EVOC evokes Danny Mac’s Knapsack

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Are you a world-class mountain bike rider, capable of nose-hopping your way across continents and into the hearts (and Facebook pages) of millions?

Then you may well need your own range of luggage! Here’s Mr Daniel MacAskill from Skye. He ticks all the boxes – he’s as adept on one wheel as he is on two, has an international reputation and the video voews to prove it, and he’s a deucedly good looking chappie, to boot.

So, perhaps inevitably, he’s teamed up with luggagemeisters EVOC for a new range of – er – luggage.


And here it is. There’s the bike bag, perhaps predictably named the Bike Travel Bag MacAskill – handy for carrying the bike on aeroplanes across seas that even the most proficient of bully-hopper can’t cross alone. Bike weight is towards the rear of the bag, and apparently one’s bike requires less disassembly than others.

A suitcase. Actual suit not included. Or likely to be found inside.

There’s an 80litre suitcase – the Rover Trolley MacAskill, handy for carrying all those self-portraits for screaming fans across the globe…

Street. Yo. Wicked. Etc.

…and there’s a backpack – the Street MacAskill. It’s got lots of pockets, and apparently it ‘helps you maintain order even in the greatest of chaos’. Which sounds like my lounge.

All of the luggage is made of material which ‘sets the tone for all three products and is a theme linking back to Danny’s Scottish heritage and traditional tweed materials’. So it’s steely grey like a Scottish sky. Looks good to us.

Here are the UK prices: The Bike Bag is £299, the Rover Trolley is £179.99 and the Street backpack is £69.99

EVOC gear is available from Silverfish.

More info available from Danny’s website.


Capacity: 280L
Size: 136 x 39 x 80 cm (53.54” x 15.35” x 31.5”)
Weight: 8500 g (18.74 lb)
Colours: HEATHER
Price: 490.00 USD

Capacity: 80L
Size: 75 x 40 x 28 cm (29.53” x 15.75” x 11.02”)
Weight: 3600 g (7.94 lb)
Colours: HEATHER
Price: 250.00 USD

STREET MacAskill
Capacity: 25L
Size: 30 x 48 x 18 cm (11.81” x 18.9” x 7.09”)
Weight: 600 g (1.32 lb)
Colours: HEATHER
Price: 100.00 USD




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