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  • TooTall

    How much fish can we sustainably catch or farm?

    Depends how we catch or fish. Aquaponics can get some very high densities of crop / fish if done correctly.

    Your mind is all over the place like a mad womans poo, isn’t it?

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    It certainly is. Anywhere but on my work.


    Your mind is all over the place like a mad womans poo, isn’t it?

    Rofl lol and various other things to express my amusement

    Your mind is all over the place like a mad womans poo, isn’t it?


    *Makes mental note to engineer that into a conversation at work next week


    According to wikipedia, wheat has a higher protein content than soybeans. Yes, it is more complicated than that, but wheat is good stuff.


    According to wikipedia…

    Has about as much authority as ‘My mate Dave says…’

    Might be correct in this instance, but just for general future reference. 😉

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    According to wikipedia…
    Has about as much authority as ‘My mate Dave says…’

    Not true. The vast majority of wikipedia is very accurate, and it’s usually possible to check out the references on the well written pages. It only tends to be biography stuff which gets a bit rubbish – I can’t see why anybody would write dodgy stuff about the protein content of wheat.

    If you don’t object to eating dead animals, then I think it’s important to make best use of them – I do try to eat different cuts such as shin and neck, as well as offal – faggots and liver are particular favourites.


    Personally I love offal, but I can understand why lots of people don’t.


    I wasn`t too bothered about the authority because simple % protein contents are misleading nutritionally anyway. My point is that wheat is a good protein source, particularly when combined with legumes, green leaves, and/or meat.


    This fella seems to get by


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    Just caught up on this. Couple of replies,

    I’ve learnt something though, as I’d never have considered the seperate tongs at the BBQ thing. So that will be noted for future reference.

    That’s really good, and appreciated. Personally, as a veggie, I really don’t want my food covered in animal fat.

    What I want to know us why is there no meat option at a vegetarian restaurant!

    Because meat eaters aren’t carnivores, they’re omnivores.

    Personally, I’ve no problem with balance. I’d welcome a veggie menu that said “meat option available on request” at the bottom.

    I mean you go to any other restaurant then they cater for veggies!

    Sadly, that’s not always true. As a recent example, I was on a training course today where all week the main meal options were two beef dishes. I asked about veggie options and was told “chips or a jacket potato”.

    Here is a BIG figure from the USA:

    Field corn (blah blah)

    On a point of note here is the US corn thing is atypical and artificial. Farmers are encouraged to grow a disproportionately large amount of corn for economic reasons.

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