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  • Realistically, EU holidaying by late summer?
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    Tunnel will only let you move to 12months from when you booked the crossing (unless its Flexi-plus).

    I had this for the Dutch trip I should be on now, could only move it to October.

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    Has anyone factored in two weeks self-quarentine when they arrive at their holiday location and another two week when they return home?

    No but I know this is mandatory in Cyprus, as we’ve had cancelled a lads week out there (to see a friend into retirement) and the organiser received comms from the Cypriot government to this effect.

    Which other places is this true for?

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    Premier Icon Tracey
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    Thanks, I know what the Tunnel booking stipulation is if I have to change it. I am going to leave it till as near as possible to the travel date and see if they have and more flexibility then.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash
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    I’m not even sure a trip to Skeggy will be allowed before the end of summer.

    There’s the silver lining on the cloud at any rate.

    The last of the kids summer trips was called off today. I’m not expecting any going away type holiday for us, even in the UK. Restrictions start to get lifted maybe June?, theres probably going to be done level of second wave, I’m not sure the government will allow travel at that point and I’m not sure whether UK tourist destinations will want an influx of outsiders bringing their virus along with their money.

    How do you allow “holidays” when social distancing might be needed till the vaccine arrives? Pubs, restaurants, beaches, trail centre car parks, how do they control numbers of visitors safely?

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    We are booked for a long weekend in Rome at the end of May

    No chance of that happening, and TBH I wouldn’t want to go either.

    We have a week in Lanzarote, 2nd week in July, given what you lot have said, that’s looking ropey at best.

    and Mrs V and myself have a 30th anniversary cruise around the Adriatic in early September, starting in Venice

    Even that’s sounding unlikely.

    Well, never mind, UK touring on my Triumph Street Scrambler it is then 🙂

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    We will be in lockdown until end May, they will put schools back ASAP after that but will be essentially locked border and no specific int travel for a bit after that. Domestic holidays could be a go August onwards.

    Premier Icon RichPenny
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    2020 to be the year of remembering the beauty of your local area, rather than searching it out elsewhere.

    Premier Icon Larry_Lamb
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    Yeah, we got 2 UK holidays booked and was planning a Mediterranean holiday. Cant see either happening and even if they do go ahead it certainly wont be a pop to the pub for some grub on a whim type holiday.

    Premier Icon thehustler
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    So Emirates have today said they wont be restating scheduled flights until atleast July, I think they will be one of the first airlines to restart so ATM I’d say its getting less likely than more at the moment.

    Premier Icon bob_summers
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    Wondering when flights/tunnel/ferries will start up. Supposed to be going to UK at some point to sort out late dad’s house and stuff, not much of a holiday but I can’t put it off forever.
    Hoping to get a few weeks’ camping in late summer, Pyrenees or Coast – as mentioned above Spain is knackered if they don’t get at least domestic tourism going.

    Premier Icon eskay
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    I have written off this year for foreign travel (I could be wrong mind you!). We have booked a week camping in September in Cornwall and I have taken advantage of the cheap Easyjet flights next Feb and villa bookings that need full payment 6 weeks before travel (10% deposit). If we are still in trouble then I am happy to lose the reasonably small outlay.

    If we are still in the same situation then……

    Premier Icon blitz
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    We’ve booked an air bnb for Morzine for the last 2 weeks of August. Paid half of it to date but also have annual insurance policy from pre-covid.

    I was thinking it was 50/50 but reading this thread has put a dampener on that!

    Premier Icon lunge
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    Friend has a wedding in Ibiza in September, we’re not expecting that to happen.
    Like those above, I’m expecting no foreign travel in 2020.

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    I assumed such nonsense results were excluded?

    Only if the organiser selects them to be. If he doesn’t use zp then it won’t be

    Our club is organising rides most nights. So tonight was laps of fan flats at Richmond. Lap hard lap easy. Hitting 50kph for a lap was vomit inducing. Proper over unders. Much better than doing them on your own in the garage

    Premier Icon dyls
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    Realistically I think that travel within the UK will be restricted until a vaccine is found – travelling to China (Italy/Spain..) caused the problem in the first place and once travel opens up again, internationally or internally, I can see us on a second lockdown soon after!

    Premier Icon trail_rat
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    Just to be clear. I replied to the zwift thread…..and it’s put it in here. Where’s dracs iPad when you need it. Forum works perfect they will have you know 🙂

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    Even if you do get to go (and I’d think that’s unlikely until the autumn) will bars, restaurants, tourust attractions be open. I bet a lot won’t reopen this year. We’ve been to Turkey a few times. Many of the restaurants employ people from other parts of the country, as well as many owners. Cant see many people bothering for a short season.

    Premier Icon BearBack
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    Maui from Canada in November… I’m very much doubting it now and have almost certainly missed the option to buy travel insurance assuming no issues with WestJet credit… But sweeping pilot layoffs could mean financial trouble ahead for the airline.

    Premier Icon TiRed
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    I have a conference/holiday booked for October in Colorado. I’m not hopeful – I can’t see restitution of non-essential travel for a long time.

    Premier Icon el_boufador
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    Spain villa booked end of July/August. I give it 10% chance of happening. Will feel lucky to get away in the UK, tbh. I think the opposite of the lockdown (lock up?) will be the opposite approach to the lockdown (wrap your head around that logic eh?)
    I.e. no step change, but the gradual relinquishing of control, and monitoring how things are going as we relax.

