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Word of the day: Moue

It means ‘a pouting expression used to convey annoyance or distaste’. As in “she pouted a little moue of disappointment”.

What makes this even more fantastic is how its pronounced: “moo”.

As in “she pouted a little MOO of disappointment”.

Now if imagining disappointed moos hasn’t cheered up your Friday, then NOTHING WILL

…except, perhaps, this week’s Fresh Goods Friday!

*waves arms in the air a la Kermit*


Gamut 28T TTr Direct Mount Ring


A SRAM compatible direct mount offering from Gamut available in 28/30/32 tooth flavours. Dave’s opted for a 28t winch gear for alpine adventures on his Tallboy LTc.

Price: £54.99

From: Madison

Miche 999 Wheels

DSC_0413Zoinks. I know it doesn’t look like it in these photographs, but this is a seriously bright wheelset. The green colour goes with – er – more green colours? Top tier XC and Marathon wheels, these. There’s loads of carbon on display – carbon rims with a decent width, carbon hub bodies, and lots of aluminium and titanium (hello, freehub body) used in their construction too. The carbon in the hubs, we’re told, helps with heat dispersion. Right you are. Total weight for the pair is an impressive 1,320g

Price: £1624.99

Miche 966 27.5 wheels

DSC_0411And moving down a rung or two, here is an aluminium 27.5in wheelset from Miche offering riders some “series wheels extremely reliable”.  Which say it all. Aluminium rims, forged hubs, cartridge bearings, 28 spokes, lots of roundness. A Ti freehub body, it says here. And 1522g for the pair too – so still pretty light.

Price: £408.99

From: Chicken Cycles

EVOC World Traveller

DSC_0402 A whopping gert piece of luggage for packing lots of stuff and flying about the world with. Quite a few removable compartments – in fact the website says it’s designed “to ensure orderliness and internal organisation while on the road”. A commendable goal – but in my case? Hahahahahahahahahaha. I only need to put my keys on the dresser and it looks like a bomb’s gone off.

The compartments are large, though, and there are places to put big things, and little things, and places to stuff dirty laundry and… er… errant children*:

See? Also functions as Errant Child Containment Device

*In case any of you are spectacularly literal-minded, this was a joke. We didn’t really send her abroad. She only got as far as Croydon**

** yeah, that was a joke too.

Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow Saddle

Alex from  Chicken Cycles stopped by this week and disconcerted many of us by getting busy with the tape measures and weird looking calliper devices to measure precisely what sort of saddles we need. This Dive Gel Flow is for Sharon. There is a Lorica cover and shock absorbers for the saddle, and some fresh air which weighs very little, for the hole.

Price: £82.99

Selle Italia SLR Lady Flow White


Another one for Sharon here. This one is white with a jaunty pink stripy thing, and is apparently quite a la mode. It’s even got ‘Lady’ written on the nose, in case you were in any danger of firgetting. There’s an enormous hole in the middle to take pressure off the things which require pressure to be removed, when light weight meets incredible strength (it says here).

Price: £106.99

Selle Italia Max SLR Gel Flow


Jamie will be parking his sensitive, yet surprisingly pert arse on this little perch for the next few months. A large hole is surrounded by plenty of Lorica and gel.

Price: £99.99

Saddles from Chicken Cycles again



70 lux light with a commuter function and separate rechargeable USB battery. But that’s not even the cool bit – the cool bit is that it seems to resemble some headgear from the Power Rangers.

Price: £109.99



We’ve got a goggle grouptest upcoming – can you tell?

Thor Hero Flat Black Goggles


Vented, antifogging, tearoff-y and surprisingly pointy goggles modeled by Young Jim. They sort of remind me of something. Can’t think what.

Price: £39.99

From: Madison

POC Iris Flow Goggles


More anti-fogging, vented scratch resistanty POCness, designed to perfectly cleave to POC helmets. Also handy eyeguards, as Kane is establishing, in case some of the naughty people on the other side of the screen decide to throw snowballs, or something.

Price: £57.99

From: 2Pure

Scott Tyrant Goggles

DSC_0427Complete with adjustable nose-guard so Jamie can do his celebrated Captain Beaky inpression. They’ve also got the Scott Fit system, which is conveniently located on the outside of the goggles. Which is much better than it being inconveniently located in Walthamstow.

Price: £69.95

From: Scott

POC DO Blade


Impressively retro-futurist glasses from POC, these. GVM resolutely didn’t want to give them back, as they enable him to peer into chimneys and other assorted Victorian ephemera with ease. Antifog, naturally, and lenses by Zeiss

Price: £199.99

From: 2Pure

Young Jim


Has been doing a sterling job of work experience this week – basically, washing bikes, packing bikes, acting as photogimp (see above), cameraman and anything else we can think of that we don’t particularly want to do. Doesn’t drink coffee though – if he comes back (i.e. if Chipps’ shirt choice didn’t scare him off) we need to remedy that…

Price: £P.O.A.

Bell Super 2R MIPS

From: Zyro
Here’s young Jim again, this time modelling Bell’s must-have helmet of the moment, the Super 2R – only this time (said in the voice of a bad horror film sequel) it’s back – with MIPS!
Fear not, MIPS is a force for good, so we’re sure the movie turns out OK in the end. Bell has added a MIPS internal slip layer that helps prevent your brain from spinning around in its bucket (your skull) by offering a limited amount of internal movement thanks to a thin, vented, plastic layer that is free to move with your head within the helmet.

Here’s the before…


And the after. See? Far more enduro…

The helmet comes in a variety of colours. The more subtle White, as seen above or the more ‘look at me!’ and therefore more enduro ‘Infrared’, which we would call a sort of fluorescent pinky/orange – or Porange as we’ve now christened it.


MIPS sticker in evidence. The colour is like this, only MOAR brighterer!


Comes with GoPro mount installed ready for out of the box shredding!

Price: £174.99


Sarah’s breakfast


Not really fresh. Or, debatably, Good. And it was yesterday – so not even Friday. But worthy of mention because BREAKFAST – and LOOK AT IT! It’s two mini pepperoni deep-pan pizzas. There is little more wrong than this. Or more completely right. But at the same time wrong. I’m confused and conflicted.

Price: really? Are you that desperate?

That’s it for this week! Much travellings will be undertaken this weekend – if you get to sit in a car for ages, I hope it takes you to some joyously sweet singletrack or sutin’.

Have a great weekend!

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