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  • Names for cars, does yours have one and looking for ideas
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    Vito van called Lana, aka Truckasaurus. It’s an Archer reference.

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    Current Volvo is named Freya.

    Previous VW CC named Voldemort as it had a funny nose.

    BMW before that named became Betsy as I owned it for over 10 years.

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    I’ve had a mondeo (mk 2) called Mord, a seat ibiza called Izzie, a Series II landrover called Morag, and a series I called Olga. My wifes mini is called Coops. My car has no name as its got no soul.

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    Mine is called Christine.

    And on that note, I think you simply call it ‘Louise’ and think fondly of the STW forum’s naming skills every time you drive her / it / whatever 🙂

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    Only ever named one car, had a Mini with the reg C160 HUK so it was called Chu(c)k.

    I do refer to our Berlingo as The Donkey though. Reliable, takes all the crap you can throw at it, smells funny.

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    Our ’07 Honda Jazz is called Jazzy Jeff.

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    And does this naming of cars stretch to other vehicles or objects you own. How many of you have names your bike ?.

    Inquiring minds 😕

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    No names for any recent cars but there was a time when my young son named them basd on the registrations……
    NPE – Nippy (very appropriate as it was a Golf GTI)
    ULC – Uncle (a nice comfy 4 door saloon)

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    And does this naming of cars stretch to other vehicles or objects you own. How many of you have names your bike ?.

    Ah now then. I was going to say “don’t be daft” but my hardtail is Piglet.

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    Some cars just have names, some do not. It’s the way it is.

    Thinking back, the only ones I have named were:

    1. My van (Jimmy – because… Reg plat had HG in it, Hg is Mercury, Mercury is the winged messenger and is the cap badge of the Royal Signals, where he’s called Jimmy, hence van was Jimmy)

    2. My Frontera (Wurzel – because it was agricultural and messy as hell)

    3. My old Passat (Basil – because it was faulty)

    4. Current Passat (Alexa – because first three on the plate are LXA)

    None of the other, even my beloved Panda, had names. Even the Rover was unnamed, because you can’t give a name to an utter piece of shit.

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    Lots of excellent choices above and clearly many well chosen.
    We have the Little Green Donkey, a grey (looks green sometimes) golf estate…
    Had : Moby the white mini.
    Gramps the Piper Cub, was made in 39, so the Gramps.
    The Mighty Xan, a Xantia Activia (only x12 left on the road and it was damn impressive, well beyond its appearance, so the Mighty bit).
    The Red Hornet, race car that would bite give any chance, was a reference to the Green Hornet but not a Hornet or an Imperial or black or green but did 0-60 in well under 3 secs, so had a sting).
    Pugnacious, yes a wee 106.
    Microar, the Micra.
    Brum, a yellow seven.
    The Barnett was called Benny on odd occasion.
    We’ve had a few that deserved names, old Land Rover, old Ginetta, old Beatle, old polo, old MGs, old Alfa, old Lancia, plus a few others but they never received them. Not sure I could give a new car a name but doubt we will ever be put in that position.

    Need a name for my 1951 Ford Special…? We are second owners and bought from the son of the 90 year (previous owner), said he was not aware of any names..

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