Fresh Goods

by Sim 27

Shout hooray! Hooray! It’s Fresh Goods Friday!

Sorry, post-coffee consumption excitement and typing don’t always mix, but we’ll do our best.

First up here’s our Dave looking cute in a Rab Xenon jacket. Super-light at a claimed 340g and super warm thanks to it being filled with Primaloft One. The outer is Pertex Quantum which helps keep the weight down and means the jacket does a good job of packing down and being easily stashable in your pack for coffee stops, waiting for your mates, car park posing or emergencies. And of course, being Primaloft, it won’t be ruined if it gets wet.

Price: £150
From: Rab

Prefer your winter-warmer jacket a touch more natural? You’ll be wanting the Rab Infinity you will. It uses the same Pertex Quantum as the Xenon but has 210g of 850 fill power down inside it. Again it stuffs down well and is the perfect partner for crisp and clear mid-winter bivvy trips. Or if you work in the Singletrack office it’s the perfect jacket for the first hour of the day before the room heats up. Look how snug Sim is. Available in blue, orange and dark grey.

Price: £200
From: Rab

Was Sim wearing this under the Infinity? Who knows (apart from Sim), but having a fleece hoodie is a wardrobe essential. Even Gok has one hanging by the door of his Basingstoke maisonette. Probably. The kind of top you can wear as part of a layering system or just on its own, in the countryside or about town, but maybe not in certain shopping centres. The Polartec Windpro is wind resistant, which is something of a God send today, and claims to be abrasion resistant too.

Price: £120
From: Rab

Where were you in 92? If you recognise the colours of these Magura Marta Racelines brakes you were probably not off your nut in a dingy warehouse in London, Leeds or Manchester and more likely feeling all funny about John Tomac et al whilst wearing Lycra.

From our friends at Magura:

“John Tomac rode them, Shaun Palmer relied on them – the fabulous neon yellow MAGURA brakes were an absolute must have on the race circuits in the wild nineties.  The Marta and Durin Raceline are a celebration of these golden, ahm yellow times of the mountainbike sport. A must have on the X-mas wishlist 2010 for every serios biker – but hurry up, these masterpieces are strictly limited to 600 units according to the German folks…”

Get them while they’re hot!

Price: £246 per end.
From: Your friendly local Magura stockist.

Can you guess who makes these wheels? Can you? Can you?

We’ll give you a clue, they’re from Easton. Yep they’re the Easton Haven wheels. A few facts about the Haven wheels.

A) They are pretty light (1650 grams).

B) They are tubeless ready without a rim strip.

C) They come 20mm ready on the front and the the rear is 135mm QR, Maxle and 142mm compatible.

D) Chipps has nabbed this pair.

Price: £649.00
From: Extra UK

Sim has been strugging a little with getting his SLX brakes to feel right on his new Orange Five longtermer. Madison, the distibuter of Shimano in the UK, were quickly on the case and have sent Sim new rotors and pads to rectifiy the problem.

Price: XT Rotors £36.99 each, XTR Pads £21.99 a pair.
From: Madison

New from TSG are these Desert knee pads (well new in red anyway).  Good for pedalling and carpet laying or (nearly) naked twister.

Price: £59.99
From: Ison Distribustion

Good for when you drop off while you’re on a plane, being massivley inebriated in, or maybe even for some light S&M stockade type fun?

Oh yes, and for stopping your head going backwards and snapping in a big impact on your bike as well. This TSG neck brace is a versatile thing.

Price: £35.00 to £40.00, they haven’t decided yet.
From: Ison Distribution

New look lids from Bell. Helmets are good, they let you do stupid things more regularly for longer. Wear one.

If you like old skool skate graphic this Volt may bring to mind old Santa Cruz skateboard graphics, unsurprising really as the graphics are designed by Jimbo Phillips, son of Jim Phillips, creator of the legendary Screaming Hand.

Price: £149.00
From: Madison

Or how about the Bell Sequence? A bit more subdued but still does that whole head gripping thing as well.

Price: £89.99
From: Madison

We’re all joining the Booicore™ religious sect, here at Singletrack. Towel down before me! Erm, or something… Ideal for stripping off in car parks without attracting too much unwanted attention.

