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  • crapknees

    beg for arthroscopy.

    Off to the surgeon next week to ask for the same thing!

    If l think about it, i’ve spent more years injured over the past 10 than l have been fine.

    I’m only 29… 🙄

    I am off to get my spine and hips x rayed today. I vaulted over the bars into Derbyshire at speed. Derbyshire won. Feels like something’s moving about in my lower back that shouldn’t be.

    Just my knees really. 25 years of motocross has destroyed them. They grind, crunch and crack with every step. I don’t want to find out what the actual problem is.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    changes username to shitankles and nods at crapknees

    Premier Icon ton

    i am in a bit of a state.
    right wrist fused, left wrist has maybe 50% movement.
    blind in my right eye.
    ops on both knees in the last 5 yrs to remove cartilage floaters and trim split bits.
    heart in permenant af.

    keep on keeping on. 8)

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Torn cruciate ligament in my knee. Its ok most of the time. Sunday’s ride really upset it and I was taking it easy. Its only going to get worse 😥


    Many years of rowing and doing weights, ergs
    a couple of pretty bad back injuries
    picking up kids in silly positions for the last five years
    not doing enough core stability work for the last ten years


    a pretty niggly body these days without any single issues that are bad enough to stop me riding. I do worry about the state I’ll be in in 10 years though.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    my knees are really starting to creak but by the sounds of it compared to you lot they’ve get years left in em yet. Crap teeth, crap posture so expecting back problems, spend too long staring at monitors so eyes will start playing up soon no doubt. Otherwise ok… i think.

    Hypochondriac? me?

    Premier Icon tomhoward


    Type 1 Diabetic
    Necrobiosis Lipoidica (google it. once youve found out who normally gets it, and find out that I’m a young (or was when it was first diagnosed) male with the above condition, you’ll work out how rare it is for me to have it. Woo for me
    Got a HR monitor for my birthday, in playing with it on the first day I found out I have a resting hr of mid to high 80’s, got to 140 while drying the dishes….
    Fit as a butchers dog. That passed away a long time ago.

    Methinks a trip to the docs is in order


    flat feet (prolapsed arches) so have to wear insoles, right knee hurts sometimes, back hurts, bent my left thumb back so that hurts and I can’t change gear, found a lump that the doc reckons is “only” a cyst and they’re not painful, but it’s still aching anyway and means I have to be careful when sitting on the saddle, and have dry skin so the skin on my fingertips keeps splitting

    edit – forgot to mention that I overextended my right elbow last summer (steep descent, front weheel slid out, but the arm down to brace and my right knee pushed my elbow through 😯 ), it still aches if I carry bags with my arms straight down

    I’m in pretty good shape compared to some, it seems


    I can click my back by turning my shoulders…. 3-4 clunks turning one way then the same turning the other way then it’s fine for a while, knees are on the way out too. Shoulder pain comes and goes but it’s not the one i dislocated 😕


    pretty borked or at least it feels that way….
    compressed L4 and L5 vertebrae over 10 years ago..still plays up now, left thumb has restricted movement due to a crash about 8 years ago (it never healed properly), knees pretty much shot from football injuries (ACL and MCL injuries in both knees), ankles are the same…latest problem is i cant put pressure or have very limited movement in my left foot and am getting shooting pains from beneath the heel…most days its fine but some days it irritates like mad!!


    Still recovering from a left knee ‘over-use’ injury I picked up last July, it’s improving but very slowly 🙁


    Not too bad.

    I suffer with hand pain these days following a couple of years off the bike…mainly really bad blisters (stop sniggering at the back). Can’t really find a solution so keep riding and try and ignore it.

    My knees are shot…I think Yeats of snowboarding and riding silly little jumpy / DH bikes have nailed them. They creak and groan all of the time and normally after a ride my knee caps are hitter than the rest of my kegs.

    I’ve struggled a bit this year with my legs after a lot of running. I’ve had runners knee and since seeing a sport therapist discovered that the root cause is a weakness in one of my hips causing me to pronate with one foot leading to ecess strain on my IT band as well as some other buts of one leg. Luckily it doesn’t affect cycling.

    Other than that, my hamstrings are always tight no matter how much or little exercise I do. Stretching doesn’t seem to reduce it that much either.


    Right shoulder and knee are a bit fooked after a few crashes.


    I’ve got collapsed arches and I have to wear foot supports in my shoes. I’ve also got a piece of surgical nylon and a titanium bolt holding my right shoulder in place.

