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It’s here again! A veritable smorgasbord of stuff we’ve been sent this week – it’s feisty, it’s fabulous, it’s Fresh Goods…

Saracen Kili Flyer Carbon


Chipps’ latest playmate is this 2015 Saracen Kili Flyer, in full carbon. The 2014 model has a carbon rear triangle: the new one has gone all the way, saving a total of 600g on the 2014 Flyer.

Saracen Kili Flyer Carbon detail
Lovely linky bits, lots of carbon, some aluminium, and a wall.

It’s still 120mm travel, with Saracen’s ‘TRL’ (tuned ride link, acronym fans) single pivot, link driven rear end, same as this year’s model. Lots of lovely internal routing for us to drool over (and mechanics to cry about). This is one of six in the country (oooooh) – they’ll be about in the wild in October.

From Saracen bikes

Price: £3,699 for the Flyer Team (this one), or £1,999 for the X Carbon frameset.

Howies Remember Steve Tee

Daniel Craig's let himself go...
Daniel Craig’s let himself go… for a good cause

A t-shirt in memory of Steve Worland. £5 from every one sold will go towards installing a bench near Steve’s favourite trails in Ashton Court near Bristol, and providing a defibrillator.

Price: £25.00

From Howies

E Thirteen LG1+ Chainguide

It's a guide
It’s a guide

It’s a guide – great at keeping your chain in the right place; useless at rubbing sticks together and helping grannies across the road.

Price: £129.00

E Thirteen Guide ring

Red Ring
Red Ring

Chainring to go with the guide. Anodising FTW!

Price: £42.95

EVOC Phone Case

Accessible selfie and instabanger bag
Accessible selfie and instabanger bag

All the German Freeride protection you need for your phone. Efficient and understated…

Price: £16.95

All From: Silverfish

ION Clothing

Jorji’s got some new riding swag from Ion…

Ion Tee SS Electra
Reminds me of a sort of Logan’s Run Seventies Sci-Fi movie…

SS Electra Tee £37.95

Ion RamSet glasses

Looking cool, now the weather’s turned and it’s chucking it down. Also good for riding in, according to Jorji.

Ion Ram Set glasses: £81.95

Ion Nova Shorts
Nova Cargo Shorts. Carpet: model’s own.

Nova Cargo shorts, for – erm – carrying new cargo?


All from ION products

Genuine Innovations CO2 inflator and mount

Genuine Innovations Hammerhead

A very light, small, push-to-inflate CO2 inflator thing. Just the job to tape under your saddle…

Price: £19.99

Genuine Innovations x-mount
Wrestled from Wolverine himself..

..unless you also get one of these. The X-mount uses nice tiny velcro straps instead. For the neater racer in your life.

Price: £6.99

From Zyro

Klickfix CamOn! Gopro camera mount

Klikfix CamOn GoPro mount
CamOn have a go if you think you’re hard enough

If you’re stuck for places to stick your GoPro camera, this might help. Lots of interesting possibilities without the use of sellotape and swearing.

Price: £TBC

From: Rixen & Kaul

Estimote iBeacons

The pebbles know everything
The pebbles know everything

Low powered bluetooth devices that can detect a special app on your bluetoothed phone, send information backwards and forwards, have a bit of a computery conversation and do lots of exciting stuff (apparently).  They can determine range for how far away (up to 70m) or how close (down to 20cm), and They Are The Future (discuss)..

Price: $99 (for three)


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