Eurobike Day 2 Part 1

by Ben Haworth 16

eurobikeEven more from Eurobike! A couple of oddities and loads of stuff from U.S.E., Race Face, Mondraker and Bionocon.

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  1. “you could argue…”

  2. congratulations on getting Andy Parsons to do the commentary!

  3. 16 minutes of watching people’s chins…

  4. lets see the Nicolai stuff please chaps 😀

  5. Video is nice, but I don’t have time for it. PIcs would be better thanx.

  6. Any chance you can check out the acros pedals please

  7. Yeah, I agree with Kiwijohn, pics are much quicker, and more work friendly 😉

  8. Were doing both guys ;] Photo stories take a lot longer to put up and you can do more indepth stuff with video. The Lecht Rocks I am doing a German Oddity specail tomorrow- as long as you denounce your bottom bracket opinons ; p

  9. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! “Super breathable”. Spend less time with Americans and learn to talk proper. Innit.

  10. The Mondraker bikes look really nice, had the rep in with them during the week.

  11. As for Bionicon does anyone actually own one.

    Thanks for the coverage guys, but have you thought of asking the Parkin brothers for some tips 😉

  12. i know loads of people who own them, i’ve tried one and they really are excellent…

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