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… new Manitou Mattoc, Manitou J-Unit youth fork, very yellöw Öhlins Factory parts, Radical Bicycle Co. Chilli Dog updates and THAT commuter helmet.

Pivot Cycles press release:


Pivot’s New Mach 4SL, an Ode to Pushing Performance

Tempe, AZ – Razor sharp responsiveness, sculpted minimalism, and class-leading suspension; the Pivot Mach 4SL is a potent blend of speed and efficiency hell-bent on hunting down XC podiums.

Cross country racing is an arena defined by max heart rates, aerobic thresholds, and lactic acid; where minimizing mass matters more than anything else. In the past, this singular focus has led designers to make compromises in suspension performance, chassis stiffness, handling integrity, and ride quality. With the introduction of the new Mach 4SL, Pivot is pleased to announce that they are scrapping that playbook.

“The goal here was uncompromising performance,” says Chris Cocalis, founder, and CEO of Pivot. “With the Mach 4SL we’ve achieved a weight and responsiveness target that is World Cup worthy, but we’ve also built a fully active, highly tractable, exceptionally efficient dw-Link suspension that is light years better than any flex-stay bike out there. Make no mistake, this bike is a rocketship!”

Pivot’s proprietary Hollow Core carbon fiber molding technology produces a frame that carves a whopping 300- 400 grams off the previous version, bringing complete bike weights under 23lbs with dropper seatpost! (size small, World Cup XX-SL). The sculpted minimalism of the rear shock’s rocker link is testament to how no stone was left unturned in the quest to shave weight. Geometry is revised to mirror the design goal of “World Cup focus, but let it punch above its weight.” The head angle has been relaxed, reach and wheelbase has grown, and seat angle has steepened. Class leading traction and performance will be served up in two flavors; the World Cup builds can deliver 95mm or 103mm of travel easily adjusted via a flip-chip on the rocker link, while all other builds offer 106mm or 115mm of travel to squeeze as much fun out of the singletrack while still going as fast as lungs and legs allow.

Pricing, Specifications, and Availability: The Mach 4SL will be available in Seafoam Green and Ice Blue colors and can be purchased in eight different complete build options from Shimano and SRAM, including lightweight World Cup builds and carbon wheel options.

Mach 4 SL World Cup XX Eagle Transmission w/100mm Fork, £12,000.00
Mach 4 SL Pro X0 Eagle Transmission w/120mm Fork, £9,600.00
Mach 4 SL Pro XT/XTR w/120mm Fork, £8,400.00
Mach 4 SL Frame Only, £4,100.00


Manitou press release:

MANITOU MATTOC – The People’s Fork

Manitou is excited to introduce the fork of tomorrow by invoking lessons from the origin of the brand. With the introduction of the new Mattoc, the suspension experts from the big red M take a bold step toward creating the perfect fork of the future while also staying true to their roots. In the beginning there was mountain biking, suspension, and suspension for mountain biking. No matter how you rode, you were a mountain biker and one Manitou solution served everyone’s needs. This sport has evolved, and specific disciplines (and their specific componentry) have arisen. Yet outside of enduro and downhill, everyone is still mountain biking, and is free to interpret the sport however they choose . The new Mattoc represents the fork for the rest of us, from XC to trail to light enduro and everything in between. It is the veritable jack of all trades that excels in all it does, thanks to its “versatile specificity.” Better in every way and adaptable to all needs, it really is #thepeoplesfork, it is MANITOU MATTOC.

A big part of the Mattoc’s versatility stems from its extremely wide range of travel as one single model can be adjusted in 10mm increments from 110 to 150mm of travel with no need for additional componentry or parts . While adjustability has become yet another calling card for the entire Manitou line (Mezzer 140-180mm , Dorado 180- 203mm) , the wider range of the Mattoc’s travel options allows it to span across several disciplines and adapt to many more styles of riding. The operation to change travel is simple enough that it can be done at home and the necessary parts are included with the fork.

Having travel range from 110-150 allows retailers to stock one single SKU to meet an extremely wide range of consumer needs. Similarly, the rider who purchases a Mattoc is not buying one short range of travel, obligating him or her to purchase another suspension solution should their needs or wants to evolve after the initial purchase, but rather the versatile nature of this fork allows for it to adapt to the consumer’s needs.

