Product Highlight: Elliot Brown Singletrack Watch

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Singletrack Anniversary Watch
By Elliot Brown


Price £475

The Holton Professional was developed in response to a request from a specialist branch of the military who demanded a fit-for-purpose professional watch capable of a life in the field.

This bespoke version is built to celebrate Singletrack’s 20th Anniversary, so it comes with a number of unique details that highlight 20 years of the magazine and forums from the world of mountain biking and beyond.

Twenty years is a lot of time, so Elliot Brown are making us a lot of watch. This top end timepiece is packed full of features, including:

  • Your Name: This is your watch, and your very own Singletrack forum username will be engraved on the rear (max 25 characters).
  • Beer O’Clock: Simply spin round the 120 click bezel until our beer bottle lines up with the hour hand to categorically prove it is indeed time for a beer.
  • Easter Eggs“: We have hidden several more unique Singletrack features, they are not easy to find, but they are there if you look.
  • Charity Donation: In memory of late deputy editor, Jenn Hill, we are pleased to be making a 10% donation from each watch sale to St. Gemma’s Hospice.