Evoc FR Lite Race 10litre Backpack – Protection & Pockets Galore

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The Evoc FR Lite Race pack made its way into my life and onto my back in November 2019. Riding some extremely steep trails in Thessaloniki, Greece, on an EVOC press camp, I didn’t feel confident with just my hip pack on yet I didn’t have too much to carry, so I got myself a riding pack with a back protector that wasn’t a huge capacity.

Evoc FR Lite Race 10litre Pack

The Evoc FR Lite Race has a big clue in the name for its intended use. Now, I’m no racer, but I do like to ride fast, I have an enduro bike, I live in a valley of steep technical trails and I make good use of my bike frame for carrying essentials, meaning I mostly choose to ride with a hip pack. A 10litre pack is the ideal size for me. The outer material is Ripstop PU coated, and offers some water resistance but certainly isn’t waterproof. Evoc have rain covers available for this reason but the pack doesn’t include one.

Back protection with a crash replacement

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Product:FR Lite Race 10l
Tested:by Amanda for 8 months

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