bolt so that nothing catches when you're tricking it up...
The Kona Hei Hei now comes in 80mm and 100mm XC race flavours
The muchly revamped CoilAir - now much lighter, stiffer and way neater looking


Here's a close-up of the 'short travel' (4in to 6.5in) AbraCadabra bike from Kona. A ground-up integration of the Magic link means it's now more compact and much lighter. 28lbs for the top end one.
Shimano's lovely looking fixie and town bike chain.
Kona Paddy Wagon in 'on-trend' clashing colours.


Yeti fans – like the looks of the ASR but want a little more non-racey travel version? Then you’re going to love the Yeti ASR Five. In fact the whole Yeti range has been given a face-lift, with some great graphics and colours. We saw a spanky 303, and a dark and moody Dirt Jumper as well as the new ASR-5. 


Yeti graphics - now even lovelier. This is the 303 dropout
Yeti DJ bike
The new Yeti ASR 5 - which, as the name suggests is 5in of XC style fun.

The Yeti 303

Let’s look at Bell and Giro for a minute. Both companies are showing some very crazy new colours and some completely new models. Starting at Giro, the Section helmet brings high-end in-molding to the ‘piss-pot’ skate park style lid. With minimal logos, cool shades and a subtle, but tough outer layer, the Section looks to lighten the load of street and stunt riders. It’s still not going to be very well vented, but that’s the price you pay for fashion. 

Giro's piss-pot helmet has the shell in-molded, making it lighter and neater looking. How about this leather covered special edition one?

The Giro Athlon gains some crazy new ’80s inspired colours, as does the Remedy downhill helmet line. It’s obvious that 2010 is due to be The Year Of Clashing Colours, if the manufacturers have anything to do with it.


Giro’s glove line has expanded hugely from the half-dozen pairs we saw last year. They now have everything from short fingered road gloves, through Pittards leather ‘strangler’ style leather gloves to full-on armoured DH jobs. Over at the eyewear counter, Giro have restyled the Havik top-end race glass to fit wider heads better and included a few little vents to keep fogging down. The Zeiss-made range also has a few new tints, with the pale orange and yellow lenses being particularly effective at brightening things up without turning everything jaffa… 

A new Giro lens shade in 'don't make everything orange' orange. Havik now gets colour coordinated nosepieces too
All the colours of a funny rainbow
Solar chargers for Blackburn Flea lights - more importantly to rainy Brits, they also have a USB charger now.
Bell Sequence helmet

Bell too has a new mountain bike helmet – the Sequence – designed to rival all-mountain helmets like the Xen and Athlon from their cousins at Giro. Other cousins, Blackburn showed a new version of their popular (and great) Flea lights. It now features both a USB charging adaptor, and a full solar power charging unit for camping trips. Oh and the headlight now comes in pretty colours…


Of interest to parents is going to be the Giro (and Bell…) One-Step kids’ helmet. According to their research, Bell Sports has found that the distance between the bottom of the ear and the top of the head doesn’t change very much in children as they grow, therefore, they’ve stitched the under-ear helmet strap junction solid so that the only adjustment on the helmet is the chin strap. Combined with the elastic Roc-Loc rear retention system, it means that a kids’ helmet can be plonked on a child, chin strap adjusted and they can be on their way in seconds – very important when trying to get a child to wear a lid…

One Step helmet from Giro and Bell



Strangler/driving gloves with Pittards leather from Giro

Their new top-end helmet is the Pro-Light, as used by those fast boys in the Tour de France. It features a new elastic RocLoc system and straps that pop into different slots in the helmet to tweak your fit. It is very, shockingly, light – though we can’t help think that it looks rather similar to a £30 helmet with its small vents and plain-Jane graphics… 


If you want super high end, get an Ionos, but if you want super light weight, Giro have that too



Colourful Bontrager wheels anyone? It certainly seems to be the year of the ‘any colour you want’ bike.



Trek Madone frames in lots of colours.
The brand-new Trek Scratch. Sitting between the Session 88 and the Remedy, it's 170mm both ends and ready for mayhem. (Fox don't officially make a 170mm fork, do they? So this must be a Trek special (with tapered steerer too) We'll get quizzing them when we pass later)


Chunky Munky styling
A more everyday Trek now - just showing how everyone seems to have the Pantone colour book out for their bikes these days.
Morewood have a new Marathon bike, a 'mini-DH' frame and a hardtail out. More of them later...
It's the Charge pub again - this time hosting a party to celebrate the first birthday of our pals over at
Super stylin' German fixie? Nope, this is a Specialized Globe production bike (which will, admittedly come with brakes)
Another Globe bike - note the welded one-piece bar/stem (and this one has a threaded headset too) You can slot different pictures into the headbadge.


The Specialized Stumpy trainer... One for the bike polo lot?
New and shiny S-Works MTB race shoes.
The Langster Steel. Not a concept, a proper 2010 bike, complete with quill stem, old style Spesh logo and 1in threaded headset.



How cute is that 140mm SRAM XX rotor? It's smaller than the monster 10speed cassette


Actually THIS is a monster cassette - SRAM are showing a huge model of their ten-speed XX cassette. Matt's done a neat video on one of our other stories showing how they make a real one.
Even SRAM red is coming in yellow colour-coordination shades
Neat little seat pod from Fizik


Chub Hubs were showing their new DH (and their XC) hubs. The DH hub features extra clicky hubs for instant engagement as well as a high-low flange look for short drive side spokes. While we’re at it, the guys from the Hive also make the Revl carbon fibre road caliper – it’s 115g per wheel, 30g lighter than Dura Ace, and only slightly more amazingly expensive.



The Chub DH hub. Light and clicky.


Five Ten were showing some very colourful shoes and some ‘famous name’ shoes. There are some hi-top skate style shoes and some more of the approach shoe look and even a bowling shoe style. Extra grip for all sorts of pursuits.






Nicolai belt-drive fixie anyone?
Or a Fixie-Inc fixie?




The new Fox 831 fork. It's 100mm and designed for 4X. Comes with a tapered or normal steerer and more adjustable damping.
More women's underwear technology. Gore Bike Wear have teamed up with X-Bionic to make these seamless shorts. With stretch panels, venting where you need it and a great fit. They won't be cheap, but they will be comfy.
Knitted, stretch material with knitted-in vents, snug but comfy shaping and super-high end. And comes in gold!


Gore Bike Wear are now making a 3/4 waterproof GoreTex baggy short - mostly at the request of Matt and Singletrack's readers.

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    No shortage of pink kit then? Three guesses what Tinker Belle is going to be hankering after once she gets back on the bike.

    The Trek Scratch looks tasty, but what’s going on with that lump on the headtube?

    Some nice stuff in there, thanks for the report!

    What is wrong with pink?

    Any idea on the Gore shorts pricing?

    The crazy colour Giro helmet is a Hex. The Athlon is an XC helmet that replaced the E2.

    Ace skinny bikes! Love the lime green Globe bike, The langster Steel and the Lion in blue ! 🙂

    Kona carbon hardtail- whoooaa looks burly/long travel as well!

    The Magic Link Konas look very nice indeed, but there seems to be no way of seeing the actual linky bit itself – Kona’s put them drive side out on the stand. Any way of looking at the non-drive side to see what the gubbins looks like this year, and how much of a mudcatcher it is? From the video and pics, it’s pretty much impossible to see past the chainrings.

    has lots of close up pics, looks a lot more compact im very interested if only i had the cash! – stupid feckin expensive wedding bollox

    infact very different, swingarm no goes over the bb rather than under

    Like the 5.10s with the orange finish, any idea what model they are?

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