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  • treemagnet

    My right ankle, knee, elbow and left hip, wrist and elbow are really pretty good! 😀
    Almost all other joints (and spine) either clicks, creak or just stiff/hurts! 😕
    Can’t remember how many times I’ve been concussed, apparently my memory is a bit iffy too!
    (another ex mxer and other hard on the body sports)

    Feels better than a few years ago though! …maybe on the mend?

    Oh yeah, knee pain seems to have almost gone since going back to flats

    Premier Icon ton

    leffeboy…….good luck with your op and recovery man.

    the rest of you…….MTFU……. 😉


    I’m ok compared to you lot, touchwood. 42 years old and aching at times but thats about it. Broken bones have healed leaving no permanent problems/aches, maybe I need to push myself harder??

    Get well soon everyone

    Premier Icon sefton

    I always have some kind of injury or niggle


    I’m in top condition.

    I could elaborate, but I’d end up sounding like Hora.

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    cheers ton – thanks 🙂 . Now about that ‘niche’ electric bike you were selling…

    rusty trowel

    Right wrist has never recovered from this BMX inflicted injury 11 years ago, minimal movement and numb most mornings
    wrist by bmclynskey1, on Flickr[/img]

    Left shoulder has some long term damage and brain is kept sane by pills but other wise not bad for a man of my age : )

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Some good ones in here… I’m in pretty fair shape, the busted hip and knee give me some bother and quite a lot of pain sometimes but it doesn’t stop me doing what I want. The osteoperosis gets me from time to time, but I wear my pads almost all the time and that reduces the problem, just pick up the occasional break when I probably shouldn’t. Can’t grumble really, overall I’m fitter than I’ve ever been in my life and it’s mostly because of the big break.


    I finished 6 weeks of Radio & Chemotherapy last week, I’ve lost over a stone & a half, and I’m feeling pretty weak, but the Quantocks are calling me. 😐

    Premier Icon brassneck

    Well done Dibbs, I’ve been off the bike for 6 weeks with a broken wrist and that’s put my moping in perspective.

    Get up there with someone to tow you home if necessary. Give it a few weeks back in the saddle and you’ll be a climbing machine 🙂

    Premier Icon ton

    good luck Dibbs. 😀


    All the best dibbs

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    Well done Dibbs, it’s good to see the drive still there.

    Premier Icon senor j

    FairPlay leffeboy & dibbs.

    Premier Icon nickc

    Hope it goes well for you leffeboy and dibbs

    I will MTFU


    Where do i start!

    Type 1 Diabetic from birth
    2 screws holding right elbow together
    Left tibia nail from knee to ankle through centre!
    Currently have both shoulders in varying stages of frozenness
    Recent lazer surgery on right eye
    and tinitis!!
    other than that lot perfectly fit and healthy……. for a slightly unfit 35yo fat knacker!!

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth Syndrome which means my feet and hands are bolloxed.
    A tendency to dislocate kneecaps due to above.
    marked arthritis in my left hand..

    ..oh, and ive just dislocated my right shoulder an hour ago!


    Dibbs how was it? I start mine on Monday 🙁 making the most of this week by fitting as many rides in as I can.
    Other than the tumour the rest of my body is holding together well 🙂

    Holy Moly, I thought I was knackered but I’m spot on compared to you lot!

    Knees are goosed, probly due to kneeling on concrete floors when I was a mechanic. Both wrists ache on rides. Had a cataract op last year & the other one’s nearly ready (+ I’ve got an eye infection now). Feet & ankles ache If I walk far. Teeth are crumbling. Landed on me head on Good Friday & still suffering. & I’m only 56.
    Good on Leffeboy & Dibbs!

    Premier Icon oldfart

    2crushed vertebrae discovered then Osteoporosis diagnosed .Specialist told me to stop riding off road as that was too jarring for my back .He suggested instead to take up jogging especially on concrete as the direct impact would help load the bones in my spine ! 😯 My GP told me to carry on but be careful . Since then I’ve done a season in Whistler (that’s being careful!) Last bone density scan showed a 27 %. improvement in the density of my spine !!!! So much for the experts ? 57 btw


    Wrists aren’t great (due to 29 years of biking since my first BMX, not any other kind of wrist action… honest 😳 ).

    Smashed front teeth from a ground-sky-ground crash probably renders me undateable.

    Wouldn’t change a thing. Can’t imagine a life without bikes. 8)

    Edit: all the best to those on here who are dealing with real problems. Good luck to ya.


    I’m ok actually, well I say ok what I mean is rather good. But I do suffer from piles on occasion, too much straining and training hard it seems..


