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Work With Us! Web Developer

We are looking for a creative web developer to come and join the Singletrack team and help turn coffee into code.…

Jul 26th 0 362
More waves on his head than in the sea behind him. Credit: saganshair.tumblr.com

Five Signs Sagan Should Have Never Got on a Road Bike

A not-too-serious insight into why everyone's favourite Slovakian should have stuck to the dirt path…

Jul 26th 1 2,482

Brexit Bites As Major Distributor Puts Up Prices

Volatile pound pushes Raleigh to increase price on imported bikes…

Jul 25th 10 5,122
chain guide, wolf tooth

Wolf Tooth Introduce 44 Gram Chainguide

Do you run a 1x drivetrain? Looking for a little extra security for your narrow-wide chainring? Love the gnar? Wolf Tooth may just have what you're lo…

Jul 25th 1 1,967
andes pacifico

Is This The Most Exclusive MTB Race In The World?

Does five days of high-octane riding in Chile descending over 12,000 vertical metres on incredible singletrack sound good to you? …

Jul 26th 0 2,052

Red Bull Hardline - Get Your Tickets!

Get your tickets for this Welsh heart-stopper of an event…

Jul 25th 0 1,203

Fresh Goods Friday 302

Extra special Fresh Goods! Complete with 12 speed groupsets, a long term staff member 'goodbye' and new Australian Team ST blood.…

Jul 26th 10 8,202

Doping in XC Worlds: Jenny Copnall on Twitter

Pro Racer claims doping in MTB has happened, and elitism in sport encourages it…

Jul 25th 3 4,931
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The other 6 o'clock early riding

Throwback Thursday: The Other Six O’Clock

From Issue 73: Chipps recalibrates his alarm clock in an attempt to understand the riders who regularly get two or more hours of riding in before brea…

Jul 21st 0 1,448
Purity Sign

Tuesday Treats 154: Premier Prize

Here it is: Your entry into Premier Prize goodness, plus our previous winner announced……

Jul 19th 0 1,261
beni feature

Throwback Thursday: X Marks The Spot

In Issue 77, Benji puts the map-work in to find new trails. And then he keeps quiet about them. It’s for your own good.…

Jul 14th 1 3,051

Tuesday Treats 153: Premier Prize

Here it is: Your entry into Premier Prize goodness, plus our previous winner announced……

Jul 12th 1 2,216

Tuesday Treats 152: Premier Prize

Here it is: Your entry into Premier Prize goodness, plus our previous winner announced…

Jun 21st 1 4,110

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DT Swiss XM551 Rims

Review: DT Swiss XM551 Rims and 240s Hubs

Barney reviews chubby wheels from DT Swiss. But with a 40mm internal width, what sort of riding are the XM551 rims best suited for?…

Jul 21st 2
Canyon Strive Mountain Bike

Review: Canyon Strive AL 6.0

One of the most versatile mountain bikes out there? David Hayward has been aboard. Is it truly a Shapeshifter?…

Jul 20th 0
The Intense ACV Pro 27.5+

First Full Test: Intense ACV Pro 27.5+

We've had one of Intense's new monster truck bikes in on test for a while…

Jul 7th 4

Review: Howies MTB Women’s Shorts

Lara Dunn tests out some Howies women specific shorts…

Jul 7th 1

Review: Canyon Nerve AL 7.0

Antony plays out on this mile munching do-it-all ride from Canyon…

Jul 6th 0

12 reasons 1x Drivetrains Suck

Sanny has been left on his own for too long again and has been casting his critical eye over technological progress.…

Jun 24th 35

Bugs in The Code

Bez steps into the crossfire of the new Automobile Association's cyclists' guide to the Highway Code.…

Jun 11th 7
DSC_0132 (1)

Technical Difficulties: Grow Up, Already!

We're just a bunch of big kids, argues Ant - but is that a good thing?…

Jun 7th 5
Hope Women's Rides

Women’s Rides: Feel the fear, do it anyway

Adele fights fear and revisits the women-only ride…

May 26th 4
money funding

Boom and Bust – Breaking The Cycle

Bez laments the funding models which exist to 'encourage' cycling in the UK…

May 23rd 0

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