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  • Have any of us actually caught the Coronavirus yet then?
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    Sorry for starting another CV thread, but it seems a rather obvious omission from the current roster.

    I’m self-isolating with a recurring dry cough and feeling like shit, but no fever and it was preceded by other cold symptoms.

    I might have it, but probably not. Weird that I very rarely get a cough though, and then I get one now. Bit frustrating that I might never know if I really had it (assuming I survive).

    Anyone in the same boat or had a more definitive diagnosis, official or otherwise?

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    Not sure, been at home for 3 weeks though.

    About 3 weeks ago, had an onset of tiredness/aches which put me in bed for a few days. Similar time was hot/cold.

    Then a sore throat which lasted a day and went, then a strange cough where thick yellow globs were coming up, at the same time breathing felt ‘odd’ (labored?) – that lasted about 3 days.

    This week still left with a cough, and still getting the odd hot/cold feeling.

    Pretty much got all my energy back though.

    It was confirmed at my place of work that someone tested positive for it – but that was yesterday, and not in the same office as me (only 1 street away though) 🙂

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    Me I think, tickly cough for last 24 hours and temp at 38ish. At least 3 possible direct/indirect contacts. Car in garage, how do I get that back? Hmmmm

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    I haven’t.

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    No, but just returned from Austria, felt like we were almost getting caught up in the lockdown. Out of our party of 11, 2 have definite symptoms and the rest of us were waiting for it too, nothing as yet though with the rest of us.

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    Girl at work caught it whilst skiing in Austria a few weeks ago, positive test result, then self isolated for 2 weeks. She said it was no big deal, just like a mild cold, cam back to work on Monday, but then we all started wfh from Tuesday.

    Another chap at work caught it at the Liverpool Madrid game last Wednesday, he still a bit ill, but again no big deal

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    Mrs TJ has just developed a temperature. Great! Where do I get a thermometer from to check how high a temp?

    Premier Icon xora
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    I had a pretty much exact description of the symptoms 2 weeks ago. But they were no longer testing non hospital cases even back then so just took 4 days off work while my lungs tried to climb out of body (I work from home anyway).

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    Had seasonal cold so was sent home. That then turned into sinusitis so signed off for another week and was told to self isolate.

    I’ve not been abroad recently or been in contact with any confirmed cases. I’m normally pretty antisocial so pretty low risk.

    Work had split everyone into two teams. The idea being to alternate each team between office and home. Given today’s news about schools, I can see that changing as some will now have more need to WFH than others.

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    I started feeling tired and achy and developed a dry constant cough 2 weeks ago. After a couple of days a got proper fevery, freezing cold while hot to the touch, waking g in a puddle of sweat etc.

    This came and went for 3 days. Cough is easing, still feel run down and tired. Followed the 7 day rule and went back to work this week.

    Quite a few people off work with varying degrees of this. All started from a 2.5hrs meeting with a director who had just got back from skiing in Austria with same cough and fever symptoms. Yet he refused to go home (albeit before this all really kicked off).

    I dont know if I’ve had ‘it’ although I hope so. I assume I’m fairly immune now so can get on, being very careful with handwashing distancing etc so I dont share round anything else. The instructions aren’t very clear if you think you’re post-corona.

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    I went to Portugal for a few days at the end of October and got most of the symptoms within a couple of days of returning.

    Probably completely unrelated, but makes you think (how long is actually been out there).

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    Ps as xora I wasnt tested. Did nhs111 online, said speak to doc, had a telephone consultation and told to take paracetamol and drink water. Wish I’d asked a bit more but I was proper done in.

    Premier Icon Lionheart
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    Neighbour had it, said like worst flu ever, found it difficult to breath for a couple of days, couldn’t lift their arms. Up and about now, ten days after symptoms appeared, looks rough and thinks will be a few weeks before back to normal.
    Spoke to another who tested positive and had a week with mild cold like symptoms.

    Premier Icon bigjim
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    Tried to get tested but didn’t have the required combination of symptoms/contact with positive cases so couldn’t. Had shivers and sweats for a couple of days then just extreme tiredness for a week, seems to match the story of a lot of positive cases. Didn’t have a temperature a couple days after it started when managed to procure a thermometer. Been self isolating for best part of two weeks now, people at work laughed when I said I was. Still tired!

    Really hope that was it so it’s out the way but no way of knowing I guess. Plenty people of work have been skiing in Italy etc, some were ill after, 50% of the positive cases here in Denmark are in the 40 – 59 age group, they think maybe because of so many people coming back from skiing holidays.

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    Possibly daughter has it. She’s been poorly since Saturday. Tickly cough (heavy cough), feeling very run down and a sore throat. We’ve been self isolating since. She doesn’t have a temperature so could just be a normal cold.
    Daughter is an asthmatic so most colds give her a bad cough.
    Both Mrs W and myself have a sore throat, only mild. I’ve a very gentle cough.

