Video Vault: Serious, Silly, Style, and Some More

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It’s probably time to chill out, close your work tabs and take a moment for yourself. Bring your eyes and ears this way and enjoy some of the latest videos from the bike world.

Amygdala – Brandon Semenuk

Who doesn’t like a bit of Semenuk style? Just the right amount of music, raw sound, and gloomy woodland footage. Nice.

Time Matters

Ultra-cyclist Richard Curtis went from representing Great Britain to battling brain injury following a car accident. This film charts his story and his efforts to find ways to keep riding.

Rampage Riders in Utah

A few weeks back Michelin launched a tyre for ‘extreme dust’. We wondered what that mythical substance might be, but we think we’ve found it. Enjoy the moment (or two) where your stomach flips watching this steep trail.

Girls Gotta Eat Dirt

Sponsored by the makers of denim riding shorts, this is a video makes riding look like lots of fun. We probably all need to move to Colorado now, so that we can ride in shorts like this without horrible chafing or hypothermia. I note that the same company make riding dungarees. I am standing by ready and willing to test them.

Rampage Rider #1

You get this video of Krispy because a) it’s cool and that Rampage number plate is the same age as Singletrack, and b) he’s my partner’s best friend and now a friend of mine and I am very grateful for all his support, in spite of the fact that I’m the cause of his riding buddy leaving him in favour of the muddy ruts of the UK. You should check out the kids on his race team and watch out for them lining up as future pros.

OK, hup hup. Back to work, or go grab your bike now, while you’re inspired!

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