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Evoc is known for making many kinds of bag – ones to carry your bike in, ones to carry while you’re riding your bike, and, like this ‘Evoc World Traveller’ maybe, ones to carry when you’re off somewhere fun to ride your bike. Or, just going to visit your Granny.

The Evoc World Traveller is a fairly lightweight 125 litre (dimensions 85x40x32cm) suitcase with pull out handle for towing it along on a pair of replaceable rubbery roller-blade like wheels. They’re uni-directional wheels on the side of the bag that you tilt onto when using the tow handle – so you’re not going to be playing airport suitcase bowling with this (not that you should be doing that anyway…ahem).

Will carry a skateboard
Less dangerous holiday plans

Inside, the bag is a single space divided by a number of removable foam panels, however, the bag is effectively divided 80/20 into a smaller upper chamber and larger lower one by the outer lid, which contains a fixed area about two thirds of the way up the bag, under the upper strap. So, while the inside can be turned into one big space, there’s no means of freely accessing all of that space at once due to this fixed cross piece. This does limit the size of objects you can get in there.

The main zipped flap has a large slim outer pocket on it, while the smaller top flap has a small zipped pocket with inner mesh pocket area, while the flap to the upper section reveals a mesh zipped pouch inside the very top of the bag. The back or bottom of the Evoc World Traveller has cross fitting elastic straps for holding down neatly pressed shirts or even suit jackets (if you own such things).

Evoc World Traveller
Upper compartment
Evoc World Traveller
Lower compartment

There are two large straps that wrap around the case. Both wrap round the case and join with substantial clip buckles. There’s a substantial padded fabric handle on both the top and side of the case to help with things like lifting it into luggage racks or vehicles. 

I had the ‘Olive’ bag, and it comes in three other colours, which can all be matched to other luggage items (and even things like wash bags) in the Evoc range.

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