From: Booicore

Burn your front mechs! The advent of 10 speed rear shifting has made a lot of people think about how many gears they really need. Could they do with just the rear block? The trouble is you still need something to keep your chain on the chainrings; enter the MRP 1X. Seat tube mounted with spacers to tweak positioning and it even comes with a sticker!

Price: £74.99
From: Ison Distribution

It’s carbon, but not as you know it. After using wibbly-wobbly cheapo tripods for far too long Sim has bought himself this fancy carbon fibre legged Giottos MTL 8360B and a Giottos MH 5001 head. Seems a quality bit of kit, expect to see it lashed to Sim’s Lowepro pack as he staggers under the weight of it all on a photoshoot near you soon.

Price: Tripod £159.99, head £39.99
From: Your local friendly camera shop. Giottos.

Comments (27)

  1. Is that MRP 1X guide really seventy five quid? Brutal.

  2. What’s that front pocket for on the Booicore thing?

    [Harry Hill]
    Dirty boy!
    [/Harry Hill]

    And, £75 for the MRP thing? Jeez! I was looking at getting one of those, but not so sure now.

  3. Am I the only one who wouldn’t dream of spending £200 on a jacket to wear whilst riding past brambles and gorse?

  4. £75 is extortionate for what looks like a plastic mech with no moving parts!

  5. Mostly Balanced – it’s not for riding in, it’s for using when you stop…

  6. Mostly Balanced: They aren’t really riding jackets, more before, after and in-between riding jackets. Of course you can also use them for other sports too…

    Poppa: No typo:

  7. so they have finally released the 20mm front hubbed aluminium Havens then? might be time to try some!

  8. I think they do chain guides that move now, which are often actually cheaper

  9. Magura need to concentrate on update their brakes to match the competition instead of coming out with endless special ed. colours.

  10. What does the tripod weigh?

  11. Tripod with head is 2.9kg

  12. A Singletrack-branded Booicore would make an excellent Christmas pressie for the MTBer who has everything :o)

  13. Does that mean that Madison had no SLX rotors and pads or are we too assume that this is a sneakey way of improving a mid/hi range brake set by substituting Hi range/ V Hi range parts?

    Interested to see what happens.

  14. Poppa – your link is to the chain guides that mount from the bottom bracket/bearing interface.

    Obviously making a mount that runs from the seat tube has pushed the price up a little (x2). We’ll see how much they actually sell for when they hit the market. TBF this is probably a pretty limited market product so tooling for the new mount needs to be paid for, even though it probably wasn’t massively expensive to set up I would think. Wait and see. I have to admit that at £36 I’d feel I was being extravagant for a none moving front mech. There is no way I’d pay £75 for one.

  15. ah so the havens do come in 12mm rear axle? last herb am here i come.

  16. Keep the coats on, turn the heating off.
    = :87)

  17. I have 2010 Havens and mine won’t take 20mm, only QR and 15 up front afaik. not tried too hard though as my fork is 15mm. Bloody good if rather LOUD (although not the freewheel, which is wonderfully quiet). black and understated like the XCOnes would be preferred tbh

    Having a nightmare getting my rear tyre to seat on the rim properly. I attached it to a compressed airline fed from an *oil refinery* this morning but still no dice. I think I must be doing something wrong….

  18. MRP doo-dad…….. Wouldnt it be cheaper to leave front mech on and play around with the High/Low adjustment screws to fix th chainline.

    Just a thought

  19. So I put down the cash for a pair of SLX brakes and then lay out another £118 to get them to feel right.
    Am I missing something here?

  20. ive bodged the superstar xc guide onto a seatstay mount i had lying around from an old dmr chainguide
    cost 16quid and a rumage in the parts tin
    and it works really well

  21. whilst everyone is getting over the £75 chainguide has no one noticed that fluro retro look brakes cost £492!

  22. I’m not sure what that MRP device is £75 and the BB mounted one is £40?

  23. ooh I like the look of that booicore thingy. Far too many innocent car park dwellers around the UK have been subjected to my junk over the years. marvellous.

  24. i got the mrp BB mounted thing for 35 from CRC – looks exactly the same except mine has an ICGS (?) mount also

  25. Hey Sim – what size is the Infinity jacket? Reckon we’re likely the same size.

    Oh and happy birthday ;^)

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