Pipedream Sirius Returns

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We’ve just heard from Pipedream that its short travel fork-ready, steel hardtail has been completely revamped and has appeared in stock ready for riders to treat themselves to an early Christmas present. The Pipedream Sirius is designed for a 120mm fork (though you can run anything from 100-130mm with a related change in angles) though with a 65° head angle, it’s far from a traditional XC bike. Pipedream says of the Sirius “this is a short travel bike ready to encourage you to hit some serious terrain or serious miles.”

Pipedream goes on: “Local loops, trail centres, epic XC adventures, the Sirius is a blank canvas ready to be built up as you see fit. With the world in varying states of lockdown, never has there been a better bike to sprint from the front door and hit the trails. However, with Pipedream geometry, the Sirius will happily be your short travel, rowdy, hardtail companion, to take you through winter with a smile on your face.”

Legacy of the Pipedream Sirius

The Pipedream Sirius actually appeared about 15 years ago, at at time when it seemed that the steel hardtail was going away in popularity, but that particularly British love of the ‘hardcore hardtail’ meant that it proved popular as a winter or as a do-it-all bike. The new Sirius is still made of full Cro-Mo, drawn and butted in the same Taiwanese factory that builds the frames.

The new Sirius will take a 29er wheel with up to a 2.6in tyre or a 27.5in wheel with a 2.8in tyre on, so plenty of mud or rubber room there. As you might expect, the geometry is ‘modern progressive’ with a steep seat angle, a slack head angle and a long-ish reach. There are three sizes available, all with pretty short seat tube lengths to allow you to pick a bike based on your desired reach.

Longish, Long and Longer

The bikes come in three sizes. ‘Longish’ will give you a 445mm reach and a 395mm seat tube length, while Long is 465mm long with a 420mm seat tube. ‘Longer’ is probably not as long as you were expecting, with a reach of ‘only’ 485mm and that same seat tube of 420mm.


A rigid fork too?

There is talk from Pipedream of a special rigid fork coming, especially designed for the Sirius to turn it into the ultimate bikepacking, adventure bike. There’s talk of flat mount dropouts too (though it’s not clear if that’s for the fork, frame or both).

The Pipedream Sirius will come in three colours: Silver Fox, Starry Night and Vintage Green. Frames will cost £649 and are apparently just coming in to stock now.

Check out https://www.pipedreamcycles.com/shop/sirius/ for details.

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