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Some folk say the Singletrack Forum has more combined wisdom than a university education. Where else can you get tips on removing Sudocrem from a cat? That is certainly not covered in any degree. It is also said that Singletrack members know everything and about everything twice.

The overwhelming volume of information on offer means that you can easily end up tumbling down a rabbit hole of wisdom, and indeed also wisdumb. And for this sort of adventure one really should be prepared. You would not go vampire slaying without some holy water, silver bullets, a cross and a really good packed lunch, would you? So, at Singletrack we have started to assemble a tool kit to assist Singletrack members when forum’ing.

Our first product is this high spec bottle opener.

  • Opens bottles of beer and other drinks.
  • Oversized hole to make hanging it up extra easy.
  • 180mm length delivers industry leading beverage to leverage ratio.
  • 2mm stainless steel. It’s a steel without stains!
  • Subtle text reminding you why you are here.
  • Did we mention that it also opens beer bottles?

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 2 cm


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