Pipedream’s New SRS48 Fork Has Zero Millimetres of Travel. Or Is It Miles?

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Pipedream Cycles has just launched its new 29er fork. In a time when suspension is getting longer and longer, the new Pipedream SRS48 fork has 0mm of plush suspension travel. And it’s made of steel.

But it’s not about how rad you can get, it’s about how far it’ll take you, which is why we reckon you could also measure the travel in miles, rather than millimetres. It’s a suspension-corrected fork and measures 483mm Maxle to crown, the fork will slide into the place of a short-travel suspension fork and take up to 29in by 3.0in tyres for the largest of rubber while still using your regular front wheel and brake caliper. Ready for all that adventure ahead of you.

Did we mention the mounts? There are plenty of them for you to mount Anything cages and bottle cages. There’s a special RM version too, with rack mounts. There are post-mounts for 180mm rotors and a 15mm Boost thru-axle is included. The idea is that you can use your existing front wheel and existing brakes and not see any change to your bike’s geometry for you to head off into the sunset – or just as you put your precious suspension fork away for the winter and go play in the woods until the sun returns.

It’s designed to compliment the new Pipedream Sirius frame, together they offer the basis for a monster-cross adventure-bike of epic proportions with proper mountain bike geometry (65° head angle with drop bars anyone?). 

The SRS48 (catchy name…) features double-butted CrMo and tapered legs. It comes with a straight steerer tube “to keep things simple and allows a neat finish with integrated headsets: running a simple crown adaptor will allow it to work with tapered headsets”. 

With a 483mm axle to crown, the fork will slide into the place of a short-travel suspension fork and take up to 29″ by 3.0″ tyres for the largest of rubber. If your bike runs a 140mm fork, you’ll probably see a degree and a half increase in head angle (unless you put a monster tyre on…).

Available in any colour as long…as it’s black. 

SRS48 | Sirius Fork.

•    483mm axle to crown.
•    1500g (uncut steerer)
•    Optimised for 27.5 or 29er tyres.
•    29×3.0″ maximum recommended tyre.
•    47mm rake (offset).
•    Post mount disc tabs (180mm).
•    110×15 thru-axle, 1.5 thread pitch.
•    Double-butted CrMo.
•    Tapered, 28.6/22.0mm.
•    Unicrown.
•    Multiple mounts for bottles or cages.
•    With (SRS48RM) or without rack mounts.
•    Straight steerer tube (requires a converter for EC44/40 headset).
•    Steerer tube, 30cm uncut.
•    ED corrosion-resistant treatment.
•    Black (gloss), no decals

The SRS48 will set you back £129. And if you don’t need a suspension-corrected frame, there’s the 432mm ALICE fork (*All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment.) for around £99. Both forks are now on the Pipedream Website

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