What makes the Mattoc’s versatility even more amazing is it comes without compromise. The “versatile specificity” of this fork means that it adapts perfectly to many disciplines and styles of riding and performs flawlessly in every discipline. The 34mm Manitou engineered chassis represents the best in class in terms of both weight and stiffness yet presents zero downsides for this strong, reliable, and amazingly lightweight construction. The new Mattoc platform is 30% stiffer than the previous version, and at 1750 grams for the Pro model, it is both light and stiff enough for XC racing yet strong enough to survive and thrive in situations all the way to light enduro.

The Mattoc is the perfect example of #thepeoplesfork not only because it can be all things to all riders, covering an amazing span of disciplines and riding styles but also because it represents a more democratic and fair design philosophy, along with its other 34mm stanchion brethren. Not only will the purchase of one fork offer amazing flexibility of set up, functionality, and travel, but the internals are compatible and interchangeable both vertically from PRO, EXPERT to COMP levels of the Mattoc, and between MATTOC, CIRCUS and MASTODON. Such a construction means that there is no penalty for buying the entry level version as nearly all internals can be upgraded to PRO, allowing the fork to “grow” with the consumers needs or wants. Having those same internals shared across the three Mattoc models as well as Circus Pro and Mastodon means easier procurement of spare parts for end users and a significantly easier job to stock what is needed for retailers and distributors alike. Easier to service, easier to maintain, easier to upgrade, easier to stock.

The Mattoc is available in 29” version with an offset of 44mm. However, in keeping with the “peoples fork” philosophy of serving the widest range of needs possible, it is also available in two versions of 27.5” (37mm and 44mm offset). This addresses the needs of some adult riders but also, of equal importance, the 27.5” versions completion of the size range, allowing young riders to grow with Manitou from their first pedals strokes all the way into adulthood. While versatility is a big part of what makes Mattoc special, it is the versatile specificity that allows it to really stand apart from the rest. It is versatile in that it can adapt for nearly any style or discipline of riding yet does so in a manner that allows it to perform as if it was made specifically for the given application at hand. Lighter, stiffer, and more tunable than its competitors, this fork should be desired componentry for all bikes not just because it can address all needs but because it can improve the riding experience in a meaningful way thanks to its amazing performance without compromise. Such amazing performance arises from advanced Manitou technologies developed over its long history of continuous improvement and never-ending search for a smoother and better, best ride.

The Pro version of the Mattoc incorporates the most advanced componentry and technologies, however, the EXPERT and COMP levels can be easily upgraded thanks to the transversal internal compatibility. In the PRO version, Dorado air allows for internal travel adjustments with no added parts. New travel spacers account for negative air volume change, and the 110mm fork has the same initial stroke feel as the 150mm.

Dorado Air and Expert Air spring systems contain a unique balancing valve that equalizes the positive and negative air chambers during the air fill process. This gives the spring rate a consistent feel without any flat or dead spots in the stroke, along with giving riders of different weights the same initial stroke feeling. Dorado Air is our lightest weight air spring technology.

Infinite Rate Tune (IRT) allows for advanced spring tuning by independently adjusting air pressures in the beginning and end stroke and is available as an aftermarket upgrade to both Expert and Comp forks. IRT technology creates a secondary positive air spring that affects only the middle to end stroke of the fork. This allows the main air spring to be set to lower pressures for improved small bump sensitivity while maintaining mid-stroke support and moderate to aggressive end-stroke ramp-up.

The Mattoc Pro features a trail tuned MC2 sealed damper that offers more consistent damping and lighter break away force, especially over long descents. Our Damper uses a bladder system to compensate for heat buildup along with a relief valve. Using both systems give us consistency along with long service life. The system uses Manitou’s HBO (Hydraulic Bottom Out) system to control the final 30mm of travel, ensuring the rider never feels the bottom of their travel on even the biggest hits.

TSR (Trail Side Relief) casting bleed screws allow users to release casting pressure from the fork. Casting pressure increases during normal riding. Extreme riding can increase the pressure at a quicker rate. Temperature and elevation changes can also cause increased casting pressure. Releasing casting pressure can improve overall fork feel and small bump compliance.

