Theft from Singletrack

by singletrackjon 33

Bike theft seems to be a more and more common experience for anyone that rides, but it’s come close to home as, early last Friday morning, Singletrack’s ad man Matt had his house broken into, resulting in the loss of three test bikes plus a laptop and phone. In what looks like a targeted break in, Matt’s long termer Lapierre Spicy 516, a Lapierre X-Control 410 and a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp Carbon were taken from his house in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. We think the theft happened between Matt leaving the house at 6am and his other half Emily getting up at around 9.30am, which has been especially unpleasant. Also swiped was Jon’s Apple Macbook Pro 13″ and iPhone, which was rather galling as the laptop contained all the shots he’d taken on a recent feature trip to Greece.

Big thanks to the West Yorkshire Police, who were very helpful despite there being very little evidence to go on, and all our suppliers of test kit, who’ve been very understanding about the loss. Big thanks to Stu at Madison who’s sending us a load of Kryptonite gear to keep us secure in future.

We’d really appreciate it if everyone in the great big Singletrack community could keep their eyes peeled for these bikes. Put down your differences of wheel size and tyre choice and unite. If you’ve got any information then please send it to or give us a call on 01706 813344. Jon is also offering a large cash reward for the safe return of his laptop.

Here are the full details of the stolen kit.

2011 Lapierre Spicy 516

2011 Fox 36 TALAS with Kashima coating

SLX drivetrain

Front DT Swiss 240  hub on Stan’s Flow rim, standard Fulcrum rear

Joplin adjustable post

Gold coloured and massively wide ODI Flight Control bars on Easton stem

Conti Rubber Queen front tyre with WTB Mutano Raptor rear

Here’s Matt and the bike in happier times…

2011 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp Carbon

In standard spec, not with Thomson Stem and Sunline bars as here…

Rock Shox Revelation RL, tapered steerer

Specialized Purgatory and The Captain tyres

10spd X.7 drivetrain

The Stumpy in Sicily. Thankfully we’ve ridden it enough to give our verdict but Specialized UK are sending out a fresh one for us to photograph properly.

Lapierre X-Control 410

Standard spec, as pictured here…

Apple Macbook Pro 13″

Singletrack stickers on the front, full of pictures of bikes…

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  1. **** 🙁

    My sympathies to Matt and Emily, its a horrible thing to have happen, knowing someone else has been in your home. Can’t help but question yourself and ask what if.

    Hope the stuff turns up and justice is done.

  2. Sorry to hear that.

    Tends brings out my right wing, string ’em up, side.

    I hope you get your stuff back and it’s not too traumatic.

  3. Bummer 🙁 Hope they turn up.

    I still hope the scrotes who burgled my garage in July fall under a bus or something.

    If anyone sees a dodgy Turner 5 Spot (TNT link, blue), Dialled BIkes Alpine (purple) or Diallled Bikes Kobe Ti (grey) let me know.

  4. Horrible. Will keep my eyes peeled over in Leeds. Hope everything turns up.

  5. Not nice.

    Is it worth posting a notice on Bikeradar’s MTB stolen forum?

  6. Couldn’t we remake the Death Wish films in Hebden Bridge…..

  7. you’ve probably done this already…. but get the laptop users/owner to change every single password they’ve ever used, email, banks etc etc
    Most crims aren’t smart but if its a targeted attack…

  8. That is shi* news. Hope the macbook has the start up password set. If not, worth remembering to set one in future and have it turned off overnight.

  9. Matt – do you have a Mobile Me account? use the “find my phone” feature and try to track these bastid(s) down.

  10. I hate seeing news like this, but those thieving bar stewards do have nice taste in bikes.

    On a less facetious note, I would be GUTTED if a stranger sneaked into my house even if they took nothing. My sympathies to MAtt and partner

  11. Sucks massively.

    Not sure how much it’ll help, but eyes peeled darn sarf.

  12. Major UN-SCORE!


  13. Rubbish – its a shame but I’d just be glad that nothing had happened to his misses whilst he wasn’t there.

  14. Not cool. it’s happening all too often. Well we’ll keep our eye’s peeled down here in exmoor.

  15. Horrible, so many scum bags about…keep an eye on ebay..

  16. Awful having your gear stolen. But thank heavens Emily is safe and well, I hope she gets over that horrible experience soon, that can’t be nice for her.

  17. Just in case you haven’t already,might be worth setting up ebay favourite searches for all the items which were stolen. It will ping you an email when any matching items are listed. Just a thought.

  18. had my house burgled while me and family were asleep couple years ago, so know how you feel, at least they caught the scrot that done my gaff

  19. i’ll keep my eyes and ears open down here mate

  20. Will keep an eye out for stuff coming through my shop in Manchester, absolute buggers they are and getting fed up of hearing about it.

  21. Fuckin shit man.. am london so no real chance for an eye down here…but, you never know! Ride the streets all day(when i can be arsed to get up)…will keep an eye out for sure, something i’ve yet to experience…but i know it’s not remotely nice….chin up and all….floddy buckersnthey they are….slappped with rusty chains ETC…or summink…

  22. awful thing to happen, but i guess easy for someone to find the ST office address then just follow you home to see where bikes are kept and then wait for the right time, dunno how to avoid this though in your linr of work, hope everything is recovered

  23. @ Jon & Ed : 20C with not a single cloud in northern Athens at the moment ! so just book a flight !

    seriously…this laptop should be a prio 1 for the boys in blue

  24. Sorry to hear it, at least no one was hurt in the process.

  25. I wish the tea leaf nothing but pestilence and scurvy! May all of their remain days be dogged with chain suck, Fridge suck and all things that suck, other than those which might be deemed as pleasant or useful.

  26. Any industrial/sensitive data laptops should consider a tracking system.
    Might even lead straight to the vermin in the future.

  27. they just need stringing up.

  28. there has been some high priced bikes stolen in my locality s wales. seems there may be people stealing to order.i believe their stripped down and sold on as hardly any are recovered.

  29. Guys, dumb question, but do you have the frame numbers for the bikes?

  30. If you need help visiting anywhere (Halifax etc) to recover (have specific info) – give me a call and I’ll come along. .

  31. sorry to hear 🙁 i had my Specialized HardRock Sport 2009 with Candy Red Boxxers stolen, pretty easy to spot, it was in leeds, in moortown outside sainsburies, if you see it please tell me, got stolen in summer. thank you 🙂

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