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    Meet isolation criteria. Who the flip knows is the answer – could be virus could be manflu. Without a test it’s Roulette. Without any indication of how endemic or where the hotspots are cant really get an idea of more or less likely. Have had contact with people who had same symptoms and who also self isolated. I have thought realistically if I had it the figures must be way out – what would be the chances it would find me in the opening phase. Turned out background levels might be higher than thought. Friends have been great in terms of checking in / sorting food – will be paying that forward.

    If it’s not virus then what ever I have had has softened me up nicely. Done all the symptoms in no particular order of no particular difficulty apart from the breathing. Started with chest thing which I thought was part of asthma. Seem to get other things every other day. Latest is sore through for last 48hrs+. Wouldn’t have done isolation in other times as it would just be a bug thing. The only thing that makes we me think it may be virus is the dramatic drop in fitness / easy onset of fatigue. Tried an easy Zwift start of week. I said it was mild – mentally felt ready for a flat spin. Not going to try again until the weekend – bowing hard at about a third FTP and that’s not high. Had to sack it off feeling I’d done a 2hr session after a virtual 10km. Guess as more people post up their experiences those of us at the random and mild end will get a better frame of reference.

    What I have had / have is an inconvenience but not being inconvenienced might have potentially lethal consequences for others. It’s going to embarrassing if I get it over the next few weeks or months. I’m sharing a perspective because it’s a novel times and people are still getting to grips with this. A week ago isolation was a relatively rare thing – now that’s much more common the views of a criteria meeter aren’t as relevant because more people are having the same experiences.

    Premier Icon n0b0dy0ftheg0at
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    I’d already had a mildish manflu19 for three weeks, but came home to a coughing better half yesterday, she phoned work and they said stay away just in case it’s the real deal… So I have to now self-isolate too.

    I’m still not coughing, but I’ve developed a scratchy throat, a headache that paracetamol doesn’t completely shift and an extra level of fatigue compared to how I’ve been since late Feb.

    As much as the idea of going for my first road bike ride today in the dry weather in over two months was very appealing, I ended up doing a steady Zwift race, where I raced for the first ~130secs.

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    Ah bugger, daughters temperature has increased, not reached 37.8 yet, but gone from 36.7 this morning to 37.5 now. Bugger.

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    On 20th of Feb my 4yr old developed a dry cough and a high temperature (38.5), went away within 48 hours. A day later I developed swollen glands and an sore throat. Lasted five days, but knackered for a week afterwards. Day after I recovered (fifth day) my missus got the same thing, but worse. 24 hours of temperature incl cold and hot sweats, with swollen glands, trouble swallowing, minor breathing issues and then a very, very sore throat. We went to the doctor and told low risk but self isolate, which we did. On reflection I think we probably had it, we live in Traffird and there were a few confirmed cases at that time. No way of knowing for sure though..

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    End of January,killing headache, dry throat,really sore neck and swollen,couldnt get my breath, sweating one minute then shivering like a jelly in a wind tunnel,lasted about a week,then a terrible cough like something stuck in throat, for 2 weeks plus, cheap cough medicine Halls branded, and lots of milk seemed to take the itch away, now recovered a lot, quite a few customers had similar symptoms at the time.

    Paracetemol and ibroprofen seemed to take pain away and let you sleep better as does hot steamy showers and propping up pillows eg quite a few pillows.

    Felt like the time i got septicaemia, but not quite as bad.

    Premier Icon martinhutch
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    Let’s face it, if reports are to be believed, any of us could have had it with the mildest of symptoms or even none at all.

    Possibly, but like everybody else, without testing its difficult to know for sure.

    Had a sore throat on Saturday morning, and by lunchtime had to go to bed and slept through until 5pm. Felt like the usual symptoms of man flu – fatigue, shivering, sweating, repeated all the way through to Monday morning by which time the sore throat was tailing off & the other symptoms were virtually gone. I couldn’t sleep properly at night as I was tossing & turning so frequently.

    I haven’t coughed once since the sore throat started, or had any trouble breathing.

    Both kids have also each had one of the main symptoms, ones had a cough (which could just be his regular asthma cough) without any fever, and the others had a high temperature for a few days but no cough.

    Would be interesting to find out for sure.

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    I’ve had a cough for nearly 2 weeks. And a nasty cold. And some breathlessness, which led to chest pains and a visit to A&E last night (all clear).

    But no test so no idea.

    This is a big issue really. People would act differently if they knew, both during the illness and afterwards.

    I’ve been told on 111 and at the hospital that we don’t have enough tests, thus the current system of only testing people so ill they are hospitalised.

    Premier Icon markwsf
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    If a sore throat and feeling a bit off are the symptoms then about three times so far – so probably no then.

    Premier Icon petec
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    I’ve developed a scratchy throat, a headache that paracetamol doesn’t completely shift and an extra level of fatigue

    Had this for a week or so. The fatigue in the limbs is impressive enough, but the headache just doesn’t go.
    No fever (we’re still measuring twice a day at work), and no cough. So whether I have it is up in the air. We do have a factory or two in North Italy, and people have been travelling extensively up until a week or so ago

    Premier Icon unfitgeezer
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    I do, day 3 and it’s absolutely awful

    So far 9 people at work have it none of us have direct contact with each other however our chief exec came round early last week to update us on plans for covid 19 so we’re guessing he’s the carrier.
    We all have the same symptoms which are inline with government guidelines.

