Evoc FR Lite Race 10litre Backpack – Protection & Pockets Galore

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The Evoc FR Lite Race pack made its way into my life and onto my back in November 2019. Riding some extremely steep trails in Thessaloniki, Greece, on an EVOC press camp, I didn’t feel confident with just my hip pack on yet I didn’t have too much to carry, so I got myself a riding pack with a back protector that wasn’t a huge capacity.

Evoc FR Lite Race 10litre Pack

The Evoc FR Lite Race has a big clue in the name for its intended use. Now, I’m no racer, but I do like to ride fast, I have an enduro bike, I live in a valley of steep technical trails and I make good use of my bike frame for carrying essentials, meaning I mostly choose to ride with a hip pack. A 10litre pack is the ideal size for me. The outer material is Ripstop PU coated, and offers some water resistance but certainly isn’t waterproof. Evoc have rain covers available for this reason but the pack doesn’t include one.

Back protection with a crash replacement

The Evoc FR Lite Race pack features a Liteshield back protector that offers a high level of shock absorption (a claimed 95%). It is easily removed and therefore replaceable if you were to have a crash on it, as with any form of protection you should take impacts into consideration and be conscious of wear and tear. I’ve also found it handy being able to remove it when I’m just going for an easy ride and I want a bit more space in my pack.

The backguard has been designed to be slightly shorter than previous versions whilst still offering full protection, in order to avoid it meeting with your helmet on steeper descents. The pack itself comes in two sizes based on your back length. S fits torso lengths of 38 cm – 43cm, and M/L 44cm – 50cm. I’m 5ft 7in with a torso length of 47cm, and I have tested a M/L pack.

Comfort and fit

In terms of fit, once you have the correct size for your back measurement there is an extra wide hip belt to keep it secure. The belt is elasticated and made from Airo Flex material which offers a breathable, flexible fit. The chest strap is adjustable up and down the shoulder straps, so you can get the bag to fit so securely that the load practically disappears and the fit is so comfortable you won’t notice it.

Evoc FR Lite Race Pack Features

Pockets and storage… where do I begin. There are so many pockets, and pockets within pockets. On the front there is a fleece lined glasses/goggle zip pocket with a couple of mesh pockets within it. There is a tool pouch on the front which has a five smaller pockets within it. The front cover is secured with velcro and a zip either side – I find this zip really hard to use. In dry weather when I’m not in a hurry, I can open it smoothly. But in any sense of urgency it just becomes a struggle.

Genuinely a really handy pocket when wearing a chest mounted GoPro…

Internally there is a zip mesh pocket with a key hook, the hip strap has a small zip pocket and finally the shoulder strap had a small elasticated pouch for tucking your pony tail in so it doesn’t get in the way of chest mounted GoPro footage. You could also put an easy-access race snack in here.

The air circulation the Evoc FR Lite Race pack is thanks to the foam channelling on the back, and for once I’ve actually felt the benefit. Many packs claim to be breathable, and they can be to a certain degree, but given the current heatwave we’re having I have put this to the test and I only seem to get a sweat patch on my lower back. The hip belt fits so securely that there’s little chance of any air circulation in that area.

Features I haven’t used as often as I would have done if I were a racer are the bladder pouch and clip to keep your hose handy, the whistle and also the helmet carry. For the past five months I have been riding straight out of my front door, but prior to this I did use the helmet carry when going further afield to ride. It’s really handy when you’re in the pub after a ride.


The Evoc FR Lite Race pack is a lightweight secure fitting riding pack with optional back protection. It has lots of easy access snack storage and a crash replacement on the protection, and in my eyes it is worth the money. As someone that normally rides with a hip pack because I hate a sweaty back, I haven’t felt overheated. It fits so securely and the back protection adds a level of confidence I’m not used to, as generally I don’t wear enough protection. And it’s so handy having snack pockets that don’t require me to take the pack off my back!

Disclosure: Amanda received the Evoc FR Lite Race 10litre pack on a press camp for Evoc Sports

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Brand: Evoc
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Tested: by Amanda for 8 months
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