Steffi Marth Rips it up and Keeps it Real

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Nowadays it can be so easy to have FOMO. There’s amazing stuff on social media, great videos being produced, lots of really cool stuff happening all over the world. Social media is a gift and a curse, the internet has changed the way we live our lives. It’s got to be frustrating for athletes too, to no longer have to just worry about riding, but everything that comes with it. Posting on social media, attending events, video projects. I imagine it’s not all something they are happy to get involved in, but it’s all part of it.

This is a kind of dig at that, and Steffi Marth shows that sometimes all a rider will want to do, and what people want to see is real riding. Plus, as a bonus, there’s a behind the scenes video too!

In her 10-plus year career as a professional mountain biker, Trek Gravity Girl Steffi Marth has learned the camera doesn’t always capture the full story. In this new film, she explores the question of authenticity—and in the process, encourages riders everywhere to find their own reality.

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Behind the Scenes

JoinTrek Gravity Girl, Steffi Marth, behind the scenes of her new short film where she explores the question of authenticity—and in the process, encourages riders everywhere to find their own reality.


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