    Premier Icon zzjabzz
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    Resigned to not going to my brother’s wedding in Frankfurt in July. He doesn’t think the wedding will take place anyway. And that’s Germany. I’d be looking at next year optimistically for holiday travel…

    Premier Icon bob_summers
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    As per my previous post, I don’t think my travel is particularly essential – but the ferries seem to be running so if France lifts restrictions on may 10th and UK follows a couple of weeks later, what’s stopping me driving up in say late June? Not that I want to.

    Premier Icon marcg868
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    Originally booked for our usual fortnight in Rhodes for September the 2nd. Balance was due end of June. Have cancelled it, rather lose the £120 deposit than the other £980.
    The money I’d saved will just be put towards next September.

    I usually book it November so see what the situation is by then.

    Premier Icon duckman
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    I am supposed to be taking 36 pupils and staff to Krakow the first week in September, can’t see it happening.

    Premier Icon scott_mcavennie2
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    We booked the family holiday to the canary islands at Christmas. Supposed to go at tbe end if July. I’m gently breaking the news to the kids…

    Premier Icon dudeofdoom
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    Even if you do get to go (and I’d think that’s unlikely until the autumn) will bars, restaurants, tourust attractions be open. I bet a lot won’t reopen this year

    I’m not sure most people would like a socially distance based holiday tbh.

    I think it would be more a change of home,so I could see a stay at someone else’s home type of holiday being the new norm 🙂

    And perhaps eating delivered restaurant meals instead of going out.

    Probably the end of cheap holidays thou.

    Premier Icon weeksy
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    Our trip to Burgundy couldn’t be more social distancing if it tried, we only see the bread shop staff and the pizza place staff. Although we do visit the local pool too..
    But i’m still not expecting it to happen i admit.

    Morzine even less likely i’d think.

    It depends on how strict the UK lockdown is as to whether taking a UK holiday makes any sense at all. No point going ‘away’ for us if all the places to go out to are still closed.

    Premier Icon FunkyDunc
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    I’m not even going to try and speculate.

    We have a holiday booked early July. Prob won’t know until 2 weeks before

    Premier Icon mattbee
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    Our June holiday in Dorset was postponed/cancelled by the operator a couple of weeks ago.
    Have a 4 day break in Lisbon booked with the in-laws for end of September which I am not expecting to happen.
    Plan for a trip out to Liguria in Nov is probably the most likely of all of them but I’m not banking on it.
    We’ve SD loads of bookings for campsites cancelled too & the motorhome hasn’t moved from its storage site since January. Can’t even get to it at the moment as the site is shut and it’s hardly an essential journey so I’m expecting to have to replace the batteries before we can use it again. Glad it had a deep clean after our Jan holiday though!

    Premier Icon beanum
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    There are a few reports that the Canary Islands will be re-opening in August for domestic tourism, but only accepting foreign tourists from October. We’ve got flights booked for end of September so we may have to change our plans, especially if as mentioned there are quarantine restrictions on our return….

    Premier Icon BillMC
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    I’m amazed that people are even thinking about it. Our flights to Spain and Armenia are not happening, I don’t expect to be seriously considering going abroad till next year and that’s with lots of ifs.

    Premier Icon vinnyeh
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    We were heading out to USA for a family holiday in summer holidays, few weeks to see some of the National Parks- airline is only offering credit, but stops flying to the UK from end August (Air NZ) so won’t be much good to us. Hopeful as it gets closer then there’ll be some acceptable compromise, quite a bit of money spent here.

    There’s also nearly 2k gone on school trips this term for the kids, which won’t be taking place now- we’ve had an email saying the school has started trying to claim with insurance, but I’m not holding out too much hope- I’m wondering how schools insure these trips, wondering whether they use a specialist insurer that mightn’t be able to cope financially with the situation.

    Premier Icon db
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    I’m amazed people are so pessimistic but for the sake of my own health I am trying to sticking my head in the sand a bit on this whole thing. Hols booked in August and I’m remaining hopeful. 🙂

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    I’m amazed people are so pessimistic realistic but for the sake of my own health I am trying to sticking my head in the sand a bit on this whole thing. Hols booked in August and I’m remaining hopeful. 🙂

    There’s a global pandemic going on, that of which we have no sight of a vaccine for in the short term, and all non essential travel is off the table. I can see why you think you’ll get your holiday.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    I’m wondering how schools insure these trips, wondering whether they use a specialist insurer that mightn’t be able to cope financially with the situation.

    Can you not claim on your own insurance? genuine question, I’ve honestly no idea on this question. I very nearly canned my annual policy earlier this year as well, really glad I didn’t now. I don’t think I’ll ever not have annual family holiday insurance again.

    Premier Icon nbt
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    Not going anywhere I can’t walk to until a vaccine is available.

    Premier Icon fathomer
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    We’re booked in with White Room from the 11th July, I think there’s naff all chance we’ll be going but the Mrs is ‘trying’ to remain optimistic!

    Oh, we’re also supposed to be going to Budapest for a long weekend at the start of June with friends. We’ve already written that off, though hoping we might be able to move to next year. Non refundable hotel and Ryanair flights both booked by a mate. We have no insurance for it, doh!

    Premier Icon oikeith
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    Morzine booked for early July, with whats happened some of our group would now be happier it was cancelled and could have some money back!

    I cant see travel re opening until a vaccine is found.

    Premier Icon MSP
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    Last night I received an email from the hotel I had booked in Majorca for early June, telling me they definitely won’t be open then. I had already decided I wouldn’t be going, but at least I am now of the hook for the hotel costs.

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