    Oh and I suspect that I’ll be needing bifocals within the next couple of years or so…

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Left knee not great. Hyper extended it aged about 12 whilst playing British Bulldog at Scouts. It has been playing up on and off ever since, not helped by 3 years of student Rugby League and 20 years of falling off bikes. Knee surgeon told me to stop riding – stuff that. As I get older it is getting worse. Sometimes it needs a few seconds and a bit of stamping to get it to work properly. It failed to lock whilst rising from the throne in Trap 3 a couple of weeks ago and I fell over inside the toilet cubical with my pants round my ankles. Going down a flight of stairs first thing in the morning can be interesting if I’m not concentrating.

    Left shoulder has lost some range of movement after bad MTB fall and resulting surgery. Had to give up playing golf – never mind eh?

    Apart from that everything is tickerty-tape. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been and am the same weight as I was at 18 (26 years ago).

    Premier Icon fathomer

    No wherd near as bad as some, but. Dodgey knees from playing football and a right wrist injury I’ve been putting up with for about 18 months. I keep meaning to go to the doctors and get the wrist looked at but never get round to it.


    mines not good..

    proper dodgy knee from a silly untreated injury a couple of winters ago..
    it’s not helped by dodgy gait from having a meccano hip and femur..

    my backs sore today too which isn’t all that unusual

    Premier Icon senor j

    looks like ton & tom howard go to the top of the leader board.
    ibruprofen for the rest of us.
    zippykona – get the ligamnet mended – one of the best things I’ve ever done.

    I had mentioned in the broken bikes thread about how mine snapped, snapping me in the process. That was my right thumb. Got the cast off yesterday so feeling much, much better now! Even though the thumb and wrist are not really wanting to move much at all yet.

    The off-setting not-so-good news is while at the hospital I also had another doc poke and prod me because I now have another hernia to be fixed.

    And I have put on an amount of weight over the last six weeks of idleness.

    And I have a sniffly cold.

    And I have an underactive thyroid, but that doesn’t count for anything.

    So, yeah, overall I’m really not too bad, thanks.


    Been essentially off the bike since early Jan with ITB
    did try a road ride a few weeks back, but came back too early and went back to square 1
    worryingly I’m not missing it at all (maybe different if decent weather comes)

    Getting into Rugby coaching as my son’s in the U9’s and the team were short on coaches – I’m really enjoying that now

    Got to say I feel quite lucky with mine – holding up well considering how it gets treated.Only issues are self inflicted- fractured heelbone and ankles through my own stupidity but everyelse is ok and the flag still waves every morning so all good really


    Really inflexible all over.

    My left hand doesn’t really work properly after breaking one of the bones in it. It works, but just not as well as it used to (and I’m left handed).

    Haven’t been able to run for about 10 years due to tight hips/ITB. This is my worst problem & I have been to see about 5 physio’s about it. They all said something slightly different is causing it, they all gave me exercises & stretches to do and after following their instructions to the letter the problem was never sorted and after several months with no improvement I have given up bothering with it everytime….doesn’t really cause a problem for me when cycling, but cycling probabaly makes it worse in that it tightens my hips up.

    Premier Icon senor j

    After the how f’d is your bike thread and the amount of folks that
    run around on failing parts , how many of you ride while carrying niggling injuries?
    I’m off to the docs today as the dodgy knee that I’ve endured for a year won’t get better& is still playing up – off to get a referral and beg for arthroscopy.
    I’ve also just been treated for sciatic pain in my back/thigh – still get a twinge when trying hard on the cx but it’ll be right.
    Last year it was tennis elbow.

    sign of my age I suppose…. 🙁


    My worst niggle is my lower back – had a kayaking injury 25 years ago which damaged a disc. I also have spondylolisthesis so 2 vertebrae stick out (minor grade luckily). My back gets teeth-grittingly painful on long rides on my road bike, less so on MTB.
    I used to do a lot of running but had to give that up a couple of years ago thanks to a piriformis/sciatica thing, which no amount of stretching and physio could sort out.
    Had a dodgy knee sorted last year, andis good as new now, but the other one needs attention!
    Also have a suspected broken finger from falling off my road bike!

    Premier Icon momo

    Carpal tunnel in both wrists, trapped nerve in left shoulder, niggling pain in my back for the last 6 months following a motorcycle crash last year. All in all though, it could be worse, I can still ride the bikes 🙂


    This long belt of cold weather reminds me of all my niggles I try to forget.
    left elbow = arthroscopy to remove 4 lumps of bone broken in the joint due to an ice hockey incident, still hurts and I got the bits of bone in a jar at home.
    left wrist = broken with restricted movement and now carpel tunnel syndrome.
    left knee = ACL & PCL replacement followed by 4 arthroscopy ops to keep it going.
    right knee = creaks and dislocates
    right & left thumb = fused and don’t bend after an over the bars incident, ache all the time.
    right collar bone = broken in MX incident
    front teeth = replaced after diving in the shallow end of a pool on a club 10-30 holiday.

    also getting fed up with people shaking my hands to hard as my hands really hurt these days. take lots of supliments to keep me moving.

