Propain Releases Updated Rage CF with New Suspension Layout

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The Propain Rage, now in its sixth iteration has had a few updates. In the market for a new DH rig? This could be a worthy contender. Available from today, here’s what’s new.

There’s the option of 29″ or mixed wheel size. The new Propain Rage CF also allows a greater degree of customisation options. Available in three colourways; badmint, carbon raw or moongrey dark, all in a gloss finish. The customisation options allow you to configure the headtube badge as well as pick from a range of decal sets. You can also adjust the chainstay length between 445mm or 460mm, no matter what wheel size you’re running, and can adjust the geometry via flip-chip.

The newest thing, of course, is the updated suspension layout with shock in front of the seat tube in line with the rest of their range. Prices for the Rage CF start at €3999, with three spec options to choose from. The bike, in L, weighs in at 16.9kg


15 years ago, the Rage, together with the PRO10 suspension system, laid the foundation for what Propain is today. Initially, Robert Krauss wanted to develop the perfect DH bike for himself, it was only intended as a bike for himself and his friends. He wrote a list of requirements with 10 points that the suspension system had to fulfil. The result is still the core of our bikes and the formula for success of Propain Bikes.

Propain Bikes
Rage CF
Rage CF in carbon raw.

New Features:

  • Lightweight and robust frame made of Blend Carbon
  • Wheel size 29″ and Mix
  • Chainstay length 445 mm or 460 mm with flip chip adjustment to 29″ or Mix
  • Suspension travel: 200 mm front; 215 mm rear
  • New shock position in front of seat tube
  • PROPAIN Dirt-Shields (double sealed frame bearings)
  • Stainless steel frame bearings
  • New frame design: “clean and high-end”
  • Selectable headtube badges and new decal colors
  • New frame colors
  • Removable ISCG mount
  • Bolted BSA bottom bracket
  • Bolted frame protectors
  • Secure cable routing above bottom bracket
  • Internally routed cables in cable channels
  • HIGH5 Warranty: 5 years warranty and crash replacement
Rage CF


Rage CF


Rage CF



The Rage is a thoroughbred race bike. The combination of a longer reach and a 63° steering angle makes it even more stable than before in high-speed sections. In the setup with the short chainstay, it is extremely agile and manuverable.

Propain Bikes


Propain say the PRO10 suspension offers a lot of sensitivity that gets to work on the smallest bumps. The Rage CF offers 200mm front suspension, and 215mm rear.

Rage CF
The Rage CF in Badmint.

The 38% progression makes optimal use of the suspension travel and provides enough counterhold in bends and bottom-out resistance in strong impacts. Thanks to 100% anti-squat, the bike accelerates without bobbing. A rearward running axle path curve prevents the feeling of getting stuck and lets you fly over roots.

The new shock position in front of the seat tube allows us to achieve better weight distribution. The bike’s centre of gravity is low and central. The Rage is designed for both steel spring shocks and air shocks.

Propain Bikes

Wheel Sizes

29″ or Mix. The geometry can be adapted to the respective wheel size by means of a flip-chip.

Rage CF
Rage CF in Moongrey dark.
  • 29″ is optimal for high speed and smoothness and offers better rollover behaviour.
  • Mix is more agile and manuverable with the smaller rear wheel. With the big front wheel, obstacles are easy to overcome.

Frame Features

The new Rage CF comes equipped with:

  • Dirt shields
  • Plugged ISCG mount
  • Internal cable routing
  • Acros stainless steel bearings
  • Replaceable frame protectors
  • Bolted bottom bracket
  • Integrated fork bumpers
  • Generous tyre clearance
  • Large headset bearing
  • Secure cable routing
Rage CF

Spec Options


For more, head over to the Propain website.

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