    2 displaced vertebrae in my neck from an old rugby injury
    torn cartelege in my right knee
    blown synovial capsule in left knee
    planar fasciitis in right foot
    and i go in to hospital tomorrow to get 2 ligaments fixed (hopfully) in my left wrist…
    seems slight inconsequential to some…. good luck to everyone

    Premier Icon ton

    Deejay……fingers are crossed for you mate.
    hope everything goes well for you.


    Smashed tib and fib many years ago which left me with one leg shorter than the other.
    Right hip resurfacing due to right leg bieng shorter than the other.
    Backs knackered knees shot but still doing 40-50 miles a week offroad and did the c2c last year frequent visits to the pub helps 😆


    Ton – cheers – hopefully mine can be got rid off – you, unfortunately, seem stuck with yours

    I’m one of the lucky ones – diagnosed 8 years ago but been in remission ever since the first op. Managed to get it very, very early. Ton, Deejay & Dibbs – all the best to you – will be thinking of you.

    More routine stuff includes collapsed arches, slightly dodgy knees, shoulder impingement on left side and managed an OTB incident yesterday so right shoulder and right ribs are very badly bruised but thankfully nothing broken. There’s a few other niggles that aren’t worth mentioning. Oh, apart from picking up some varifocals so I can at least read the date on my watch!

    I’m a very lucky 43 yrs old.


    Ruptured lateral colateral and anterior cruciate knee ligament and fractured patella ended my Army career. Currently awaiting results of mri scan to check above ligaments and lateral meniscus.

    Fractured collarbone aged 16 hit a tree on mountain bike.

    Abdominal muscle weakness so prone to Hernias.


    Overactive Thyroid

    Heart murmer

    And I’m only 27

    leffeboy good luck with that, hope you get back on soon as.

    I have had a good time compared to some, i have viral arthritis i inject drugs to attempto keep it at bay failing that i take enough drugs to keep our local GP on their toes

    yesterday i had a injection into my achilles and another into my toe box.

    oh and i broke my arm a while ago thanks to a tree jumping into my spokes.

    The doctors have stop telling me to take it easy these days 😉


    Just about getting over my recent bout of injuries. AC seperated left shoulder now 100%. Frozen right shoulder almost better after 2 years of trouble. Sciatica much better than it was thank goodness and injured right knee feels much better than it did this time last year. Maybe there is hope? Mid thirties and counting 🙂


    Ganglion cyst in my left wrist. Hurts like hell sometimes then fine other times. 2 years later I’ve still got it, really should sort that one!


    I get a few niggles in the cold and damp in my elbows but considering the damage I did to them from going over a jump and landing on my hands I shouldn’t complain. In summary I dislocated and broke both elbows cleanly snapping off the radial heads off the bones, and tearing on all the ligaments. I’m told I’m lucky still to have use of my arms, and that I would never straighten them or have much roation in them again.

    My elbows nearly fully healed, are straight and have near full rotation. I still ride on….I just don’t jump anymore.

    **** me you lot make me feel better about my aches and pains!


    I have a list of ongoing aches and pains..

    Right shoulder keeps dislocating.. Surgery required
    Left shoulder aches from compensating for right shoulder
    Both knees fecked.. Click, grind, lock and ache every day
    Lower back pretty much seizes up in the cold due to 3 operations and mega scar tissue.. Makes winter riding near impossible
    Right wrist is weak due to getting tomahawked while playing ice hockey.
    Numbness in both hands and forearms when cycling.. Tried new grips, gloves and changing riding position..
    Chronic sinusitis which restricts oxygen intake through the nose, feels like I’m suffocation on a ride if its a bad day.

    Think that’s it for now. Only 31 aswell!

    Never broken a bone yet tho.. Touch wood.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    I had to have an Ileostomy last year which has herniated somewhat and my right shoulder is knackered due to a kind lady driving into me at a roundabout in 2007.

    Don’t let any of it stop me riding though 🙂


    Danny B


    Well now where to start…
    Plantar Faschitis
    Shin Splints
    Stress fractures
    Three cartlidge ops
    They are the main running injuries.
    A partly dislocated shoulder, from doing dips at circuit training.
    Trapped nerve in L4 vertebrae, no reflex in right leg for 6 weeks or so, took about 8 months to be properly right, its only when you cant sit down that you take it for granted that you can.
    No real cycling injuries to speak of, played squash for years and only ever pulled one muscle, perhaps this is telling me something….


    I’ve got a very slightly sore knee, but that will probably go by the weekend. Nothing else.

    32 years old, sport 5+ days a week since the year dot.

    Touch wood.


    Had major surgery this afternoon so I suppose I’m feeling pretty broke!! 🙂


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