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Nox Sox provides the best form of protection for your precious bikes and car in the form of this easy to fit cover to save damage to other bikes placed by your bike or your car if you have it in the boot or on a car rack.

Picture the scene, you and your buddy are going to (insert Trail Centre or favourite riding spot) and need to pack both bikes in a car, you’ve dropped the seats and removed the wheels, first bike goes in, so far so good, now this is where you should be thinking I need to put a dust sheet between the bikes, however they are in the loft and you will be in all kinds of trouble if you use the spare bed sheets, “They were a wedding gift you fool,” still rings in my ears, you don’t have the time to hunt around so you don’t bother and proceed to place bike number two on to the first, now this is where the first scratches start, no matter how careful you are, bike pedals seem to be the most awkward thing sticking out from a bike, like a viscous animal ready to snare its pray and so things don’t go all that smoothly, you lift the bike again to get it in a better position so that you might be able to close the boot this time but now you put a large scratch on the roof lining, however bikes are in and the boot shuts, so its time to go.  Driving, things sound bad back there, should have taken that roundabout at a sensible speed but you forgot as you were gassing about the things you were looking forward to doing today, it now sounds like a children playing with musical instruments for the first time, it’s going to be a long and noisy journey with a sprinkling of worry for good measure.

Same scenario can happen with bikes on a car rack except this time you are excused for looking for the dust sheets, I’m lucky in having a LandRover with so many scratches over it one more would be lost in a sea of marks but if I had to put bikes on the back of our nice car I would want to put Nox Sox Pedal covers onto both pedals and a third one onto the second bike.

  • High quality Neoprene made to last.
  • Two poppers per cover keeps them firmly on.
  • Quick on and quick off.
  • Made to fit the largest of pedals, big sharp pointy pined pedal friendly design.
  • UK made down in Cornwall, where they know a thing or two about neoprene.
  • Supplied as a pair.
  • NOW with our Singletrack Cog logo.

Two sizes:

  • Large for flat pedals.
  • Small for SPD style pedals.
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Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 2 × 10 × 15 cm


1 review for Singletrack Nox Sox Pedal Covers

  1. b33k34 (verified owner)

    Do the job well, significantly reduce damage to shins or other bikes (or snagging pins on spokes and bending spokes….)

    Yes, you could make something yourself cheaper but someones put the design effort in. Just back to buy a second set

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