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  • Lego WANT of the Day
  • scuttler
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    LL928 reboot is ace. God I loved that thing first time around.

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    Having just completed building the Ford F-150 and Batmobile I’ve really got a taste for Lego building again.

    Just found quite a few videos on YouTube on how to motorise the cars and I love the idea for the F-150; that would be really cool.

    I’d also like to improve the front steering as the wheels just deflect outwards, needs a front stiffener to the axle connector.

    Jsut found this lighting & motorisation kit whilst looking for the light kit for my Defender. Do I take a punt on it?

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    The likelyhood is it’ll be very slow. The LR model is heavy. I’ve motorized the similar sized rally car from a few years ago with two L motors and a buwizz. This model is much lighter and it’s still very slow. Also had to do a significant about of work to minimise wind up in the transmission.

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    Not a want of the day, just recommending the Brick Experiment Channel on Youtube. Famous for the GOOGOL:1 reduction gear lego build posted here before.

    Liked this latest video that came up in my suggestions, some of them I knew, some I didn’t, but great to show children about mechanical principles:

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    Really enjoyed this, nice mix of childhood reminiscing and modern building techniques. 40 year old baseplates have made a reappearance too

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    Oh, you bastard.


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    I got the new Galaxy Explorer too, it’s lovely.

    I never got the original Galaxy Explorer as a kid, though I did have a few of the big Space Lego sets, including its replacement, the Galaxy Commander. I managed to find one on eBay for a decent price a few years ago though so I now have both the old and new Galaxy Explorers on my shelves (plus Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIIP!). 🙂

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    Apologies for the image quality, its a screen grab from a video:

    I forgot to get some good pictures for this thread when my son was playing with my Space Lego collection. My collection.

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    Lovin the old and new LL928s

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    I feel like doing a Benny except with BASEPLATE! BASEPLATE! instead of spaceship. The space ones were so good.

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    Razor Crest

    I do like this but at £520 it’s a bit eye wateringly expensive (and will be a struggle to fit on a shelf).

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