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  • Roofbars: Whispbar v Thule Wingbar Edge
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    I have recently said goodbye to my BMW 320D Touring. We have removed the roof rails (Thule Aeros) and bike racks (proride 951).

    I am looking to get some new bars of an XC60 Volvo, but intend to keep the Thule bike racks. Anyone got any experience with the Whisper model or the Thule Wing Edge?

    The Whispbars are slightly cheaper (but we are only talking £30), but I have no experience of them. I know Thule stuff does the job.

    I wanted to know if anyone had compared the two against each other? The tests online all seem to be the Whisper against the old Thule Aero design. Is there any difference in quality?

    I like the Whisper design and have to say the idea of not needing to cut any rubber strips for the installation appeals. Both racks work fine with Thule T slot products, apparently.

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    I’ve had both at various times on different cars.

    The whispbars look so much better and sit much closer to the roof on my car (it’s a golf R so requires the foot pack)

    A friend bought the whispbars and sent them back as he thought they were loud, not loud as in aero through wind but when bikes on the roof they ‘click’ a little when over rough ground as there is more movement in the bar as think they are made from thinner material so flex a little more.

    It has never bothered me or the wife on mine and can live with it just for the improved looks. Quality is fine and easy to fit / remove as like the design re how they all fit together and on the car.

    Prob doesn’t help that much with you decision but just some user feedback

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    I’ve had both, no real difference in quality or noise. I prefer the ease of installation with the whisbars and they look loads better, as mentioned above the whisbars sit much lower over the roof

    I’ve had the whisbars twice now and will buy again should I need to.

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    Thanks both. Decision made then, very helpful feedback. Whispbars on order.

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