singletrack christmas countdown day 7

Christmas Countdown Day 7 – Evoc Stage Hydration Pack

With all of that flying around the world, delivering gifts, Santa needs to keep hydrated and what better way than with the Evoc Stage Hydration pack? Evoc Stage Hydration Pack...

Fresh Goods Friday 517: Autumn is here!

This week has seen the temperature drop, almost overnight, which raises a few points. Have you got a good jacket? Are your socks warm enough? What’s your shoe drying regime?...

It’s a jungle out there! | Fresh Goods Friday 506

Good morning readers! @slimshady I trust you have your scrambled eggs and coffee at the ready? This Fresh Goods Friday comes to you from deep inside a valley that has...

fox dhx2 coil shock

Where Did Summer Go? FGF 504

‘Ooh, well it’s good for the grass’ as many of our parents would be saying. It seems that summer has abandoned us again, leaving heavy wind, hail and rain showers....

Evoc FR Lite Race 10litre Backpack – Protection & Pockets Galore

The Evoc FR Lite Race pack made its way into my life and onto my back in November 2019. Riding some extremely steep trails in Thessaloniki, Greece, on an EVOC...

Evoc Bike Travel Bag | Planning Some Adventures?

If you’re dreaming of far flung adventures, maybe you want to take your own bike with you. The Evoc Bike Travel Bag is designed to keep your favourite toy safe...

Evoc World Traveller Suitcase | A portable wardrobe?

Evoc is known for making many kinds of bag – ones to carry your bike in, ones to carry while you’re riding your bike, and, like this ‘Evoc World Traveller’...

Fresh Goods Friday 450: ‘I Thought We’d Be Enjoying Summer By Now’

Remember those school summer holidays where you looked out the window at the rain hammering down and wished it would stop so that you could go out and play on...

Review | Evoc Neo Protector 16L Backpack

Hannah reviews the EVOC Neo – A Backpack With Protection. I’m a fan of having a back pack on – I like having something between my back and the ground...

Tyre Guillotines, An E-Backpack and No Snow References – It’s Fresh Goods Friday 433

And just like that, January is over and Chipps is on holiday again. The past week has seen most of the Singletrack team struck down with some sort of illness...

Fresh Goods Friday 432 – The ‘Was That Winter?’ Edition

Arriving a little later in the day than usual, it’s Fresh Goods Friday. But fear not, the goods are still fresh. And our fingers are burning, after such frantic typing...

With Extra Bundles Of Joy – It’s Fresh Goods Friday 431

There are nerves in the office. A substantial number of staff are all on holiday. But it’s not the extra workload that’s worrying us – it’s the wellbeing of our...

evoc bum bag waist pack fanny

4 Waist Packs Tested & Reviewed

Not everyone wants to ride with a big 'n' heavy backpack, so we've been testing a variety of different options for the minimalist mountain bikers out there, including waist packs, frame…


Bags Of Eurobike: This year it’s all about protection, hip packs and battery carrying

There were lots of new colours and suchlike at this year’s Eurobike trade show, but here’s a run down of the new models of bags that we’ve spotted. We’ve noticed...

Orange Stage 5

Fresh Goods Friday 338

It's here: Friday. And goods: fresh ones. Stick it all together: it's Fresh Goods Friday!

Eurobike 2016: Evoc

Eurobike 2016: Evoc

New bike luggage options, packs, and free crash replacements from Evoc.

Interbike 2016: Weird and Wonderful!

Long-haired freaky people need not apply

Buyers Guide: Backpacks with Back Protectors

Spines are quite important things. Here's some options for protecting yours

Fresh Goods Friday 290

Don't look at the weather out the window! Warm your hands on the internet instead

Tuesday Treats 149: Premier Prize

Here it is: Your entry into Premier Prize goodness, plus our previous winner announced THERE'S MORE TO THIS STORYBUT IT'S A MEMBER-ONLY STORY.JOIN US TO UNLOCK IT AND MORE FOR…

EVOC evokes Danny Mac’s Knapsack

EVOC unleashes the beast that is Mr MacAskill range of luggage

EVOC Photo Scout camera pack REVIEW

Back in issue 99 Jenn tested this Evoc bag for all you riding photograpers

Fresh Goods Friday 251

Hold on to your (pizza-based) breakfasts! It's... Fresh Goods Friday! Bringing you reasons to be distracted at work since about 2009!

EVOC FR Enduro Blackline pack

Capacious pack with back protection for all-day adventures

Fresh Goods 234

It's Friday and time for the latest in Fresh Goods - see what goods have appeared this week.

Singletrack Advent Calendar Day 17

Ho Ho Ho! We’ve got ideas, 30 days worth of them. It’s the Singletrack Advent Calendar

Evoc FR Porter: Spine protection for the city…

or city style for the trail?

Fresh Goods Friday 212

Rainy rain turns mountain bikers' thoughts to schwag. Here's what's appeared in the office this week

Eurobike 2014: Day One Photo Gallery

Here's a quick recap on what caught our eyes on yesterday's trawl of the show

Fresh Goods Friday 199

It's here again! It's feisty, it's fabulous, it's Fresh Goods Friday...