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  • Realistically, EU holidaying by late summer?
  • Just wondering about the current concensus of opinion about whether there’s likely to be Euro holiday travel using personal transport this summer season.
    I actually feel quite positive about this assuming there’s no major second wave before next winter, but eager to listen to the sage advice of more informed folk on here.
    Got to have something to look forward to…

    Personally I doubt it, the winter will hopefully be fine, but I can’t see it especially for us. They will just enforce a ban on non-schengen travel I suspect

    Premier Icon weeksy

    We have morzine and burgundy in Aug, I’m 50-50

    We rebooked our cycling trip to mallorca at Easter to October half term. Not that optimistic tbh.


    I’d say no.

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    Absolutely no idea.

    Mister P

    I’m hoping for a surf trip to Morocco in December. Which is neither in the EU or late summer. But a lot more likely to happen I think.


    I was hoping to do a hiking holiday in September but doubt it now, can’t see things being normal until a vaccine is found. Also can see insurances going up.

    Mister P

    I’m not even sure a trip to Skeggy will be allowed before the end of summer.

    Premier Icon boomerlives

    The chances of all the airlines/hotels/operators still going is slim.

    The odds of getting insurance for a holiday will be next to nothing.

    Good luck.

    Premier Icon P-Jay

    Who really knows?

    The only real data we have is France is planning to lift some restrictions next week (or maybe the week after, I forget) and return to ‘normal’ in early July. I suppose we have to bare in mind that Tourism is a huge Industry for France, it’s the most visited country in the world so they may be painting a rosier picture than most..

    Spain and Italy are also starting or planning to lift their restrictions now, they will both likely start on the 4th of May, but no plans for ‘normality’ yet.

    It’s all subject to change of course.

    Personally I’ve got a Family hols booked in France on the 24th of July for a week, I’m thinking about 75% likely.

    We’re also trying to shift flights / accom for the revised Passportes dates at the end of Aug, I’m thinking 95% likely.

    The great unknown is the UK, it would be really crass to try to make positives out of numbers of deaths, but revised figures based on when people died rather than when they were reported is showing we’re passed the worst of things.

    I wouldn’t personally book anything now unless whoever you’re booking with is going to offer a 100% refund guarantee if you’re not able to go. AirBnB offered one, only we’ve found that once fees and whatnot are taken, you’re lucky to get 50% back (I didn’t book it personally, but that’s my impression).

    Premier Icon MSP

    I think not, but large swathes of the med are totally reliant on tourism, there is going to be a lot of political and financial pressure to open up. It could come down to a personal decision whether you think it is worth the risk, or our own governments banning flights.

    I have got 2 weeks in Majorca booked for early June, but I suspect Majorca might be open then but no way am I risking it so I will lose the cost of my hotel.


    Im booked to go sailing in the greek islands in August. My travel insurance covers any Covid cancellations booked before Mar 20th, so at least I’m covered.


    Not a snowballs chance in hell.
    We are ****.
    That’s according to my daughter who is one of those boffin scientists working on sorting this debacle.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    Until we have a vaccine I can’t see mass international travel restarting any time soon. Uk holidays for us this year I think.

    Premier Icon IHN

    50/50 at best I reckon

    Premier Icon MSP

    Im booked to go sailing in the greek islands in August. My travel insurance covers any Covid cancellations booked before Mar 20th, so at least I’m covered.

    Do they still cover you if the Greek government say “we are open for business as usual” when there is still a realistic risk?

    Is the UK government going to advise the public according to sound scientific reasoning, or come to the rescue of the insurance industry?

    We have booked to go to åre for xmas and I reckon that is probably 50:50.
    Our summer holiday plans are going to be a week or 2 camping at family farm as I reckon all the holiday homes and campsites will be rammed once internal travel is allowed again

    Premier Icon P-Jay

    AFAIK Ins Cos generally go on Foreign Office advice / rules.

    Premier Icon mogrim

    Spain will have to lift some restrictions, there’s no way the economy will survive without at least some tourism. Whether that will include allowing British tourists in is debateable, of course.

    Premier Icon tjagain

    I very much doubt it.


    I doubt it

    I am expecting the annual summer trip to the highlands and Orkney to be off. We need to look after ourselves and the people in the places we visit.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    We’ve cancelled our “once in a lifetime” Canada trip that was last week of June for three weeks.

