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  • Any Downhillers in here?
  • Rosss

    Cheers deviant. Banks the kaisers are properly good tyres however these wire versions weigh around 6.6lb for the pair. The BC versions would be light though.


    Nice Glory, always liked how they look in that silver/blue colour scheme. Here’s the newest incarnation of my “DH” bike. Hoses need trimming but I’m happy to be back with Avids actually, they feel right straight away unlike the SLX brakes I had previously. Now I just need a Thomson stem for blinginess 🙂


    This is mine.

    Hoping it’ll get me into racing for next season. I’ve come from a past full of HT bikes.

    I’m just hoping for some 40’s to replace the Shivers. I can’t really get on with the USD forks. Though they are brilliant too use.

    Yes, incase anyone says. I do know that SC say I shouldn’t use a guide with a Taco but it’s my call in the end.


    Another downhiller here, only just seen this thread. Live in Bucks, so Aston Hill is my usual riding spot, but FoD, Cwmcarn, Fort Bill, Hamsterley are all places I’ve ridden/plan on riding again. I ride a fairly old/battered Orange 224, did my first race last October, got a fair few planned for this year. I’m by no means fast, but it’s a good crack and I can dick about since we don’t have the snobbishness of road riding and stuff. If anyone in the south east area/midlands etc fancies a ride out some time gimme a yell, there’s a few of us ride most weekends.



    I wouldn’t say I was a downhiller, but some of the best days on the bike in the past 12 months have been in Morzine and with the DH youngsters at home.

    I don’t have a full on DH bike anymore, having sold it after a trip to Morzine, but a 160mm Lapierre Froggy was good fun in Morzine and is more than capable of ensuring the youngsters only have a short wait at the bottom of our local trails.

    Just booking this year’s Morzine trip now!

    The “DH” bike:

    P1000007 by ianswheeler, on Flickr

    This bloke isn’t a downhiller either, but that didn’t stop him giving the Les Gets trails a go on a €500 hardtail, complete with basket and picnic. It didn’t end well!



    IMAG0531 by scottgolfgti, on Flickr [/img]

    This is what i will be Race/Riding DH this year.


    Nukeproof what’s Gawton like trail wise for the lesser biker?


    @archibald come along tomorrow and find out! its good fun there with 4 track to choose from, you will not die!

    uplift service about to start in february.!


    New Bike 😀

    Premier Icon kimbers

    very nice scruff!

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