The new Mattoc is the fruit of one of the most profound development cycles in Manitou history, but it is the physical embodiment of “great things take time.” It is not an offering that follows the crowd, designed around the latest trend or buzz of the market, but rather a component that aims to add real value and benefit to the rider. It is an authentic fork, serving the real needs of the widest range of the mountain bike public and offering serious performance advantages to each individual one of them, no matter how they choose to ride. Amazing performance technology, customized perfectly to the specific needs of every rider with reliable construction, it is #THEPEOPLESFORK. MANITOU MATTOC


Manitou press release:


Smaller Riders, Bigger Stanchions, Better Performance

The evolution of the JUNIT line ushers in two new forks, based on the recently developed Manitou 34mm chassis. The two forks, one for 24 and one for 26-inch wheel size, complete the offering necessary for Manitou’s philosophy of accompanying riders with advanced suspension solutions from their first pedal strokes, over every phase in their cycling journey, well into adulthood. From a tiny rider’s first 20” bike all the way to his or her World Cup DH rig and everything in between, there is no age, need, requirement or want that isn’t covered by Manitou suspension.

Ensuring the availability of every size from a rider’s first contact with mountain biking through to adulthood is but part of the puzzle. Manitou seeks to ensure that the suspension it offers responds to all riders’ sizing needs, but more importantly, that it represents a premium experience for even the youngest of athletes. The line of thinking is that by offering a better first impression, younger riders feel safer, enjoy riding more and are more prone to incorporate cycling into a long-term part of their lives. To offer such a positive experience, Manitou doesn’t develop different technology for its youth products but relies on its industry leading versatile tuneability to ensure that the same tech featured on adult suspension gives each and every younger rider an experience tailored to their widely varied needs.

The 34 mm chassis in both the 24 and 26” wheel sizes increases stiffness and allows bigger kids to go even bigger with only benefits and no compromises. 7000 series tapered legs make for an amazingly lightweight yet very stiff chassis, translating into even better performance. The Dorado Air spring system, specially tuned for young riders, ensures that youth riders can enjoy the same small bump sensitivity and big hit support that adult riders have enjoyed from Manitou for years. Dorado Air also allows for internal travel adjustment without the need for additional parts. New travel spacers account for negative air volume change, so the 100mm fork has the same initial stroke feel as the 160mm, offering even more versatility to the product. The IRT (Infinite Rate Tune) allows the young rider to really dial in his or her suspension by independently adjusting air pressures at the beginning and end of the stroke. IRT effectively creates a secondary positive air spring that effects only the middle to end stroke of the fork. Doing so allows the main air spring to be set to lower pressures for improved small bump sensitivity while maintaining mid-stroke support and moderate to aggressive end-stroke ramp-up.

The JUNIT Pro features the VTT-6P, Manitou’s newest compression damper technology featuring an single external compression adjuster that simultaneously adjusts HS and LS damping characteristics. It features a fixed shim stack and a secondary shim stack that is preloaded by the external adjuster. The resulting wide tuning range combines the benefits of a Low-speed platform and High-speed progressive tune can suite any terrain. From fire-road climbs to big flowy jump lines to high-speed chunky rocks, VTT-6P can adapt to all terrain with flick of a switch.

The reduced oil volume and tapered 7000 series legs keep weight to a minimum, making for a more manageable suspension solution for the young rider. The rebound of the JUNIT Pro derives from a half cartridge system tuned specifically for the youth rider. Yet another example of how Manitou goes to great lengths to offer prestigious, ride altering (and ride improving) technology even for the youngest riders.

Better first impressions make for longer lasting relationships and Manitou aims to ensure that the younger riders among us have a fantastic first foray into mountain biking that translates into a lifelong affinity with what is truly a beautiful lifestyle immersed in the outdoors. Great suspension is no longer relegated to grown-ups and with Manitou riders can grow with great suspension, perfectly tailored to their needs, no matter what stage or age they may find themselves at. Growing up isn’t easy, but at least with Manitou, the path towards adulthood can be a great deal smoother.


Polygon product description:


The ace: designed to excel on any terrain

The Siskiu TE is our new range of e-bikes that gives you the power to do more. More trails to master, more performance, and more fun. The Siskiu TE carries over the proven trail geometry principles of its acoustic Siskiu T. Its range shares the same cutting edge technology, geometry and suspension.

