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Ah, the buzzing of the bees, the twittering of the birds and the trickle of the stream. All the warm weather bike ride feels. We hope they’re feeding your soul and energising your legs. This issue is packed with stories illustrating the wonders and joy of riding in the UK, with plenty of adventures to inspire you to explore our island nation. There’s even an introduction to bikerafting, so you can think about paddling to some even smaller islands too. There’s barely a cagoule in sight, and the skies are blue. Join us today and get this issue and a whole year’s worth of Singletrack World Magazines delivered to your door, or pre-order just this issue for a little taste of what you could be getting.

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This issue’s cover stars are our very own Amanda and her partner Rhys! Taken by James Vincent during their bikepacking overnighter in the Lake District, we like how it shows that loading up and sleeping out doesn’t have to mean being weighed down and missing out on all the fun of great descents.

Cover Story! Wrong-Packing

Amanda and James Vincent head out for a night on Hotel Helvellyn, skipping crisp white sheets and even, as it turns out, sleeping bags.

Bike Test: XC Madness

We take three fast and light bikes to the races: Short-travel full suspension bikes from NS, Scott and Trek. Enjoy this teaser video of our ‘Race Team’.

Classic Ride: Peak District – Cakes and Ladders

Barney Marsh heads to the Peak District to tackle that old favourite, Jacob’s Ladder. Why isn’t it any easier than he remembers it? Has his bike not got better?

UK Adventure: Dyfi Depths

Grab your sword and shield and head with Pete Scullion to the Dyfi Valley in search of Arthurian myths, legends, and legendary trails.

MTB Culture: Going Legit

Antony de Heveningham gives us a peek into the effort and admin that official trail builders put in (on top of all the back-breaking digging).

Kit Essentials: Helmets

We bring you a selection of helmets to protect your head through a range of riding styles, from XC to DH.

UK Adventure: All Aboard! Bikerafting for Beginners

Sanny sets aside his fear of water to paddle his way to a trail that would normally be out of reach of a day trip.

UK Adventure: Monega Road

Markus Stitz takes us to the highest pass in Scotland for what he hopes will be a descent worth climbing to.

International Adventure: Over the Mountains, Under Prepared

Julian Morel rides the Tour de Mont Blanc, unaccompanied and unaware of what lies ahead of him.

Pete’s Pros: Bex Baraona

Pete Scullion talks not having a coach and what’s the best trail dog option with this effervescent EWS racer and Gowaan Gal.

Charlie’s Kitchen: The Beefer Reefer

Charlie serves up another post ride feast – this time he claims it’s an e-bike specific recipe.

Hungry for a plateful of great stories, fun and informative tech and MTB scene information, and pages and pages of beautiful images to tickle your imagination? Be sure to sign up by 25th July to get your copy.

Countdown to membership cut off for the next print issue of Singletrack World Magazine

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  • Singletrack Magazine 138 Is Coming – Sign Up Now To Get It!
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