Maxxis Shorty Gen 2 – An updated spikey tyre for mud and extreme dust

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Ever popular for UK wet weather trail, downhill, or enduro riding, the mid-spike Maxxis Shorty is getting an update. It’s also apparently suitable for ‘extreme dust’, but unless there’s room to ride under your bed, we’re not sure where in the UK such conditions could be found. Popular as it may be, Maxxis thinks there’s room for improvement so has set about making the Shorty even better.

New Maxxis Shorty Features

  • New knob layout based on feedback from World Cup DH and EWS riders
  • “Double wide” knob now split into two individual knobs
  • More supportive cornering knobs
  • Additional siping to enhance braking and cornering traction
  • Raised ridges on casing to promote mud clearing
  • New 2.40” width provides more mud clearance
  • Reduced weight is an added benefit (DoubleDown & DH specs 5% lighter)

Based on feedback from Maxxis’ World Cup DH and Enduro World Series-winning riders, the second generation Shorty offers a revised knob design. The “double-wide” single center knob is now split into two knobs, and additional support was added to the cornering knobs. Other changes include a narrower 2.40” width for better mud clearance and reduced weight. Revised siping on the knobs offer better braking and cornering traction and raised ridges on the casing help shed sticky mud.


Ah look, a video to demonstrate the new Shorty’s wet weather performance. Winter in New Zealand looks nice. Where is the sideways rain and sleet? Where are Sam Blenkinsop’s winter gloves and waterproof jacket? We think that having served our time in the UK slop we should be first in the queue for that ‘extreme dust’ video shoot – presumably that happens wherever designers of mesh toed cycling shoes live?

Maxxis Shorty Second Generation Options

  • 27.5×2.40 & 29×2.40 sizes
  • Trail, enduro, and downhill casing
  • 3C MaxxTerra (EXO) & 3C MaxxGrip (DoubleDown & DH) rubber compounds options
  • Tubeless ready
  • Price from £64.99
TYRE Maxxis Shorty V2 DH29x2.4WT£74.99
TYRE Maxxis Shorty V2 DH 27.5×2.4WT 3C TR£74.99
TYRE Maxxis Shorty V2 27.5×2.4WT 120×2 DD£74.99
TYRE Maxxis Shorty V2 29×2.4 WT EXO£64.99
TYRE Maxxis Shorty V2 27.5×2.4WT 60 EXO£64.99
TYRE Maxxis Shorty V2 29×2.4 WT DD£74.99

Tyres are available in the UK from Freewheel. Don’t forget to nominate your local bike shop for their cut of the order if you’re buying direct!

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