Always in control

From the sharpest corners to gnarly roots, the steep seat tube angle and active suspension design ensures that the bike will always be planted on the ground.

There’s no momentum without speed

The Siskiu TE includes a slack and supportive 65° head angle and short offset fork for a long trail factor in the front end. Combine this with the 29” wheel size to provide stability and high-speed composure for a confidence inspiring feel up and down the trails

Won’t choose one between agility and fast

The Siskiu TE flip-chip allows riders to adjust their rear end geometry, when deciding to run a mullet setup. When there’s a smaller rear wheel, the flip chip should be in its tallest position to keep the rear centre high. When swapping to a 29” rear wheel the flip chip allows the frame to drop down, keeping a consistent riding position between wheel sizes.

Power with precision

The Siskiu T6E features EP600 and the T7E features EP800 motor, both providing 85Nm of torque for solid performance. Boasting 85Nm of torque from a lightweight 2.6kg motor and 36% less drag than the previous E8000 generation. The EP8 rolls on the power in a smooth and predictable way. Rigid, durable and dependable for confidence on any adventure.


Deviate Cycles press release:

The Highlander II

Deviate Cycles proudly presents the highly anticipated sequel to their ultimate trail bike: The Highlander II.

As we all know, the original can be a tough act to follow – so rather than reinvention, this is an evolution and refinement of the original, embodying the insights derived from its predecessor and the renowned Claymore enduro bike. The high pivot point suspension platform is largely unchanged with only minor adjustments to the progressive leverage curve, the geometry is tweaked slightly, and rear wheel travel has settled on 145mm.

The Highlander II is equipped with enough travel to take on the burliest of Alpine descents, enough comfort for the longest of backcountry adventures and enough playfulness to entertain on even the most mellow of terrain.

Any Trail, Any Time

The hallmark of the Highlander range has always been versatility and key to Deviate’s approach is the high pivot point suspension system. The rearward axle path offers stability when the going gets rough and the kinematics of this design maintain the geometry under heavy braking, so the harder you push the better it works. The result is a bike that punches far above its weight on the descents.

The chain idler precisely controls the anti-squat characteristics and eliminates pedal kickback resulting in a remarkable pedal platform offering efficiency through long days in the backcountry. By combining the stability of a high pivot point suspension layout with sensible geometry designed for agility and playfulness, the Highlander II is the perfect companion – on any trail.

Key Features

  • Fully sealed bearings with twin lip wiper seals. Grease ports all-round. The Highlander II has been tested, hard, in some of the worst MTB conditions on the planet – including, of course, the Scottish Highlands.
  • New colours are Atlantic Blue and Islay Sand
  • Air and coil shock compatible
  • 18t chain idler – completely silent with twin outboard fully sealed bearings with grease injection ports
  • 126 link chain – commonly available with no need to join chains
  • Sealed bearings – high quality double row, angular contact max fill bearings
  • Grease ports on all pivot and idler bearings
  • Cable gutter – clean lines and easy maintenance
  • Frame protection – bolt-on downtube protector; bonded rubber chainstay protector
  • 2.6” tyre clearance
  • Boost 148
  • Threaded BB
  • Water bottle compatible
  • Accessory mounting points


Öhlins press release:

Öhlins unveils limited edition range of products exclusively for Öhlins Factory Racing

Take your performance to the next level and gain an edge on the competition with Öhlins Factory Racing upgrade

Öhlins introduce ‘by Öhlins Factory Racing’ to their product range with an exclusive collection of racing products. Inspired by the rich heritage of racing at Öhlins, the collection of limited-edition MTB products pays homage to where the Öhlins story first began – motocross racing.

Focussing on performance enhancement and eye-catching details, ‘by Öhlins Factory Racing’ brings technology from MotoGP, F1, NASCAR, MX, and MTB racing closer to serious riders looking to step up their game.

As a result of extensive development and testing, the range features technology used at the highest levels of mountain bike racing. Öhlins’ MTB engineers have collaborated with some of the top riders and racing teams including Loïc Bruni, Fabio Wibmer and BMC XC Team to design and deliver products that transform riding experience and stand out against competition.

The collection includes limited-edition racing upgrades for the TTX22m.2 shock, Factory Yellow fork lowers, a racing crown, and a shock pump.