    Premier Icon binners

    Another dodgy left knee here. It seems to be the front runner, so to speak.
    I made a right mess of it playing rugby years ago. I’ve never had any problem up until last winter. Now once the temp drops below freezing I seem to have a 10 mile limit before it starts tightening up, and 5 more before I’m really suffering

    I know that I’m the wrong side of 40 to expect this to get any better. I just prey it doesn’t get too much worse


    This thread is making me feel better – it would be good if people posted their age along with their ailments…

    A little bit of a carpel tunnel feeling in the wrists and arthriticy feeling in knuckles after a period of working hard, pus some tightness in right forearm – kept at bay by exercise.

    Some soreness in right shoulder after being knocked off bike by car last year, plus a lump on my collarbone which interferes with rucksack when mtbing.

    Toes on right foot feel dislocated sometimes.

    Maybe my knees can’t cope with running as well as they could.


    Both shoulders are dodgy due to dislocations.
    Lower lack isn’t great due to degenerative discs to need regular Chiropractor visits.
    Although oddly enough when I’m struggling to walk when my back’s bad, riding seems to take the pressure off & lessen the pain-win win situation, bike therapy!

    Premier Icon nickc

    Deaf in my left ear, finally got on the list for an aid, should be fitted in 6-8 weeks. Dodgy Lower back from a rotating pelvis ( old dance injury) doesn’t really impact on my day to life though, dislocated left shoulder that i did in my twenties randomly aches occasionally. BP on the high end of normal

    Better shape than most by the sounds of it though.

    Edit: I do remember Rob Warner saying once that he’d least die in the knowledge of having used his body rather than go to his grave all flabby and uninjured though. Rings true.


    Knees are going. Alot of riding aswell as alot of other sports, gymnastics, rugby etc has caused that.

    Also my back. Pain all day every dsy no matter what. Again from the sports aswell as many accidents and incidents. Itd been factored like my knees into growing pains but I’m certain its not. Riding makes it worse, so I dont ride alot.

    Also if age is a factor. Im 19

    Premier Icon D0NK

    Klunk – Member

    I can click my back by turning my shoulders…. 3-4 clunksis it like cracking your knuckles clickclickclick or a more progressive click…click…click as you turn more?

    Mrs can “crack” her back, has done since early twenties atleast, weird.


    Knees , elbows , shoulders , wrists ………………. 50+ years of fun 😀

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    Off to get one of my lungs removed in two weeks time due to a very suspicious lump that got spotted when I had pneumonia earlier in the year. If I’m lucky it won’t all get removed but that’s unlikely

    But my body doesn’t feel wrecked at all and I’m hoping it’s going to stay that way. Worst ailment at the moment is a shoulder that I slammed into a rock snowboarding 7 or 8 years ago but that only shows up when I haven’t done exercise for a while

    50 and loving it


    Broke my left hand, right wrist, right collar bone, a fair few ribs , both ankles, right foot and hyperextended and broke my right elbow all at various points, both my knees are also pretty screwed. I have also dislocated my shoulder multiple times.

    I’m 30, life has been good so far!


    A friend picked up some kind of auto immune thing last September. Went from fairly active (planning to walk WHW) to wheelchair-bound. At one point his hands gave out but they now sort of work but walking is right out. Taking loads of prescription drugs so his mind is permanently fogged up. He gets a different east-european carer every day so spends ages e explaining things to total strangers. Tries to stay positive but I know he finds it very hard.

    Makes me feel pretty lucky tbh.


    My right ankle, knee, elbow and left hip, wrist and elbow are really pretty good! 😀
    Almost all other joints (and spine) either clicks, creak or just stiff/hurts! 😕
    Can’t remember how many times I’ve been concussed, apparently my memory is a bit iffy too!
    (another ex mxer and other hard on the body sports)

    Feels better than a few years ago though! …maybe on the mend?

    Oh yeah, knee pain seems to have almost gone since going back to flats

    Premier Icon ton

    leffeboy…….good luck with your op and recovery man.

    the rest of you…….MTFU……. 😉


    I’m ok compared to you lot, touchwood. 42 years old and aching at times but thats about it. Broken bones have healed leaving no permanent problems/aches, maybe I need to push myself harder??

    Get well soon everyone

    Premier Icon sefton

    I always have some kind of injury or niggle


    I’m in top condition.

    I could elaborate, but I’d end up sounding like Hora.

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