    I’m on the 3rd floor at home, it comes in waves of feeling almost human to feeling like the worst fever ever, shivers, sweats etc

    I’m currently in bed with two fleeces and a duvet and hat.

    I’m missing my family despite them only being a floor below.

    If you catch it stay positive

    Premier Icon bgascoyne
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    Pretty sure I had it last week. Returned from ski trip, had all the symptoms. Many people from the ski accomodation also sick and 6 confirmed ( including the guys sharing our bathroom) via testing in their country. TBH it wasn’t all that bad, just felt shite for 4 days and slightly ill for two more. Now back to full health.

    Would be worth the government highlighting the fact that for the majority of people it will just be a slight inconvenience. I didn’t even need a day off work – I just worked from home.

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    Just got home and my wife, who works in the nhs has declared us isolated. She has a cough that has come on in the last couple of hours and is currently sat in her bra and pants ( stop it children) sweating profusely. I feel absolutely fine but have felt a bit rough for a few days earlier this week. My business partner has this evening got one of the last flights back from Cyprus so fortunately we can keep the business running for the time being. Might be fitter coming out the other end. Cross trainer, treadmill, turbo and sit up bench all need dusting off. We are in South Yorkshire and up to this evening I hadn’t heard of one person who had got symptoms. It has been astonishing watching pictures of relatively deserted parts of London when things up here have been carrying on pretty much as normal.

    Premier Icon bigdugsbaws
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    Just back from 2 weeks in Spain at the weekend, no fever but cough for last 7 days, tight chest and pretty tired.

    Its impossible to tell without testing, the symptoms have such a broad range dependent on host.

    Premier Icon jimster01
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    Not sure, felt really tired Saturday, woke up Sunday with the raging fever and cough, spent the day asleep. Have felt okay since Tuesday, but work have signed me off for the week.

    Premier Icon lambchop
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    Dry, wheezy cough and aching legs, no temperature. Mrs has cough and temp of 39. Both sent home from work and self isolating. Whether it’s Covid 19 or not who knows?

    Premier Icon jam-bo
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    so plenty of probably/maybe’s but no confirmed/tested cases.

    Premier Icon anagallis_arvensis
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    SIL has all the symptoms obviously not tested, got to drive to Kingston upon Thames on saturday to drop her food. Is that london? If I was locked down with her I dont think we’d both survive 48hrs!!!

    Premier Icon FunkyDunc
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    God knows if I’ve had it.

    3 weeks ago I had severe muscle aches and dizziness that last about 3 days, was waking me up in the night.

    Last day or so developed dry throat and dry tickly cough, dizziness, but then I’ve been working long hours with little food/water.

    I’ve been around people who are now self isolating.

    Who knows though.

    Premier Icon lucasshmucas
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    Started a few days ago with feeling very cold and tired. Since then I have had a slight tightness of breath, the odd dry cough, a few aches and pains, an unsettled feeling in my stomach, a few minor headaches and feeling tired. All symptoms have been pretty mild though. But, again I have no idea if this C 19 or not. However me and partner are self isolating anyway as it seems quite likely.

    Premier Icon amodicumofgnar
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    Been thinking about the experience a bit more. From a poorly in a pandemic point of view:

    It’s like walking in someone else’s shoes

    Any of us could get ill during this, might be virus might be anything. If any of us are ill it’s going to be against a background of people having their life experiences dialled to eleven.

    My suggestions:

    Be considerate – follow the precautions, no one really wants it but you cant avoid it alone

    Be kind and tolerant – we’re hot housing people on the life event front and then we are going to chuck in a bout of illness.

    Pandemic is the new thing and everything else is just more in greater combinations of what people already deal with day to day. If it’s already been experienced by someone else then there’s usually an answer kicking around somewhere. Following that logic:

    In the words of Bill & Ted – Be Excellent to each another

    Premier Icon mrmonkfinger
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    so plenty of probably/maybe’s but no confirmed/tested cases

    And unless we’re admitted, we won’t be. Extrapolation from current death toll would suggest around 150k live cases in UK, only 50k tests, a mere 2.6k confirmed.

    The UK desperately needs more testing, to know. where this thing has got to.

    Premier Icon tjagain
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    Well this is interesting. My other half has a temperature but I do not know how high because there is not a thermometer to be had anywhere near us and the GPs does not want her there! do I isolate or not? I am supposed to be at work tomorrow – looking after old folk. The advice is to isolate if temp above 37.8 but how the heck can I tell this?

    Premier Icon joeydeacon
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    Either Amazon Prime (if you can wait – there are one or two on there still – try kids section rather than medical?) or if you know anyone with young children, chances are they may have a spare thermometer they can leave on your doorstep?

    Premier Icon tjagain
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    Edit – I found one! what sort of nurse am I not having one!

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