Factory Racing Upgrade for TTX22m.2

The TTX22m.2 Factory Racing upgrade incorporates a hydraulic top-out function and removes stroke adjusters to support handling and performance under extreme racing conditions. Combining race-proven TTX technology and Titanium nitride (TiN) coating, the TTX22m.2 features added durability and efficiency.

Available in the following sizes:

225/250 x 75
205/230 x 65

Factory Racing Crown

Combining extensive R&D and real-world testing, the new racing crown features a flex pattern giving riders the enhanced control and stability required at DH World Cup levels.

Elevating performance and aesthetic, the new racing crown takes the very best elements from the crown used by Finn Iles and Loic Bruni during the past two seasons. It features a flex pattern providing enhanced control and stability that is so important at World Cup level.

Tapping into their 45+ years of experience, simulation tests and feedback from Loic Bruni and Finn Iles during the design process, the racing crown has been developed with a 54mm offset and titanium-colour finish to optimise quality, performance and aesthetics.

Factory Racing Shock Pump

Completing the collection of limited edition racing products, the Öhlins MTB shock pump is designed to precisely calibrate and adjust shock and fork pressures using a digital pressure gauge with a range of 0-300 PSI.

Factory Yellow Fork Lowers

Limited-edition Fork Lowers in an eye-catching Factory Yellow lacquer, are now available in DH38, RXF38, and RXF34 front forks, with more models coming soon.


Radical Bicycle Co email:

Radical Bicycle Co Chilli Dog

The Chilli Dog that you have covered previously is now in its 3rd Generation, and actually now offers a selectable reach with full colour customisation (with an aim for the service to be a little more bespoke). We have attached some images and we’re sure you’ll agree, the improvements are fantastic. Orders have begun working their way through already.

We also stock tubing/raw material, so we aim to reduce build times compared to competitors as much as possible.


The Beam product description:

Integral Cycling Helmet | VIRGO


A solution adapted to the new uses of e-bikes, scooters, or powered vehicles, which require greater protection and higher visibility than conventional bicycle helmets. What makes this helmet stand out is the safety technology within the shell. Multi-impact protection zones feature in the areas most likely to be hit in a fall.

Full protection in a lightweight format for people who value safety over performance. This helmet is suitable for e-bike riding, as well as for regular bike rides. Its design combines lightness, aeration, and complete protection of the face in case of a frontal crash.

Designed in France.


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  • weeksy
    Full Member

    That Pivot looks AWESOME … But £4100 frame only !!!! Jeepers !

    Full Member

    I’d have to agree with that, it’s a lovely looking bike, but that’s a steep, steep price for a frame. Actually, I like the Highlander II as well, even though I thought that there could be only one…

    Bad joke aside, both those bikes look lovely. The lines flow, the proportions look good and I would cheerfully ride either one, but I think there is a hair’s width preference to the Pivot, purely because the seat tube angle and the shock mount.

    Full Member

    Willard – The Pivot and Highlander II are completely different bikes !

    The Highlander II looks stunning in real life and the cable gutters / non-internal cables and grease ports should be compulsory on all bikes.

    Full Member

    STOP!!! I don’t need a new bike! I am happy with the Stumpy. I am happy with the Stumpy.

    Full Member

    The Highlander II looks stunning in real life and the cable gutters / non-internal cables and grease ports should be compulsory on all bikes.

    the rear triangle on the HL2 is internally routed, weirdly.

    Full Member

    quite a few companies do that, which i find absolutely bizarre. Why route all the bits external apart from rear triangles..

    Full Member

    Even weirder is the HL1 is full external brake hose routing, not sure why that needed to change tbh…

    Full Member

    Maybe sharing a triangle with the Claymore? Agree it’s daft to get it right except for that bit. And brakes are the worst thing to route internally, could live with gears

    Full Member

    Maybe sharing a triangle with the Claymore?

    Bingo – it is indeed the same rear triangle. Different linkage and front obviously. Still doesn’t fully explain their choice to go internal with the rear triangles when the hidden external routing on the front triangles is so well executed.

    I’m not a fan of the new decal colour on the blue Highlander 2 but other than that it’s a great looking bike in person. I’m still rather jealous of how Mrs a11y’s original Highlander looks – rather opposite to my Nicolai/Geometron, but I think they both look great.

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    Also sort of explains the lack of UDH.

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