    Insurance isn’t going to pay unless it’s the retained deposit, we’re having a Mexican standoff about flight cancellation vs insurance company.

    Eldest_oab has today had Paris – Vancouver cancelled for 5th June, and a warning about flight home last day of August…


    Oktoberfest (in September!) has been cancelled. And Germany has not had it anywhere near as bad as Spain/Italy/France/UK.
    Reports from Spain at the weekend say the government there were considering banning tourism this year.
    Rumours yesterday that we would have another 3 weeks lock down after this latest one ends, that’ll take us to the end of May, though some restrictions may be lifted in 2 weeks, albeit I cannot see the UK allowing much travelling until at least the end of July, then it’ll be limited.
    If the virus is on a downward curve, then it’ll be another 6 weeks before it is at a low enough level to allow us out without adequate precautions, no mass gatherings etc.
    I can pretty much everything being cancelled until at least October.


    The travel industry will certainly be hoping to travel by late summer, otherwise many will be out of business.

    Demand is likely to be significantly reduced so numbers will be nowhere near normal whatever happens in the coming months.

    But on that basis, maybe it’s the ideal time to begin easing back into normality?

    Premier Icon mehr

    Absolutely no chance. Germany have gone further than anyone with setting the path to “normality” and they’ve said no large public gatherings till 31st August. And they’re miles ahead of everyone with testing/death rates

    Premier Icon Nick

    I wouldn’t put any money on it, seems unlikely.

    Spending the money on the garden instead, staycation this year.

    Premier Icon frankconway

    I can’t see it.
    Travel companies, airlines, travel journalists are making positive noises but that is
    self-serving on their part.


    Unlikely, I reckon. I’m still not convinced we’ll be allowed back into Wales before the end of the summer (and if we are it’ll be just as the weather turns)

    Premier Icon kelvin

    Just wondering about the current concensus of opinion about whether there’s likely to be Euro holiday travel using personal transport this summer season.

    Between which countries? I don’t think Central, Northern and Eastern European countries will want UK travellers so soon, if they can get tourism opened up they’d be wise to restrict it to their safer neighbours. And we’ll probably be advised to stay away from Southern European countries, unless things change there faster then anyone sensible is really expecting.

    Personally I’ve got a Family hols booked in France on the 24th of July for a week, I’m thinking about 75% likely.

    Really? We’re booked for same week in Holland, I’ll be astounded if it goes ahead, I’ve pretty much wrote it off.

    For all our sakes, I hope I’m wrong, of course.

    It’s a no from me. Don’t think winter holidays will happen either.

    Wow, the general concensus certainly doesn’t bolster my hopes…such is life.
    Wasn’t planning a booked trip, more just jumping on a ferry and camping. An enforced staycation would give the opportunity to explore these fair isles which would be long overdue.
    Thanks for the insight, people!

    Premier Icon chakaping

    You’ve got two hopes.

    Here’s one of them…


    I have accommodation booked and a eurotunnel paid for, for late August to go to Switzerland, i hope It happens but not convinced it will.

    I suppose I should start a “What new bike to blow the holiday money on” thread.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    We would have to pay the balance of our family Menorca trip in August.   I doubt it’ll happen.  We have until 25th of June to pay the balance, of which we’ve paid £250 deposit.   If there is no trip I’ll not pay any more and will lose the £250, rather pay up then gamble the £1000’s difference with the insurance – we have annual pre-COVID insurance,

    Seen this?

    I’m not going even if Menorca is open if it means spending 2 weeks like that.

    Premier Icon andermt

    Booked to go to Bike Republic Solden beginning of August, they have announced today that the lockdown finishes this Thursday but they have no idea when the trails may open. All mass events in Austria cancelled until September.
    Still think this trip is 50/50, all accommodation is refundable if cancelled before 20th June.

    My trip late August to Skye & Islay more likely to go ahead.

    Premier Icon Tracey

    We have the Tunnel booked for the end of June for Lake Garda and the Alps and then late September for Sospel and Finale. Not holding much hope out for any of them. With a bit of luck the Tunnel and camp sites will let us move on for next year and will spend some time in the UK riding this year.

    Has anyone factored in two weeks self-quarentine when they arrive at their holiday location and another two week when they return home?

    If you want a week…then book 5….2 for the required isolation and then take your week…then 2 more for isolation on return 🙂

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