Product Highlight: Bum Butter

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Happy Bottom Bum Butter is a natural handmade chamois cream. You simply put a small amount either on the pad of your cycling shorts, or directly onto your skin to reduce friction where you really don’t want to get rubbed up the wrong way.

And it gets even better. It’s special formula of clove oil and tea tree oil naturally deals with bacterial growth and risk of infection. It is most effective when applied before rides, but also great at repairing damaged skin if you have already torn up your taint or chuffed your chad.

What you need to know

Main features

Handmade in the UK

  • Reduces Friction.
  • Prevents infection.
  • Female friendly. I won’t make your wonderful lady bits zing.
  • Also works as deodorant, on road rash, and as lip balm – but please don’t double dip.


Bum Butter is available in two sizes. The large 100ml tub, and a small 10ml “knob of Bum Butter”. The small knob is super-duper handy as it easily fits in your pack or jersey pocket for mid-ride applications. You can then refill it from the big tub when you get home..

Where to buy

Happy Bottom Bum Butter is available in over 100 shops across the UK, and directly from Charlie at


  • £19.99 100ml tub
  • £4.99 10ml tub
  • Use code “STW15” for a 15% discount.