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If you’re dreaming of far flung adventures, maybe you want to take your own bike with you. The Evoc Bike Travel Bag is designed to keep your favourite toy safe in transit.

The Evoc Bike Travel bag is a soft bag with hard shell bottom, replaceable skate wheels, and removable ribs for side structure. Designed to accommodate most bike types, there are additional adaptors for carrying a road or triathlon bike, and it promises to be able to handle 29 inch wheels.

Side handles and handles on the ends.

Internally, there is a solid block which sits between your chainstays. A selection of straps – including a padded frame strap – to hold your frame and forks into place. You’ll definitely need to remove both wheels, and your pedals, but you may get away with just shuffling of your bars rather than complete removal, depending on the size of your bike. There’s a pocket for each wheel on either side of the bag, and while the cautious would (and should) remove the rotors to prevent damage in transit, the pockets will take the wheels with the rotors and cassette still attached. The sides of the bag are re-enforced where your locknuts are most likely to try to puncture the fabric. There’s a small internal pocket for small items – such as pedals, or discs, perhaps, and another on the outside of the bag.

You can never be too careful…

The ‘ribs’ are made from glass fibre, and can be removed so that the whole bag will squash down to the kind of size you can squeeze under a bed. The hard shell bottom means you’re probably not going to get it into the bottom of a wardrobe in a budget hotel. When built up and filled with a bike, the dimensions are 138cm width, 83cm height, base 39cm at the wheel end and 28cm at the front. We’ve fitted ours into the back of a Honda CR-V with one rear seat folded up, and the back of a Mini Cooper S with both rear seats down.

This is not the main towing handle, and quickly hurts the hands.

As well as the skate wheels on one end, the Evoc bike travel bag has a variety of handles placed around the bag so you can haul it around. During our test time, we’ve used it to transport both gravel and mountain bikes on a selection of rail journeys and flights. How has it fared?

Well travelled.

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Tested:by Hannah and Amanda for 8 months

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    I looked at this but opted for the Douchebag Savage as it offers more all round security.

    Won’t be needing til 2021

    They have improved the design since this including a frame to support the bike at the drop outs, my extra large bikes have fitted in no problem and this frame seems to make packing easier. Had mine 5 years now and still going strong, I have found most budget airlines limit is 32kg the problem is the luggage included airlines like SAS and 23kg is tight and means you need another hold bag for tools as they can’t go in cabin bags according to some security staff.

    Very practical and safe to transport your bike in the car, plane and interstate bus. I have been there for 3 years and I have only one complaint: it is quite heavy (9 kg) and can consume a lot of the weight of your luggage (Brazil).

    The Pro version is worth the extra. – the detachable front wheel makes dragging around airports a breeze. Fitting a Large 29er enduro bike in is easy. I have added packing foam cut to shape of the bag either side for extra protection. Easily under 32Kg weight that all the airline suse. just take an extra hold bag for your other stuff and stop being so tight 😉

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