Issue 153 Classic Ride: Surrey Thrills

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Despite Hurtwood being one of the UK’s busiest riding spots, its trail network relies heavily on the continued goodwill of landowners and volunteers. Adele takes a ride to find out…

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  • Issue 153 Classic Ride: Surrey Thrills
  • Gritstone
    Full Member

    The gpx file only seems to be available to os maps premium subscribers, boo hiss

    Full Member

    You don’t need a gpx file to navigate the Surrey hills. Just rock up around 0800 on a warm sunny weekend morning and follow the hundreds of others around. The car park gets rammed later on in the day. And there’s queues for the main runs as you get massively different skill levels riding there . The jumpy , fast kids want clear runs and not getting stuck behind doddery weekend warriors..
    There’s so many trails you can make you own loop up.

    Full Member

    @gritstone I’ll get that looked into – it shouldn’t be the case.

    Full Member

    There’s so many trails you can make you own loop up.

    Yes, once you get familiar with the place it’s just a matter of picking what you fancy. For those that are not familiar I can see that it is difficult to link trails up into a ride and not spend a big chunk of time wondering where to go next. The route suggested above is a nice intro to the area I think and you are definitely going to want the .gpx to help follow it

    Full Member

    Do gpx files still get added to the collection on Komoot?

    The gpx OS Maps needs a paid account (or fedd trial) to download.

    Full Member

    Can anyone name the 13 trails? I’ve ridden there once, some years ago and don’t remember any of them.

    Full Member

    Anyone local know if there are any good bits they missed out, thinking about spending a day there

    Full Member

    There are a few trails they passed near to but didn’t ride.  Captain Clunk/El Capitan off Pitch Hill is the main one I usually add to most rides.  After Yoghurt Pots Wet n Wild and/or Crackpipe are good extensions off Holbury Hill (but add another climb back up).

    What’s odd is that they climbed all the way up the Greensend Way, to just come back down a bridleway.  If you’re going that far you may as well go the rest of the way up Leith Hill to pick up some of the trails there.  I like Superflow, Root 67 or a loop of Summer Lightning.

    Full Member

    Summer Lightning was closed (not sure if it’s reopened or not yet?) I think we mentioned it. And, as we talk about in the article, there’s a lot more there than the access rules give us secured rights to. Hence the omission of some trails.

    Full Member

    Can we just not have a stand alone GPX file, that we can load into our go to mapping app?
    Please . . .

    Full Member

    Any joy with the gpx file,

    Full Member

    @boobs (snigger!)

    I’ve plotted the route as best I can here:

    I think RWGPS should let you download the GPX without having a paid-for account.

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